True Martial World Chapter 1392

Chapter 1392: Yuan Qi Sealed
Chapter 1392: Yuan Qi Sealed
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The spatial fluctuations intensified as Yi Yun racked his brains quickly. Myriad God Patriarch would be in front of him within moments. And at his present strength, he was definitely no match for Myriad God Patriarch.

What was he to do?

If Myriad God Patriarch were to corner him in this pocket world, he would be in danger.

With the situation already developing to this point, Yi Yun actually became increasingly calm.

There was definitely no time for him to escape, nor was there anywhere for him to flee to. What he had to do now was to try his best to find a way out of this perilous situation. Although Myriad God Patriarch was terrifying, he was ultimately a person. And since he was a person, he was ultimately flawed.

Fifteen minutes later, a distorted rift suddenly appeared above the herbal garden, as though the sky had been forcibly ripped open. Following that, a gray figure stepped out of the rift.

Myriad God Patriarch was breathing erratically and his face was sallow. Many holes had been torn open in his clock. He stood high in the sky and could not help but cough. He looked critically ill, as though he was about to die at any time.

In order to find Yi Yun, Myriad God Patriarch had secretly tailed the Li family and attempted to find the spatial node through force after the Hornless Dragon Turtle shattered the World Stone. He finally managed to tear through space and enter.

Although the pocket world had been in existence for hundreds of millions of years, a Godly Monarch was a Godly Monarch after all. The pocket world he opened up was no trifling matter. During the process of forcibly cracking open the spatial node, Myriad God Patriarch had expended a great deal of Yuan Qi, causing his old injuries to relapse. The effort made the old man resemble a candle in the wind.

But at that moment, Myriad God Patriarch swept his gaze across the herbal garden beneath him and revealed a relaxed expression.

"Little bastard, I know you are in this pocket world. I want to see how else you will try to run away today." Myriad God Patriarch's eyes flashed with grave killing intent.

There was only him and Yi Yun inside the herbal garden. After he passed through the spatial node, the pocket world was once again sealed. Any hope of running or seeking outside help, that was closed off to Yi Yun.

Yi Yun had previously managed to escape from his grasp, but this time Yi Yun was trapped. He was certainly doomed.

Even though he was suffering a relapse of his injuries, Yi Yun was not his match. The strength gap between the two was just too great.

However, Yi Yun had proved himself to be cunning. During their first encounter, Myriad God Patriarch had locked Yi Yun inside the Ascending Dragon Cauldron as a catalyst herb but Yi Yun managed to secretly obtain control over the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, reversing the situation. Even the divine pill he wanted to refine ended up in Yi Yun's hands.

Myriad God Patriarch was fully focused on his pursuit of Yi Yun. Once he found Yi Yun, he would absolutely not give Yi Yun a single chance.

Myriad God Patriarch flew above the garden as his perception permeated every inch of the ground beneath him.

The pocket world was not large, so Myriad God Patriarch soon arrived in the vicinity of the village. He naturally also discovered the hill basin.

Myriad God Patriarch instantly caught a whiff of an indescribable herbal fragrance effusing from the hill basin.

The mysterious herbal fragrance caught Myriad God Patriarch's attention. His injuries were extensive and difficult to treat, so he was very interested in any supreme-grade herb that might aid him in recovering from his injuries.

Soon, Myriad God Patriarch landed in front of the valley.

"What's that?" Myriad God Patriarch noticed the mysterious herb at a glance.

The dark golden leaves made it look extraordinary at a glance.

With Myriad God Patriarch's level of discernment, he could tell at a glance that it was a supreme-grade herb!

It would cause a bloody massacre if it were taken out into the world.

He never expected the herbal garden to possess such a wondrous item. A look of glee flashed in Myriad God Patriarch's eyes. It was truly a pleasant surprise.

Any warrior that saw such a supreme-grade herb would have thoughts of plucking it. Myriad God Patriarch was obviously no exception.

He immediately headed for the divine herb but the moment he came to the edge of the valley, something made him halt. He looked at the twelve blood-colored stone monuments in the valley and his expression turned sullen.

He sensed an intense killing intent from the valley. If he were to enter rashly, he might be obliterated.

"There's actually a killing array here!"

Myriad God Patriarch knitted his brows. The killing array had been subject to the elements since time immemorial but it was still not to be underestimated!

Myriad God Patriarch was observing the killing array when he suddenly let out a sneer. A black, ghastly claw suddenly emerged from his cloak, tearing through the air with a whistling sound before striking a mountain cliff to the side.


The cliff immediately crumbled under the ghastly claw. And amid the collapsing rubble, a figure flashed from within.

"Yi Yun!"

Upon seeing Yi Yun, Myriad God Patriarch's eyes became as sharp as daggers.

He had a derisive smile on his face as he said to Yi Yun, "Did you think I wouldn't notice you hiding there, with you concealing the aura you produce through the array's natural forcefield? How naive you are!"

The light in Yi Yun's eyes dimmed as he looked silently at Myriad God Patriarch.

He had hidden in the safest spot in the valley and used the array's Still Destruction aura to eliminate all traces of his aura. Logically speaking, it should have been impossible for Myriad God Patriarch to discover him.

But he still managed to detect him. It left Yi Yun amazed. Perhaps Myriad God Patriarch had guessed that he was very likely to be in the vicinity and through his acute senses, speculation and intuition, managed to pinpoint him.

Meanwhile, Myriad God Patriarch began to rapidly form hex seals.

Yi Yun immediately knew things were turning for the worse. He instantly charged to the side but discovered that the surrounding Heaven Earth Yuan Qi had already changed. The space around him had been sealed.

Even the Yuan Qi in his own body had been sealed. He had no way to circulate it.

Once Myriad God Patriarch smoked Yi Yun out, he immediately used a spatial array to trap Yi Yun within a tiny region.

Myriad God Patriarch's grasp of spatial dimension laws was far stronger than Yi Yun's, considering how he was able to forcibly tear through space to arrive in the pocket world. He was an old monster while Yi Yun had only cultivated for about two hundred years. It wasn't even comparable to the trailing numbers of Myriad God Patriarch's age.

"When I first began cultivation, my talent was only ordinary but I forged a path by killing many geniuses who had better backgrounds and more talent than me. In turn, the light from providence that shined on them landed on me. Slowly, I reached my present state. I even obtained a treasure like the Ascending Dragon Cauldron."

After confining Yi Yun, rendering him unable to use his Yuan Qi, Myriad God Patriarch sneered as he slowly gave his speech.

Yi Yun, who was unable to use his Yuan Qi, was no different from a mortal warrior.

"I have encountered many enemies throughout my life. It was only when I met you that I truly suffered failure. My base, the Myriad God Ridge, was taken over by you. The herbs I painstakingly found had been used by you. Even the Ascending Dragon Cauldron ended up in your possession. I will always be plagued by this mental demon if I do not kill you. You are the worst pitfall of the latter parts of my life. As long as I flatten you, I will soar in the future. There will be no obstacle that can hinder me."