True Martial World Chapter 1396

Chapter 1396: Internecine Outcome
Chapter 1396: Internecine Outcome
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However, what caught Myriad God Patriarch by surprise was that Yi Yun appeared to be oblivious to the blood claw above his head. He continued to slash at him in an indomitable fashion.

Not only that, but suddenly, Yi Yun's aura surged once again as he burned even more blood essence!


A dragon's roar suddenly emitted from Yi Yun's body. And at that moment, like a True Dragon, he slashed at Myriad God Patriarch with unstoppable might.

Even Myriad God Patriarch's expression could not help but change when he saw the oncoming strike!

Yi Yun had still not shown all his potential!

Boom! With a tumultuous explosion, Myriad God Patriarch's claws and Yi Yun's sword collided. Immediately, like an avalanche, the ground cracked into countless fissures as space itself quaked. Massive spatial turbulences appeared.

If the valley was not protected by an array formation, it would have long been flattened by the terrifying Yuan Qi collisions.

Even so, the valley seemed to be cleansed by the storms. Boulders shattered and all vegetation was wiped out. Only the divine herb remained unharmed due to the killing array's protection.

At that moment, Yi Yun had already flown backward, slamming heavily into the cliff. His mouth and body were covered in blood and there were about eight wounds ripped through his chest. He was bleeding profusely.

This was only possible because Yi Yun had cultivated in the Dragon Emperor Technique and had a powerful body. If he were any ordinary warrior, his sternum would have collapsed, destroying all his innards.

Yi Yun coughed vigorously twice as he stood up by using the Mirage Snow snow as support.

This strike had severely injured Yi Yun!

But Myriad God Patriarch was not in any better shape!

The worst problem he faced was his original injuries. Now with the accumulation of new and old wounds, he had no idea how much total injury he suffered from. After clashing with Yi Yun, the injuries his body suffered from seemed to put him on the brink of a relapse.

Never did he imagine that he would be sent retreating several steps by a Supremacy-realm junior like Yi Yun. Furthermore, the laws contained within the unbridled sword Qi were not something he could deal with.

Yi Yun's sword had left behind a long gaping wound in Myriad God Patriarch's chest. Furthermore, it carried a destructive power that had encroached into his wounds. It was tearing his apart body from within.

Myriad God Patriarch grimaced but when he saw Yi Yun, he suffused a sneer.

"Yi Yun, I admit that I have underestimated you. If you were to continue maturing for centuries or a millennia, you might be my equal. But it is not so now. You clashed with me at the risk of suffering heavy injuries. Do you think the few injuries you left on me are of any significance? The person who will die today is still you!"

Myriad God Patriarch looked at Yi Yun's pale complexion as he said this with a sneer. Yi Yun's injuries from the clash were worse than his.

"The Ascending Dragon Cauldron is mine after all. And I will use you as an herb catalyst as I originally planned. I'll throw you into the Ascending Dragon Cauldron and refine you into the Dragon Emperor Relic so as to aid my reaching a new apex!" said Myriad God Patriarch happily. The way he looked at Yi Yun was like he was looking at a supreme-grade spirit pill.

However, Myriad God Patriarch frowned when he saw Yi Yun's reaction. For Yi Yun's expression remained calm. There was even a tinge of mockery in his eyes.

This gave Myriad God Patriarch's heart a jolt. He immediately felt a sense of foreboding. Was Yi Yun up to one of his tricks once again!?

However, Myriad God Patriarch quickly swept his surroundings. He did so extremely meticulously but there were no strange phenomena around him. Nor was there any other hidden array formation that Yi Yun could make use of.

But immediately following that, Myriad God Patriarch's expression changed. He could clearly sense that there was something in his body!

Myriad God Patriarch immediately circulated his Yuan Qi but when he drew on it, he felt an excruciating pain coming from his dantian!

The pain left Myriad God Patriarch trembling. He could not help but let out a painful growl from his throat.

He even felt like his dantian was being bitten by countless worms. The lifeblood in him was rapidly draining.

"Little bastard, you…" Myriad God Patriarch suddenly looked up at Yi Yun. He immediately knew that Yi Yun had done something to him. There was a snake inside his dantian!

Back when Yi Yun released his sword flash, a tiny snake had been hidden within. The true purpose of the strike was to deliver and protect the snake well! The snake was of extraordinary grade and it possessed the bloodline of a divine beast. As for Myriad God Patriarch who was covered in wounds, the snake had taken the opportunity to bore into his body under the sword flash's guise.

The Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm loved consuming natural treasures. And a Divine Lord's body just happened to be tempered for long periods of time and had consumed countless herbal treasures. Their lifeblood and the Yuan Qi in their dantians were extremely beneficial to the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm.

At that moment, the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm was like a ravenous Tao Tie. It opened its mouth wide and began consuming Myriad God Patriarch's lifeblood essence ravenously.

Not only that, it also gathered its strength in a bid to charge out of Myriad God Patriarch's dantian.

Myriad God Patriarch let out a demented bellow as his Yuan Qi circulated to the limit. He endured the cracking pain of his dantian as he injected immense amounts of energy into it.

"Get lost!"

The thick meridians around Myriad God Patriarch's dantian exploded. A tremendous force gathered into Myriad God Patriarch's dantian, causing energy to well up like a volcano. Then it suddenly erupted, spewing the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm out.

This blast left the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm heavily injured as well. Its blood-covered body was sent flying out. However, the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm appeared delighted despite its heavy injuries. The large amount of Yuan Qi it had consumed were more than sufficient for it to recuperate its wounds.

Upon seeing the seven-colored snake come out, Myriad God Patriarch's eyes seemed to crack. He was just about to pursue when a black flame, one that blotted out the sky, blanketed him!

It was the Heretical God Fire!

Yi Yun had suffered heavy injuries and all his energy was infused into the Heretical God Fire, causing the terrifying flames to roar into the sky. Even though Ling Xie'er wasn't around, the Heretical God Fire's power had not declined much!

If this were any other time, such a flame would be insufficient to injure Myriad God Patriarch. But under repeated assaults, he ended up being burned into a wretched state.

"Yi Yun!" Myriad God Patriarch's body convulsed as his lips trembled incessantly. A great deal of his aura had diminished. His new wounds and old wounds were completely taking their toll on him.

The flames did not retreat and there were a series of consecutive explosions. When he heard that sound, Myriad God Patriarch felt his scalp tingle. He knew very well that Yi Yun had thrown out the Thunderclap Explosive Firebeads again. The twelve blood-colored stone monuments immediately activated, sending out their black beams!

Such terrifying black beams left Myriad God Patriarch shuddering. However, he knew if he just focused on dodging again, he would end up being killed by Yi Yun!

He ignored the black beams and suddenly held his palms together. Instantly, the spatial array around the Ascending Dragon Cauldron tightened, sealing the Ascending Dragon Cauldron completely!

How could he allow Yi Yun to hide in the Ascending Dragon Cauldron once again? Similarly, he would not suffer this trick a second time.