True Martial World Chapter 139

Chapter 139: Purple Blood
Chapter 139: Purple Blood


The Frost Python hissed and directly attacked Yi Yun!

A python’s strangling strength is extremely frightening. An entire person can be twisted into noodles if they are wrapped by a python.

Yi Yun focused and within his vision, he could see every move of the Frost Python clearly.

He had to hit where it hurts!

Aiming for the Frost Python’s belly, the Yanchi saber saber in Yi Yun’s hand slashed forward!


When Yi Yun attacked, the shadows of a dragon and tiger appeared behind him. Manifestation of Yuan Qi!


The Yanchi saber hit the Frost Python’s scales, giving out a metallic ring.

The Frost Python opened its jaws and spit a frost mist at Yi Yun!

The frost mist’s speed was very fast and shot towards Yi Yun like a sword. Yi Yun grimaced as he quickly retreated. He swished and slashed the Yanchi saber in front of him, forming saber beams in front of him.

This was actually a move of the ‘Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven’. Yi Yun had used a saber as a sword. He emulated Lin Xintong and Tao Yunxiao’s ‘Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven’ and hacked away at the frost mist.

“Ka Ka Ka!”

The Yanchi saber was covered in ice as numerous ice crystals fell!

This Frost Qi meandered down the Yanchi saber onto Yi Yun’s arm. At that moment, Yi Yun felt as if his arm had been frozen.

Such an amazing frost toxin! Such a terrifying defense!

Yi Yun looked at the spot on the Frost Python’s body where he had slashed. There was a red mark there. Several scales had been cut through, and it shed a little blood. But it was just a superficial wound. For a Frost Python with powerful vitals, it was nothing.

“Frost Pythons have extremely hard scales. It is much stronger than tempered steel!” Lin Xintong said by the side.

“I see, to be considered a desolate beast, it sure has to be extraordinary…” Yi Yun had that thought in mind. The Frost Python let out a scream and its huge tail stabbed towards Yi Yun.


The ground shattered as Yi Yun leaped!

With a shake of the Yanchi saber, the ice crystals shattered. Using them as weapons, they were shot towards the eyes of the Frost Python!

But the Frost Python sprayed out a mouthful of Frost Qi, freezing the ice crystals. Upon doing so, the Frost Python opened its mouth and sucked back all the Frost Qi into its stomach.

“Oh? It can absorb Frost Qi that has left its body?” This scene surprised Yi Yun greatly!

Following that, Yi Yun learned why a desolate beast was given its title, overshadowing fierce beasts.

This Frost Python opened its mouth and spat back the ice crystals. The ice crystals solidified into the air to become a long saber!

This saber looked exactly like Yi Yun’s Yanchi saber!

It was mimicking Yi Yun!


The Frost saber slashed at Yi Yun!

Yi Yun raised his saber to parry the attack, “Ping!”

A strong tremor traveled through his arm as Yi Yun felt his arm go slightly numb!

A desolate beast’s greatest improvement over a fierce beast was the ability to control Heaven Earth energy. Just like a warrior’s manifestation of Yuan Qi, a desolate beast can control the Heaven Earth energy to form its own moves to attack its enemy.

The Frost saber was such a thing!

“As expected of a desolate beast!” Yi Yun’s eyes lit up. This Frost Python was the most powerful opponent he had ever faced. With the Yanchi saber in his hand, he clashed with the Frost saber!

Holding the Yanchi saber, Yi Yun interchanged between the moves of ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ and ‘Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven’.

At the beginning, Yi Yun’s battle was fraught with difficulty, but over time, he adapted to the Frost Python’s attacks.

A desolate beast was after all a beast. Although it had some intellect, it could not be compared to a human. Yi Yun slowly saw through the Frost Python’s attacks.

It had great strength and speed, but its moves lacked a certain charm.

Yi Yun soon found his own rhythm and became more calm.

He again demonstrated his Minute Subtlety movements. Occasionally he would move forward, sometimes back, sometimes soaring into the sky, sometimes flipping. While battling the Frost Python, Yi Yun’s movements became more adept!

“Very good! Again!” Yi Yun’s eyes lit up.

Battle was the best way of improving one’s strength. It was not easy for Yi Yun to meet such an equal opponent, so he had used this battle with the Frost Python as training!

“Just a bit more. The speed needs to be faster!” Yi Yun’s was rapidly breathing, but slowly, his attacks reduced, and he dodged more of the Frost Python’s attacks.

This Frost Python was expending its body’s Power of Desolates, but it never managed to kill Yi Yun, causing it to become more feisty.

It knew that, if it did not defeat the human in front of it, it would die!

The Frost Python was cornered, it began to spit out large amounts of Power of Desolates, forming icicle cones. Together with the frost Yanchi saber, they were sent to attack Yi Yun.

It bet everything on that one throw!

“Just nice!” Yi Yun felt his current state was at its limit!

Seeing the icicle flying towards him, Yi Yun clenched his Yanchi saber with both hands and slashed at it!


With a dragon and tiger roar, a Purple-gold dragon shadow appeared. At the same time, icy blue light dots appeared from the corpses of the pythons that were sealed by Lin Xintong!

These light dots could only be seen with the aid of Yi Yun’s Purple Crystal!

The fierce beasts’ energy was naturally below the desolate beasts, but there were too many energy light dots from the fierce beasts!

The moment the light dots appeared, they were sucked towards Yi Yun as if he were a whirlpool!

Numerous light dots entered Yi Yun’s skin, tendons, flesh, veins, bones, organs and marrow…

This energy surged into Yi Yun’s body. Yi Yun felt that if he could not vent all this energy out, his body would explode.

In the chaos, Yi Yun could feel like he had touched a thin film. This thin film was the Purple Blood bottleneck!


Yi Yun roared, and the energy within his meridians flowed. This terrifying power was infused into the Yanchi saber as he slashed forward!


With a loud explosion, the crystals spat from the Frost Python had been shattered to pieces by the Yanchi saber!

The Yanchi saber’s momentum did not lessen. It mercilessly chopped into the Frost Python’s head. The hard skull of the Frost Python was split into two!

Yi Yun exerted more strength as his Yanchi saber pierced through all the way into its gullet. The saber entered the Frost Python’s stomach, and blood sprayed all over Yi Yun!

The python’s blood was cold, like the icy-cold water of winter. Upon being splashed by the python’s blood, Yi Yun’s fighting spirit burned even stronger.

Exerting more strength into his hands.


Not only did the Yanchi saber enter the python’s body completely, even Yi Yun’s hands entered the Frost Python’s mouth. The Frost Python’s body was like a thick whip that twitched constantly. All the surrounding rocks were smashed into pieces!

But the terrifying saber Qi had entered its body, crushing all its organs! The Frost Python was dead!

After the Frost Python died, its energy appeared as dots of light. After using that move, Yi Yun felt as if his body was a bottomless hole. He was extremely hungry. The first thing he did upon seeing the Frost Python’s energy was to swallow it all!

“Come!” As the Purple Crystal pulsated, numerous energy essences emerged from the Frost Python’s body and surged into Yi Yun’s body!

Yi Yun could feel his mind, body, meridians were burning up. The flames roared into the sky, illuminating his body.

Yi Yun suddenly could see every meridian and every blood vessel he had!

As he gazed at it, the blood transformed!

The blood coagulated and turned heavy, but it still had a strong vitality!

Every drop of blood seemed to come alive. It flowed extremely quickly, carrying more energy and nutrients. This blood had a slight hint of purple under the light of fire!

At this time, Yi Yun’s bone marrow became extremely pure under the nourishment of the blood. It shined like silver, as if mercury was being poured into it!

“Purple Blood realm, this is the Purple Blood realm!”

With the entire body’s blood transforming, shimmering purple under the sun, his bone marrow was tempered like silver. It turned hard and pure. This was the Purple Blood realm dreamed of by many warriors of the vast wilderness!

At the moment he broke through to the Purple Blood realm Yi Yun felt extremely comfortable. He could not help but let out a cry!

This cry was like a dragon’s roar, spearing through the clouds and shattering stone!

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

The ice python sculptures were shattered by this sonic boom. It turned into countless number of ice crystals that scattered in all directions before falling all over the ground!

Not far away, Lin Xintong was stunned.

“Purple Blood realm, he broke through to the Purple Blood realm?” Lin Xintong had brought Yi Yun on this training trip to aid him in breaking through to the Purple Blood realm.

Yi Yun’s breakthrough to the Purple Blood realm was not a mystery to Lin Xintong, but she had originally expected that Yi Yun would have used up all his energy to kill the Frost Python. She would then help him obtain the Frost Python desolate bones and refine it to a desolate bone relic. After Yi Yun ate that, he could then break through to the Purple Blood realm.

But the actual turn of events went beyond Lin Xintong’s expectations. He had managed to break through during the battle. Yi Yun’s final strike was his ultimate attack, and was also the prelude to his breakthrough!

Seeing the Frost Python, it had been split into two by Yi Yun. It was a terrifying blow!

Originally, Lin Xintong expected for Yi Yun to choose a weak point of the Frost Python such as the eyes. And by slowly depleting the Frost Python’s energy, he would be able to kill it.

But Yi Yun had killed it in one fell swoop. The battle result was startling to Lin Xintong.

Purple Blood, the beginning steps on the path of martial arts.

Generally, Lin Xintong would not feel anything when an ordinary person breaks through to the Purple Blood realm. And most people’s breakthroughs were nothing surprising. They usually ate a desolate bone relic, meditated for a long while before making a natural breakthrough.

It was a rare sight to see someone break through with such earth shattering results like Yi Yun.

Yi Yun was in linen clothes and his long hair was blowing in the wind. His body was covered with snake blood, making him look like a savage.

In myths and legends, when warriors slay serpents, they would bathe in the snake’s blood. Yi Yun was quite true to these legends!

“You actually broke through to the Purple Blood while battling. I had originally planned to refine a desolate bone relic for you. But it looks like there’s no need.” Lin Xintong looked at Yi Yun as she murmured.