True Martial World Chapter 1395

Chapter 1395: Spatial Cage
Chapter 1395: Spatial Cage
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In fact, Myriad God Patriarch really had no need to trap the cauldron. Yi Yun was actually quite slow when controlling the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. However, after receiving a sneak attack by Yi Yun, Myriad God Patriarch did everything to the extreme.

"Little bastard, you have harmed me time and time again. I'd rather give up this Ascending Dragon Cauldron than let you live a second longer!" Myriad God Patriarch's eyes suffused deep hatred.

As he spoke, Myriad God Patriarch began forming seals in all seriousness. The space around the Ascending Dragon Cauldron began to slowly distort until gradually, a black hole appeared behind the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. And the black hole was filled with chaotic spatial and temporal fragments. The turbulent air surges emitted a cadaveric aura.

The effort was very demanding on Myriad God Patriarch. His face twisted into a grimace and he had no choice but to consume another pill.

However, Myriad God Patriarch had a delighted smile after that. "I want you experience an insufferable existence to the point of you pleading for death!"

Yi Yun also sensed that something was amiss as he hid inside the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

When he discovered the black hole behind the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, his scalp tingled.

This was… a chaotic alternate space-time dimension!

In the 12 Empyrean Heavens, throughout the endless cosmos, there existed numerous alternate space-time dimensions. And a number of them were extremely chaotic, having no concept of time and space. It was very difficult to exit once one found themselves inside.

Back when he left the Tian Yuan world to head for the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong were separated due to a nearby chaotic space-time passageway. Yi Yun understood personally the terror such chaotic space-time dimensions posed.

If a mighty figure was well-versed in spatial dimension laws, they could use such an alternate space-time dimension for themselves after discovering one. It could even be used to construct a spacial cage!

Clearly, Myriad God Patriarch was planning on throwing Yi Yun as well as the cauldron into the chaotic alternate dimension. Once he was trapped inside, he would float in there for eternity. There would be nothing left for him other than to die a withering death.

"This Myriad God Patriarch has really gone crazy." Yi Yun originally believed that Myriad God Patriarch cherished the Ascending Dragon Cauldron too greatly to endanger it. He never expected that Myriad God Patriarch would get to the point where he would give up the Ascending Dragon Cauldron in order to kill him.

From the looks of it, his constant meddling against Myriad God Patriarch had dealt enough suffering on him. It caused the Myriad God Patriarch to resort to such a desperate measure.

"I'll be a sitting duck if I continue to remain in the Ascending Dragon Cauldron," thought Yi Yun.

He had consumed the River of Forgetfulness's water and absorbed the silkworm's blood. His lifeblood had strengthened and his body had become more powerful. Therefore, he had decisively attacked when he discovered that Myriad God Patriarch was recuperating.

The sneak attacked had probably worsened Myriad God Patriarch's injuries. At that moment, Myriad God Patriarch appeared to be the weakest he had ever been and he was at his strongest!

"Myriad God Patriarch, it's time to end this vendetta between us."

Yi Yun's eyes immediately suffused a firm conviction.

Meanwhile, Myriad God Patriarch was in the final stages of forming his seals.

He looked at the Ascending Dragon Cauldron with bloodshot eyes. He had once placed hopes on it as something that would allow him to reach a higher state in the martial path, but his hopes had been destroyed by Yi Yun. Now, he wanted to personally ruin the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, along with Yi Yun within.

The feelings he experienced were truly mixed.

However, no matter what regrets he felt, they did not deter him in any way. On the contrary, he was even more focused. He wanted to finish his final seal and throw the Ascending Dragon Cauldron into the space-time passage.

But at that moment, the Ascending Dragon Cauldron suddenly trembled violently. With a bang, the Ascending Dragon Cauldron's lid suddenly opened as a loud dragon's roar was heard. A figure flew out from the cauldron.

The figure was none other than Yi Yun!

Myriad God Patriarch was immediately delighted the moment he saw Yi Yun appear.

If Yi Yun had insisted on hiding in the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, he would have no choice but to throw the Ascending Dragon Cauldron as well as Yi Yun into the black hole. Now that Yi Yun had appeared, he had basically given Myriad God Patriarch an opportunity to take the cauldron for himself.

"Good, very good. Yi Yun, it helps me out quite a lot if you are willing to throw yourself at death!" said Myriad God Patriarch coldly.

Without the killing array or the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, what gave Yi Yun the confidence to fight him?

"Little bastard, you are only capable of launching sneak attacks. I will make you understand the huge, unbridgeable gap between us!" said Myriad God Patriarch.

And at that moment, Yi Yun already sensed that the space surrounding the Ascending Dragon Cauldron had undergone changes. It appeared as though the cauldron now existed in a separate spatial dimension.

Myriad God Patriarch had used spatial-dimension laws to seal the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. He would not allow Yi Yun to escape into it anymore.

"Little bastard, go to hell!"

Although Yi Yun's cultivation was nothing in the eyes of Myriad God Patriarch, he still took the initiative to strike!

His hands formed claws as they swooped down at Yi Yun like an owl. Before he had even arrived, a ghastly wail was heard. Instantly, the surroundings were dyed in a blood-red color.

Simultaneously, the space around Yi Yun seemed sealed. The gravitational force within that space seemed to increase by more than ten times. His every action was slowed and impeded.

Just like a mighty eagle used all its strength when capturing a rabbit, Myriad God Patriarch was bent on taking Yi Yun's life the moment he struck!

Yi Yun immediately experienced an intense threat when facing Myriad God Patriarch's attack!

However, he was already mentally prepared to fight him when he came out.

Yi Yun's gaze was solemn. The 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence appeared behind him once again. At the same time, the Mirage Snow sword in his hand seemed to turn heavy. Both Yin and Yang laws were augmented on the sword as an unimaginably terrifying aura surged from Yi Yun.

Yi Yun did not hesitate to burn his blood essence when facing Myriad God Patriarch's killer blow!

Instantly, there was a whistling sound coming from Yi Yun's surrounding space. It was as though the space itself could not withstand the powers and laws that Yi Yun's body exuded. As for the spatial dimension laws that Myriad God Patriarch had inflicted on him, they were rapidly being shattered.

Yi Yun sensed the gravitational force vanish. He escaped that hindering force as the entire region around him turned black. The color was not pure black but had countless Dao patterns circulating within. It was extremely profound.

At the next moment, Yi Yun had already charged at Myriad God Patriarch and slashed with his sword!

The strike, including the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence within, gathered all Yi Yun's strength and laws at the sword's tip. It formed a point, and this point lit up within the black space. It turned increasingly glaring as it expanded!

Finally, it smashed down at Myriad God Patriarch like a radiant sun!

Upon seeing this strike, Myriad God Patriarch experienced a jolt in his heart.

He never expected Yi Yun's strength to have reached such a state!

However, no matter how talented Yi Yun was, there was a substantial gap between him and Myriad God Patriarch. Today, death was the only outcome for Yi Yun!

Myriad God Patriarch's eyes flashed as a gigantic blood claw immediately appeared above Yi Yun's head as it came swiping downwards.

He believed that Yi Yun could only turn around and defend. But at the moment of his defense, a second claw would arrive in front of Yi Yun. That way, Yi Yun would be heavily injured even if he survived!