True Martial World Chapter 1394

Chapter 1394: Injuries Worsen
Chapter 1394: Injuries Worsen
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The Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm was a spirit being that could transform into a dragon, so it had a natural resonance with the Dragon Emperor blood in Yi Yun. Back when Yi Yun broke through the Supremacy realm, he had been augmented by it's blood.

All of Yi Yun's lifeblood surged into his meridians as he felt like there was a roaring river churning ceaselessly in his body. It produced rumbling sounds as his strength began to soar!

Moments later, Yi Yun felt as though his visceral organs and all his meridians were burning.

With things reaching this fever pitch, Yi Yun began circulating the Dragon Emperor Technique.

With the cultivation technique's circulation, the Dragon Emperor bloodline in Yi Yun burned even more intensely. As for Yi Yun's body, it turned red like molten metal. It was being tempered many times over.

And to bolster this effect, Yi Yun drank the River of Forgetfulness's water.


Myriad God Patriarch's sword beam struck the last black beam. He spewed a mouthful of fresh blood as he retreated a few steps back and stumbled to get his footing.

At that moment, Myriad God Patriarch was covered in flowing blood. His face was sallow and his breathing was spasmodic. His entire body felt like it could collapse at any time.

Myriad God Patriarch heaved vigorously as he took out a herbal bottle and poured a pill into his mouth. Following that, his face flushed with an abnormal ruddiness. His breathing also gradually stabilized.

Immediately following that, he circulated his Yuan Qi and began purging the Dao of Destruction sealed in his body. After the Dao of Destruction entered his body, it prevented him from healing his injuries and caused him to bleed incessantly. Furthermore, it was eating away at his meridians.

That was the domineering aspect of the Dao of Destruction.

Myriad God Patriarch had already realized by this point that the killing array and the herbal garden were definitely not left behind by an ordinary ancient expert. It was very likely the work of a Godly Monarch!

Yi Yun had actually used such a killing array to try and assassinate him. This infuriated Myriad God Patriarch so much that he nearly cracked his teeth from clenching them so tight.

However, the most important thing to Myriad God Patriarch at the moment was recuperating from his injuries. If he continued allowing the Dao of Destruction to wreak wanton destruction in his body, he would soon fail to even repress his old injuries from relapsing.

Myriad God Patriarch could only forcibly calm his mind and consume another pill. Such potent recovery pills left considerable side effects on a warrior but he had no other choice. Upon thinking of this, his hatred for Yi Yun deepened again.

At that moment, Myriad God Patriarch suddenly sensed a sliver of danger.

He suddenly opened his eyes as a sword flash seemed to transmit out of an ancient space. It contained an aura of extreme coldness and the burning flames of a blazing sun simultaneously. And it was cleaving down at him!

"Yi Yun!"

Myriad God Patriarch instantly saw Yi Yun standing in midair with a frost sword.

The little bastard had actually come out of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. He was trying to sneak attack him while he was recuperating!

Yi Yun's eyes were filled with killing intent. At that moment, a black vortex appeared out of thin air behind him. The demonic flames soared into the sky as they emitted a destructive aura.

With the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence's augmentation, the sword that represented time tore through the shackles of time and space as Yi Yun slashed it down at Myriad God Patriarch!

At that moment, the space between Yi Yun and Myriad God Patriarch distorted because of that strike. The surrounding vegetation instantly lived to the end of its lifespan and was then promptly returned to the earth.

As for the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence, it seemed like it could devour the entire world. The gigantic vortex that had formed behind Yi Yun blotted out the sky.

"Go to hell!" Yi Yun let out an angry bellow.

Strike when a person was down! How could Yi Yun miss such an opportunity when he noticed that Myriad God Patriarch was recuperating?

Myriad God Patriarch's eyes widened. He realized that he had underestimated Yi Yun, as he sensed that this strike allowed Yi Yun to match ordinary Divine Lords!

Back when Yi Yun had been captured by him, he did not have such a powerful aura. However, when he came out of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, his aura had clearly increased. It formed a stark contrast.

Against Yi Yun's sword flash, Myriad God Patriarch had no choice but to prematurely end his recuperation. All his Yuan Qi stirred as he struck out with his palm to meet Yi Yun's sword.


Instantly, Yuan Qi collided as the two forces stirred in the valley like a storm. The terrifying commotion instantly spread throughout the entire herbal garden.

Myriad God Patriarch barely blocked the strike but after doing so, the color in his face drained. His body could not help but convulse slightly.

As he had terminated his recuperation midway, the Dao of Destruction that he had repressed instantly reared its head again. Combined with him drawing out his power to deliver the strike, it caused his injuries to worsen again!

It was all because of that darn Yi Yun!

And at that moment, Yi Yun had been sent flying backward due to the Yuan Qi collision. His lifeblood was in tumultuous chaos but after cultivating in the Dragon Emperor Technique, his body was extremely strong. He almost instantly calmed his lifeblood.

And when he saw Myriad God Patriarch in such a state, Yi Yun was delighted. He did not hesitate to strike out again.

Another slash!

Myriad God Patriarch's eyes seemed to crack as he forcefully gathered Yuan Qi and endured the excruciating pain to strike out with his palm again.


The sword flash tore through Myriad God Patriarch's protective Yuan Qi as an unimaginable pain bore into his body. His eyes nearly bled as he let out a furious bellow. His lifeblood was in chaos and he had to forcefully gather his aura again.

In order to kill Yi Yun, Myriad God Patriarch could only push through his injuries. As a patriarch of a sect, it was an insult for him to be reduced to such a state. First, he had been severely injured by Old Snake, then injured by the Still Destruction array, and finally damaged by Yi Yun. Now, he was willing to be left with a permanent injury just to kill Yi Yun!

A gigantic blood-colored palm materialized in front of Myriad God Patriarch. It seemed like it could render the world asunder.

However, just as the palm struck towards Yi Yun with indomitable momentum, a scene that left Myriad God Patriarch roaring with anger happened again. He saw Yi Yun being sucked into the Ascending Dragon Cauldron without turning his head after his strike!

Yi Yun had retreated back into the Ascending Dragon Cauldron after his sneak attack!


Myriad God Patriarch's palm struck the Ascending Dragon Cauldron but only managed to make it tremble and sink into the ground. The resonating hum from the cauldron echoed throughout the pocket world.

But other than that, he had failed to leave a single injury on Yi Yun.

"What a coward! Coward!" Myriad God Patriarch's killing intent raged as his lips trembled. He had led a life of being cunning and orchestrating great plots. But against Yi Yun, he felt like he was losing his mind to anger. Yi Yun was just too deplorable!

"Do you think I can't do a thing to you while you are hiding in the Ascending Dragon Cauldron? How naive!"

Myriad God Patriarch cast his hateful gaze at the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

Indeed, the Ascending Dragon Cauldron was extremely sturdy. It was very difficult to destroy. At the very least, Myriad God Patriarch did not possess that ability.

At that moment, Myriad God Patriarch extended his hand and grabbed empty space. Immediately, dozens of formless metallic chains appeared around the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, sealing it in its spot.