True Martial World Chapter 1388

Chapter 1388: World Stone Shatters
Chapter 1388: World Stone Shatters

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The Hornless Dragon Turtle was further infuriated when it missed its strike. It released a deafening roar, causing the sea's surface to churn chaotically in response.

It could see the greedy and coveting looks in the people's eyes, and for that it wanted to smack all of them to death.

The turtle's roar dealt soul damage as well. It caused the minds of anyone who heard it to buzz. To them it was as though countless ghosts were wailing.

In a blink of an eye, the Li family that came to this place feeling ambitious was retreating under the turtle's attacks. They fought it off as they fled.

"This darn beast. It's really mad!" Li Jiuxiao felt like vomiting blood. First it was Yi Yun, and now it was the Hornless Dragon Turtle!

It was Yi Yun who had provoked the Hornless Dragon Turtle but they were the ones being targeted by the beast's furious and relentless assault. It felt like a great injustice.

Worst of all, the beast was ridiculously strong. It had been cultivating since time immemorial. People like Li Yunshang were no match for it at all. Only Li Jiuxiao was barely able to resist it.

And at that moment, they began to suffer casualties. A Li family member failed to dodge in time and was scraped by the sides of the turtle's claw. Immediately, he was reduced to a blood mist, without leaving even a corpse. He didn't even get to scream a final scream.

Upon seeing this scene, the elites from the Li family felt a chill down their back.

At that moment, the World Stone on the turtle's back produced grinding noises as a large rift opened.

An even richer herbal fragrance spewed out from within, inundating their olfactory senses.

The herbal garden was fully opened!

Hiding in the back, Li Yunshang's eyes flashed. He instantly shouted, "Uncle! Don't be caught up with that beast. Think of a way to enter the herbal garden. If not, it will be too late!"

"Alright!" Li Jiuxiao looked grimly at the turtle. After a formidable strike of his palm, he quickly retreated before pulling out a whip from his interspatial ring.

The whip produced whistling sounds as Li Jiuxiao lashed it around. The surrounding space seemed to tear apart.

"This is the God Vanquish Whip. I'll let you have a taste of it today!"

Li Jiuxiao roared as he lashed out with his whip.

The whip produced a sharp sound as it tore through the air. It ripped a terrifying rift in midair as it struck the turtle.

As for the turtle, it let out a resounding bellow in anger. It thrashed, displacing more seawater and causing all the seawater in the inland sea to twirl upwards, blocking out the entire sky. For a moment, the entire night sky seemed to be an inverted ocean before it slammed down at Li Jiuxiao and company.

With a loud boom, the whip collided with the ocean.

Just the terrifying Yuan Qi shock itself caused the Li family's elites, including Li Yunshang, to bleed from their mouths and noses.

However, at that moment, Li Yunshang revealed a sinister expression.

Li Jiuxiao sneered as well. "A beast is a beast after all. You have been tricked."

After the whip collided with the seawater, it instantly transformed into a bluish-purple liquid that mixed into the seawater.

"You are so dumb. How could you have imagined that the God Vanquishing Whip is not a weapon, but an extremely potent poison concocted from countless poisons by our Li family?" said Li Yunshang coldly.

Once the 'God Vanquishing Whip' mixed into the seawater, it immediately spread out and melded into it.

The Hornless Dragon Turtle instantly sensed the change in the seawater. At the same time, large numbers of fish and low-level beasts floated up to the surface of the sea with their bellies up.

Their bodies were rapidly being corroded, clear evidence of the poison's potency.

The turtle was very alarmed. It could sense that it was being rapidly drained of its strength.

"Uncle, let's take action quickly," urged Li Yunshang.

It was impossible to kill the Hornless Dragon Turtle with just poison. No matter how potent the poison was, it would slowly lose its effects after being diluted by the seawater.

However, they had no reason to fight the turtle in a life-and-death battle either. All they wanted to do was enter the herbal garden.

As for the Hornless Dragon Turtle, as long as it remained in the inland sea, Li Yunshang was already making plans to bring the Li family back one day to dice it apart. They could use its entire body for medicinal purposes. They could eat its flesh and drink its blood!

As for Yi Yun, they would find him soon after entering. They would make sure he regretted being born into this world!

Be it Li Jiuxiao or Li Yunshang, they were filled with killing intent when they thought of Yi Yun. As members of the Martial Numinous clan, they enjoyed special privileges in Martial City. They had never been fooled by a mere mortal in such a manner.

"Let's go!"

Li Jiuxiao roared as he blocked the Hornless Dragon Turtle's path.

"Follow me!" Li Yunshang immediately led the charge forward.

The Li family elites followed closely behind.


The Hornless Dragon Turtle let out an angry bellow once again. However, Li Jiuxiao unleashed another palm strike. Its numb body failed to dodge in time, causing its head to receive the full brunt of the heavy strike.

It immediately let out a wail.

"Beast, you can't stop me anymore!" said Li Jiuxiao with a sneer.

With the poison entering the water, the turtle was the first to suffer the effects of the poison. It needed time to recover.

Now, all it could do was watch helplessly as the group of people entered the ancient herbal garden.

And once they entered the ancient herbal garden, the Hornless Dragon Turtle could do nothing to them.

Noticing that the World Stone was ahead of them, Li Yunshang had a look of delight as he charged straight in.

"I'm in!"

Li Yunshang and the Li family elites finally entered the herbal garden.

"This is the ancient herbal garden…"

Upon smelling the rich herbal fragrance and sensing the dense Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, Li Yunshang could not help but smile.

He had gone through painstaking effort to claim this herbal garden. And now his efforts had finally paid off.

"Oh… That is Yi Yun?"

Li Yunshang saw a figure in the distance.

The only person in the ancient herbal garden apart from them naturally had to be Yi Yun!

"Take Yi Yun down first. I have many methods at my disposal. I'll make sure he get a good taste of all of them!" said Li Yunshang coldly.

Yi Yun had charged into the herbal garden alone in a bid to snatch food from the proverbial tiger's jaws. Did he not know that he would end up being easy prey for them?

At that moment, Yi Yun had also sensed the fluctuations coming from the spatial passageway.

He turned his head and saw Li Yunshang and company heading towards him.

"They came in rather quickly. And here I thought they would be fighting outside for quite a while. However, this Yun-something… he looks like he got wrecked pretty badly."

Yi Yun's mockery reached the ears of Li Yunshang and company.

A cold glint flashed in Li Yunshang's eyes. He snorted coldly. "You will be in utter misery in a moment. Let's see if you can keep that sharp tongue of yours!"

He was eager to capture Yi Yun to appease the hatred in his heart.

But at that moment, a tragic cry was suddenly heard coming from the spatial passageway behind.

Li Yunshang frowned as he quickly turned his head. Immediately, his expression changed.

A Li family elite that had just teleported in only arrived with half his body. The other half of his body had been ripped to pieces by the spatial passageway.

Simultaneously, the surrounding space of the passageway produced an immense suction force. All the spatial dimension laws immediately turned extremely chaotic. Furthermore, they were constantly emanating outwards like a plague. This phenomenon rapidly spread throughout the herbal garden.

A few of the weaker Li family elites immediately revealed looks of horror. They were being torn apart by the spatial forces and, within moments, they cried out as they were ripped to shreds.

What was happening!?

Li Yunshang was appalled. He clearly sensed that even he could not withstand the spatial changes. Furthermore, the changes were turning more powerful!

"It's the Hornless Dragon Turtle!'

On the other side, they could vaguely hear Li Jiuxiao's voice.

"The turtle?" Li Yunshang was alarmed. But didn't they stop the beast?

At that moment, Li Jiuxiao was even more appalled. He never expected that when the turtle saw Li Yunshang and company fly into the herbal garden, it would suddenly let out a angry but resolute bellow. Then, it suddenly turned its head and bit down at the World Stone.

"Darn it! The beast has gone mad!"

Li Jiuxiao could never predict the scene that was playing out before his eyes. His mood changed drastically as he unleashed a barrage of attacks in a bid to stop the turtle.

However, the turtle completely ignored his attacks. Even after incurring a few head injuries, it adamantly bit down.

The turtle's strength was tremendous. After it bit the World Stone, the runes on its surface shook violently. Following that, it produced an unbearable bang under the turtle's immense strength.

Ka Ka Ka!

Pressed between the turtle's gaping jaws, the World Stone could hardly withstand the crushing pressure as it produced cracking sounds.

As for the runes on its surface, they began to dim.

"Come out!" Li Jiuxiao slammed his palm onto the turtle's head.

The turtle let out a painful roar as it raised its head. However, it did not release its clenching of the World Stone.

Li Jiuxiao roared angrily as he conjured a gigantic palm that stretched into the spatial passageway to grab Li Yunshang.

And at the instant Li Yunshang was pulled out, the World Stone shattered. The spatial passageway ended up in fragments.

"Ah!" Li Yunshang cried out in pain. One of his legs had not been fully pulled out from the spatial passageway. This resulted in a portion of his calf being snapped off!

Ka! Ka!

The Hornless Dragon Turtle chewed the World Stone to pieces.

Li Yunshang was in excruciating pain. He hugged his stump of a leg while his heart quivered. His calf had been completely reduced to a meaty pulp. Even the Li family would have to pay an immense price to regrow his leg. Furthermore, it was impossible for him to restore his leg to its original level.

Li Jiuxiao had no time to tend to Li Yunshang. He stood in midair as he took in the scene. Without the World Stone, there was no way for them to find the herbal garden again despite knowing that it was in the surrounding spatial nodes.

They never expected the Hornless Dragon Turtle to have such a fierce personality. It would rather destroy the World Stone than let them enter the herbal garden.

The deal they had in the bag was gone! They had even entered the herbal garden, only to fall just short of success!

"Bastard!" Li Jiuxiao was so angry that his body was trembling.

All he managed to do was save Li Yunshang at the critical moment. After all, Li Yunshang was the focus of attention of the Li family's younger generation. It would be a true pity if he died.

As for the other Li family elites, they were left to fend for themselves in the herbal garden. It was impossible for them to withstand the spatial storms that resulted from the World Stone's destruction.

And that Yi Yun… he was naturally going to end up the same. His final outcome was definitely death.

At that moment, the turtle looked up and stared coldly at them before slowly sinking back into the sea.

Li Jiuxiao hesitated for a moment. He ultimately chose not to pursue it. The sea was the Hornless Dragon Turtle's territory after all.

Although the turtle had been poisoned, it wasn't a lethal dosage. Furthermore, it no longer had the World Stone. Chasing it had lost its meaning.

However, Li Jiuxiao felt his chest turn heavy when he thought of how the herbal garden's entrance had been destroyed. A mouthful of blood rose up in his throat, causing him to nearly vomit it out. He had been enervated during his battle with the Hornless Dragon Turtle.

He roared a few times as he struck out at the sea a few times.

The sea surged violently but the vociferous waves did not carry away any of Li Jiuxiao's anger. Instead, it sounded like they were mocking him.

Li Jiuxiao was already enervated, so after venting his anger, he had little Yuan Qi left. He flicked his sleeve and said through clenched teeth, "Let's go!"

He had truly suffered a double loss. Li Jiuxiao had no intention to stay there a moment longer.

Li Yunshang's expression was in no way better than his. He had obtained nothing on this trip. Instead, he had lost his calf. He was in a wretched state and had only barely remained alive.

Apart from from not obtaining the herbal garden, the greatest regret Li Yunshang had was that he wasn't able to finish Yi Yun with his own hands.

Letting Yi Yun die in the spatial storms was going too easy on him!