True Martial World Chapter 1389

Chapter 1389: Black Fire Storm
Chapter 1389: Black Fire Storm
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At that moment in the ancient herbal garden, a wild spatial storm was raging. The Li family elites watched helplessly as a large hand grabbed Li Yunshang and took him to safety but ignored them in the process. The spatial passageway then rapidly collapsed.

And after that, tumultuous flames engulfed the spatial passageway. It suffused a black color. Yet despite it being fire, it was biting cold. It spread rapidly through the spatial storms.

"Elder Li! Save me! Save me! …ah!"

Many elites cried out tragically as they got swept up in the spatial storm. Immediately, their bodies were inundated with black flames. They bodies instantly froze and shattered into ice fragments when the wind blew.

The remaining Li family elites ignored everything else, as they ran for their lives deep into the herbal garden.

As they ran, these Li family elites cursed their parents for only giving them two legs. They were running too slowly!

When Yi Yun turned to look, he was shocked as well.

"The spatial node has been destroyed." Yi Yun quickly grasped the situation.

If not, Li Jiuxiao would have entered instead of pulling Li Yunshang to safety.

He guessed that the Hornless Dragon Turtle had destroyed the World Stone. After all, it was absolutely impossible for Li Jiuxiao to do such a thing.

This truly meant trouble.

The Hornless Dragon Turtle had an extremely cold affinity. The black flames were the fire intrinsic to the turtle. It would burn endlessly in the spatial storms.

Even Yi Yun would steer clear of the black flames. Such spatial storms could shred a person to pieces.

Yi Yun pondered for a moment before retrieving the Ascending Dragon Cauldron from his interspatial ring.

He had no qualms about using the Ascending Dragon Cauldron in the ancient herbal garden.

As he did this, the Li family elites saw Yi Yun.

Their eyes nearly popped out when they saw him.

They had no idea what was going on when a massive cauldron appeared beneath Yi Yun.

The massive cauldron suffused an ancient aura. There was even a True Dragon phantom flying above it. Even more impressive, the cauldron seemed to hold back the spatial storm and black flames. They were unable to approach Yi Yun at all.

As for Yi Yun, he was sitting on the cauldron looking carefree. It was as though he was simply enjoying the scenery amidst the raging spatial storm.

They, meanwhile, were being pursued by the spatial storm. Even their asses were on fire despite all the running.

"What is that thing!?"

"I don't know but it's definitely a very impressive treasure!"

The Li family elites turned red with envy. Yi Yun was able to survive in the ancient herbal garden because of the treasured cauldron!

At that moment, Yi Yun heard the Li family elites yelling.

"Yi Yun! Young Master Yi! Save us! The Li family has abandoned us! We are willing to submit to you and be your subordinates!"

"That's right, Young Master Yi! We were only following orders. We have no grudge against you."

The Li family elites were willing to call Yi Yun young master in order to live.

They were certain that they were doomed. In their despair, they saw Yi Yun sitting on the cauldron. Even though he was their enemy, they could only attempt to grasp at this final life-saving straw as their desire to live burned.

If Yi Yun was willing to save them, they might survive.

And if they had a chance of taking the cauldron for themselves, even better!

When Yi Yun heard them shouting, he turned his head and looked at them as though he was looking at a bunch of oddities.

What did they mean by only following orders and not having a grudge against him?

These people were direct progeny of the Li family. Back when they first entered the herbal garden, they looked at him like he was a downtrodden prisoner. They were all extremely cold.

If he were to truly fall into their hands, it was unknown what sort of torture they would inflict upon him.

Now that they were the ones in trouble, all they knew was to mention the nonexistent grudge between them.

The Li family elites turned anxious when Yi Yun seemed to ignore them.

"Young Master Yi, Elder Li and the rest will not spare you. If you were to help us, we could be your spies in the Li family. We will absolutely not mention what happened today. In the future, we can even help you escape!"

"That's right. If Elder Li and the rest learn that you are alive, and more importantly that you obtained this herbal garden, they will definitely hunt you down!"

Upon hearing these people yelling, Yi Yun revealed a faint smile.

"You guys sure are being considerate towards me."

A Li family elite hurriedly forced a smile. As he ran, he shouted, "That's natural…"

But at that moment, his smile froze. Yi Yun was still sitting casually on the cauldron but his speed was increasing!

They were running in frantic pursuit of the cauldron but the gap between them and Yi Yun was widening!

At that moment, a tragic scream was heard. The spatial storm had caught up to a Li family elite. He was immediately devoured.

The Li family elites looked at the distant Yi Yun with eyes full of hate. "Ahhh! Yi Yun! You will die a horrible death!"


Undulating screams resounded as the spatial storm and black flames caught up one horrified Li family elite after another. They each died with a look of disgruntlement.

As for Yi Yun, he remained composed. He completely ignored the vicious glares of the Li family elites as well as their tragic screams.

Yi Yun was no saint when it came to people who wanted him dead. He would not show any meaningless mercy to them.

These people were members of the Li family. They repressed mortal-borns in every way. They truly deserved death.

The spatial storm that was brought about by the destruction of the World Stone continued sweeping through the ancient herbal garden. The black Hornless Dragon Turtle's flames were also burning fiercely.

Yi Yun sat on the Ascending Dragon Cauldron and fluttered around the spatial storm. Although it was terrifying, it was unable to tear apart the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

In the end, their vision was nearly screened by the belligerent storm. As the storm and flames grew in intensity, Yi Yun had no choice but to go from sitting on the Ascending Dragon Cauldron to entering the Ascending Dragon Cauldron's interior.

During this excessively long period, Yi Yun felt the Ascending Dragon Cauldron be thrown around by the storm. After a long while, there was a thud. The Ascending Dragon Cauldron had landed onto the ground.

Yi Yun flew out of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron and stood in mid-air. Immediately, his expression changed slightly.

"This is…"

Back when Yi Yun entered the herbal garden, all he saw was a swath of herbal fields. A large amount of the herbs had withered due to lack of care; however, there were still some remnants.

But now, due to the spatial storm, Yi Yun had no idea where he had been sent to while hiding inside the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. When he came out, what he saw was no longer herbal fields.

Instead, it looked like a village.

There were houses and yards. It was a pleasant, idyllic scene.

Apart from there being no one there, the place seemed perfect for one to seclude themselves.

Yi Yun landed onto the ground. He looked at the village a little puzzled.

Unfortunately, it was unknown how many years it had been since the ancient senior had departed. It was likely that he had been reduced to nothingness. But Yi Yun still couldn't figure out why he would construct a village in a herbal garden.