True Martial World Chapter 1402

Chapter 1402: Yi Yun's Gift
Chapter 1402: Yi Yun's Gift
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Yi Yun's casual reply and appearance only sparked more contempt in the opulent warrior's eyes.

"I guess so? That means it must be pretty good. That sure makes me curious." The warrior smiled faintly. Although he was of low status, he was still considered wealthy among those that failed to receive an invitation.

On one hand, it made him feel debased being forced to line up with these people of lowly stature. On the other hand, he could not help but feel a sense of superiority.

He believed that his gift would definitely be considered astonishing among this group of people. Perhaps he might even be invited to an elevated position just because of his gift.

It also was his turn to enter. He took out a jade box from his interspatial ring and handed it to the steward, in a somewhat dramatic fashion, with both hands.

The steward accepted it with a smile and opened it. There was a glint in his eyes as he looked up at the man with a hint of surprise.

The item was not necessarily surprising to the steward, but it was something rare to see in the hands of such an unimportant person.

The man felt very pleased when he saw the steward's reaction. He had gone through painstaking efforts to prepare the gift. He came from a family clan that had long since declined but he believed that he was talented. He aimed to restore his family clan to its former glory and step back into Martial City's high society.

However, it was a very difficult endeavor for a waning family to be reintegrated into high society. Therefore, he had an idea to enter the Martial Numinous clan through the Li family.

As long as he entered the Martial Numinous clan, he could obtain its resources through his own abilities. He believed that he would definitely soar then.

At that moment, the steward shouted out loudly, "Zhang State's Young Master Luo Fei, gift of a ten-thousand-year-old Snow Fungus!"

Upon hearing the announcement, Luo Fei quickly looked towards the seats of honor for a reaction.

Unfortunately, those of truly supreme status did not pay even a hint of attention to the ongoings of the lower entrances. However, a few figures that looked like guardians looked up and over at him.

"Zhang State's Young Master Luo? Who's that?"

"A ten-thousand-year-old Snow Fungus is rather rare."

"Actually, a Snow Fungus isn't of much use. It's typically used to brew tea. It has the effect of calming the mind, but that's about it."

"That may be so but a ten-thousand-year-old Snow Fungus would make for an absolutely top-grade tea. A pot of it emits a long-lasting fragrance. Even Elders of the Martial Numinous clan would enjoy such a tea."

The guardians' discussion made Luo Fei's expression stiffen slightly. Following that, he gave an embarrassed smile. The ten-thousand-year-old Snow Fungus he had gone through painstaking efforts to obtain was being written off as a simple tea ingredient. It was such a waste!

However, these people had affirmed the ten-thousand-year-old Snow Fungus after all. It made Luo Fei regain some pride.

The steward who was in charge of the announcements, said smilingly, "Guardian Sun just sent a voice transmission. He invites you to sit with him when the banquet begins. Guardian Sun also enjoys the Way of Tea."

Luo Fei was instantly overjoyed when he heard that.

It was great news. He had met someone who knew value the moment he stepped into the banquet. He had not brought the ten-thousand-year-old Snow Fungus for nothing.

Luo Fei looked over, and indeed there was a bearded middle-aged man smiling at him. It was the person that had previously affirmed him vocally.

Although Luo Fei guessed that Guardian Sun's intent was to get more ten-thousand-year-old Snow Fungi from him because of his love for tea, he was still ecstatic. If not for the wedding, he would not even have had the chance to deliver a gift. As long as Guardian Sun endorsed him, there was a high chance he could join the Martial Numinous clan.

"Congratulations, Young Master Luo."

"Congratulations! Congratulations!"

Luo Fei's friends began congratulating him. However, they were a bit sour inside.

"Yes, yes. I'll treat everyone to a round of drinks later."

Luo Fei laughed. At that moment, he noticed Yi Yun who was just behind him. He was about to hand over his gift.

"Let me see what gift this poor punk has brought."

Yi Yun's gift was huge. Most people brought gifts stored in wooden boxes. However, Yi Yun's gift was the size of a closet. When he put it down, it instantly covered more than half the table.

"What the heck is that?"

Everyone was taken aback. Ignoring what was inside, just the size was quite ridiculous.

The steward in charge of the announcement went forward to open the chest. Upon seeing the item inside, he was dumbfounded. The surrounding people fell into a daze as well.

This furry stuff…looked like a…pig?

Inside the chest that Yi Yun handed over, there was a recently slaughtered pig. It looked like a low-grade pig-type Fey beast. It was even dripping in blood and was still covered in wet fur!

"It's freshly slaughtered. It was caught at the bottom of the mountain of the Li family's ancestral grounds. I notice how all of you always eat fruits at a banquet. That's just too light. This pig can be given to the kitchen. Then there can be some meat at this wedding banquet. Take it, there's no need to stand on ceremony."

Yi Yun had said it so nonchalantly that it immediately quieted the crowd.

Add some meat?

Among the spirit fruits being served at the banquet, just a grape might be worth more than ten pigs!

Was this fellow crazy!?

Many people looked at Yi Yun in disbelief. Everyone that came to attend the wedding ceremony had to rack their brains, afraid that they would shame themselves by giving low-class gifts. Yet this person actually slaughtered a pig and gave it as a gift? If it was a pig-type Fey beast with an ancient bloodline, that would have been fine. But it was precisely a low-grade pig, one that was even captured on the Li family's ancestral grounds!

"You are giving a Fey beast caught on the Li family's ancestral grounds to the Li family?" A man beside Luo Fei looked at Yi Yun as though he was a country bumpkin. Perhaps Yi Yun was worse than a country bumpkin. Even mortals in villages would not gift a dead pig at a wedding banquet!

"That's right. Is there a problem? Although the pig was on the Li family's ancestral grounds, I was the one who caught it. Could it be… that the pig was reared by the Li family?"

Yi Yun countered with a question, instantly leaving the person who asked choking.

Nice way of putting it!

Upon hearing Yi Yun's words, many of the Li family members turned livid. Was this person here to cause trouble? Or was he just a pea-brain?

"I knew it. How can a poor person like him give anything of worth? I thought he might at the very least, gift a strand or two of low-grade spirit herbs. Who knew that his mind is so warped? He actually caught a pig and gifted it!" Luo Fei said with a sneer. He looked at Yi Yun as though he was looking at a retard.

"My friend, the Li family's dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony is a very important occasion. The Li family ancestral grounds are a place of joy. It is not somewhere for you to cause trouble. Please leave or we will escort you out!" the steward said coldly when faced with Yi Yun's improper behavior

Due to the many distinguished guests present, he did not let his anger get the best of him or he would have long taken action.