True Martial World Chapter 1401

Chapter 1401: Differentiated Treatment
Chapter 1401: Differentiated Treatment
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Half a month passed in a blink of an eye…

The Li family's ancestral grounds were located in a mountain range five hundred kilometers away from Martial City. The construction ran intricately amid the lofty mountains and curling clouds.

With the wedding at hand, the Li family's ancestral grounds were bustling.

Streams of light of various colors flew towards the Li family's ancestral ground. They were all hiding warriors or spirit boats.

The wedding ceremony was a seven-day banquet that all were invited to.

But of course, the liveliest day of the wedding ceremony was the first day.

Not only was the first day the actual matrimonial ceremony, but most of the important figures of the Martial Numinous clan would be there too.

As such, the first day was when the most number of warriors attended the festivities.

Among the numerous warriors that entered the Li family's ancestral grounds, an inconspicuous black-robed middle-aged man slowly followed the crowd and went into the ancestral ground.

The wedding was held at the peak, and below it were layers of platforms.

The more important a guest was, the closer they sat to the peak. The more ordinary the guest, the closer to the bottom.

And on the massive platform at the peak…

Li Yunshang was dressed in fiery-red matrimonial clothes. He was smiling, and sitting beside him was Li Jiuxiao.

Li Jiuxiao gave a satisfied smile as he looked down at the people that had come. "Our Li family is still thriving after all. That's quite a lot of people who have come. Yunshang, your wedding is a lot more lively than mine. It actually makes me a little envious. Haha."

"Uncle, don't bother trying to console me." Although Li Yunshang was smiling, his eyes were cold. There was a deep, gloomy look in them. "You and I both know that most of these people are here for Fairy Rain. The remaining only came because of our Li family's reputation."

"You are the most outstanding son of our Li family. You might be the future family head. There are no shortage of people that are here for you too," said Li Jiuxiao.

"If this were in the past, maybe. But now…" Li Yunshang looked down at his foot and immediately a look of hatred came to his eyes. Every passing day since he lost his leg, he would recall that face and that accursed name, Yi Yun!

It was all thanks to Yi Yun that he was in his present situation!

"Your leg… After today, you will experience a complete rebirth and your talent will be even better than it was in the past. Why do you need to care about the present? As for that Yi Yun, he is definitely dead while you will soon soar as a dragon," said Li Jiuxiao who obviously knew what was on Li Yunshang's mind.

Li Yunshang's expression finally turned for the better when the upcoming event was mentioned. However, he still said with a gloomy expression, "I have a nagging feeling that Yi Yun might not be dead…"

"All the life slips of those disciples have shattered. And we later sent people to guard the inland sea but they found no sign of Yi Yun. He is doomed after being trapped in that pocket world," said Li Jiuxiao.

He too yearned for Yi Yun to be diced into pieces. Just the thought of the lost herbal garden left his heart bleeding in pain. Therefore, he was unwilling to use the words 'herbal garden' and instead addressed it as a pocket world.

"Uncle, what you said makes sense." Li Yunshang nodded. There was no reason for him to constantly bear a grudge against a dead person.

"Many guests are here today. Although the truly important ones are obviously the guests from the large family clans and sects, those warriors from smaller sects and family clans, and even the itinerant warriors, are not to be slighted. They have come with gifts after all. Their goal is none other than to build rapport with our Li family. They are giving us gifts and helping in improving our Li family's reputation a little. We can spare the effort to be nice to them superficially," said Li Jiuxiao nonchalantly.

"I understand," said Li Yunshang casually.

It was even more likely that the warriors from the smaller family clans and sects would bring expensive gifts in other to establish a relationship with the Li family. Although Li Yunshang was unimpressed by the people themselves, he still cared for those gifts.

To grow back his limbs, he and the family clan had expended a great deal of resources. He could use this opportunity to earn back some of it.

Of course, most importantly, this day was highly significant to him. He had experienced a drastic change in character after losing his leg. In fact, he had come to shed a few layers of his facade. He knew that many people had mocked him for losing his leg but today, he would make all those warriors witness his transformation.

"My guests, I welcome all of you here. You honor me with your presence." Li Yunshang stood up with a beaming smile as he spoke.

His voice was infused with Yuan Qi. Even though he was standing on the platform at the peak, his voice still resounded throughout the entire mountain.

There were all sorts of responses from the various platforms on the mountain. However, they were mostly perfunctory and casual words of congratulations.

Simultaneously, maidservants began walking forward with plates in hand. On them were all sorts of priceless spirit fruits.

"Everyone, as many people have come here, and there will be important figures from the Martial Numinous clan coming to the ceremony to bear witness, I implore everyone to maintain order for my sake. After all, it's my wedding day," said Li Yunshang loudly.

The Li family was holding this dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony on a very large scale. There were nine entrances, with one main entrance, two side entrances, and six tiny auxiliary entrances. And every entrance had a master of ceremony to receive the gifts.

Yi Yun, who was disguised as a black-robed middle-aged man, was walking through the furthest of the nine entrances. The other entrances required letters of invitation. A person like him that lacked status and those with an invitation obviously received different treatment. It was evident simply from the entrance he had to use.

Yi Yun could not help but shake his head lightly when he saw gifts constantly being added to the pile of gifts at each of the platforms at each of the nine entrances. Furthermore, the master of ceremony would announce the respective guest's name and gift.

It was nothing much to announce the names and gifts. It would only make the rich warriors who had brought expensive gifts look better, but it was rather dishonorable for the poor warriors.

Yi Yun saw the embarrassed looks of many of the warriors that were entering through the same side door as him. Some even clenched their teeth as they took out more gifts. Others seemed to feel that it wasn't worth it and secretly turned around to leave.

"How grim is reality."

Yi Yun made a offhand remark. It was very soft but, not far from him, someone heard his comment. A warrior in an opulent getup turned his head and took a glance at Yi Yun… He had not noticed Yi Yun before.

The warrior immediately found Yi Yun familiar. A warrior's memory was very good, so he quickly recalled that he had met Yi Yun while he was discussing the Li family's dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony with his friends in Martial City previously. Yi Yun had even approached them to ask about the ceremony.

"It's you?"

The warrior pricked up his brows. He never expected Yi Yun to actually attend the wedding. Although it was said that anyone could attend, that was only to keep up airs. In reality, who would dare attend the ceremony if they lacked a good status and background?

The warrior still remembered that Yi Yun looked like a bumpkin. He would rather be beaten to death than believe that Yi Yun was someone of stature.

Yi Yun was also a little surprised when he saw that warrior as well as the people beside him. What a coincidence…

However, this also implied that the warrior in the opulent getup was someone of little significance. Otherwise, he would not have seen him at this particular entrance. The entrance was, after all, the most remote one out of the six auxiliary entrances.

"The Li family's dual cultivation ceremony truly shows no discrimination. It seems anyone can come." The man clearly was displeased that he was using the same entrance as Yi Yun. It was an insult.

Yi Yun smiled. "Likewise."

"You…" The man stared at him. What the hell did likewise mean? "Friend, you seem quite proud. Are you that confident in the gift you prepared?"

"I guess so," said Yi Yun. His present appearance was very ordinary. Together with his nod, he immediately gave off an honest and sincere air.