True Martial World Chapter 1405

Chapter 1405: Thoughts of Throwing the Baby out with the Bathwater
Chapter 1405: Thoughts of Throwing the Baby out with the Bathwater
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When he saw the seven women, Yi Yun's eyes focused on one in particular.

He caught sight of Wang Mu's wife instantly. She looked like a stately and beautiful woman but her face was a little pale. There was also a blank look in her eyes.

In fact, there was nothing odd about each of the other six women individually. But when looking at them as an entity, there was something strange. Their expressions were identical.

The guests might not have known the details but Yi Yun did. It was likely that all the women had been forcibly abducted by Li Yunshang just like with Wang Mu's wife. Then, all of them were given a Mind Loss Gu just like her as well.

Furthermore, Yi Yun also noticed that the stone slabs the seven women were standing on were critical nodes of the array formation. The moment they appeared, the array formation seemed to come alive. Raven-black light constantly surged beneath their feet.

Matching this with Li Yunshang's excited expression, Yi Yun could already sense that the ceremony was probably not as simple as it was made out to be…

"Everyone, I will marry these seven women for my dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony. And, after coming to a mutual agreement with them, we will complete our first cultivation with all of you here as witnesses. Of course, it can be done with an array formation according to the cultivation technique I practice in," said Li Yunshang.

Dual cultivating in front of so many people sounded odd at first. However, everyone knew that the dual cultivation they had in mind was likely different than what was about to happen, considering the array formation. Therefore, no one protested.

As for marrying seven women at the same time, that was nothing for warriors of great standing, despite it seeming rather grandiose.

There were even a number of warriors that wore looks of envy. Luo Fei could not help but click his tongue, "He sure has good luck in love…"

However, the moment he said so, he suddenly felt a stern aura.

Luo Fei turned his head stiffly and realized that Yi Yun was staring coldly at a platform. His gaze was even more terrifying than what Luo Fei had previously felt.

"What's up with this… bumpkin?" Luo Fei had already put aside the horror he had previously felt. He never expected to be enveloped by that aura once again, and so soon.

At first he was peeved at being made to sit beside Yi Yun, but now he just felt very uncomfortable. Furthermore, the source of the discomfort was a person he thought to be a retard. This made him even more unsettled…

"Perhaps… I made a mistake?" Luo Fei was still in a state of disbelief. It was akin to meeting a vagrant on the streets. He looks dirty from every angle, so when he suddenly emits the stately aura of an emperor, it is naturally quite unacceptable.

At that instant, an even larger stone slab rose in the middle of the platform. Li Yunshang landed on it. Immediately, a brighter array pattern appeared between the stone slabs, connecting the seven slabs to the one beneath Li Yunshang's feet.

Li Yunshang smiled as he looked at the guests on the other platforms.

Today was the day he would make a comeback and even be uplifted to a brand new level.

The seven women, including Wang Mu's wife, had been selected by him especially for this day. Their talent, bloodline, and strength were excellent. Although they were not comparable to Song Rainsong, they were definitely not ordinary women.

For these women, Li Yunshang had put in a lot of thought and effort.

He had originally planned on engaging in dual cultivation with each of them individually. He would then dispose of them after he had completely drained their lifeblood.

But thanks to Yi Yun, he now had to extract all the worth of the women in one go, so as to increase his strength. And he did it so publicly to show everyone that he was not some cripple.

With Li Yunshang standing on the middle stone slab, a potent raven-black light lit up beneath his and the brides' feet. Their feet appeared to be bound by the light and, following that, their bodies trembled slightly. The raven-black light immediately twinkled with a strange, bloodlike color…

At that moment, Yi Yun's heart skipped a beat. He finally understood what the array formation was!

It was an extremely vicious array formation. The seven stone slabs were disk arrays. While the array formation was in effect, the women standing on them would have their primordial Yin, lifeblood, talent, and strength extracted and sent to Li Yunshang.

The array formation used the entire ancestral ground as its foundation and was extremely oppressive. Perhaps the seven women would have all their cultivation levels extracted forcibly!

And Li Yunshang was planning on committing such a heinous act under the guise of a dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony, under everyone's noses.

Firstly, the women had been planted with a Mind Loss Gu which prevented them from resisting. Secondly, the truth behind the array formation was subtle. It would not instantly extract a person's entire cultivation level. It would even appear as though both parties were benefiting from the process. But in fact, after these women spent enough time in the array formation, they would quickly wither like a flower.

After the dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony ended, the women will lose all their value. When that time came, they could be thrown to the beasts as food.

Li Yunshang and Li Jiuxiao were truly callous and ruthless. Yi Yun even felt that they were mentally perverse.

The killing intent in Yi Yun's eyes grew as he watched the situation play out. Although he had encountered many enemies, few actually disgusted Yi Yun in such a manner. Now, the Li family's uncle and nephew pair had given him a sense of disgust he had never known.

Yi Yun suddenly heard a voice transmission. "Young Master Yi, may I… come out?"

The God Advent Tower was connected to his mind; therefore, he could hear any voices that came out of the God Advent Tower.

Before entering the Li family's ancestral grounds, Yi Yun had informed Wang Mu about the dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony. Wang Mu requested to watch the dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony, and Yi Yun agreed to that.

And now, Wang Mu's voice was filled with hatred and anger. At the same time, he was trying his best to curb it. His voice was even trembling.

Anyone would feel bitter as they watched the unbearable scene, After all, the person who had nearly taken his life and snatched his wife was now standing there orchestrating a dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony using his wife.

Furthermore, he could see all of this clearly. His wife's dull eyes and indifferent expression seemed to imply that her soul had been sealed.

Wang Mu had the urge to charge out of the God Advent Tower but he held it back. He was not afraid of the Li family or the people—the Elders and warriors that emanated powerful auras—on the first level but that he did not want to implicate Yi Yun.

At that moment, the dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony was about to begin on the platform.

Li Yunshang was in high spirits. The array was already slowly activating under his control. Everyone could feel that the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi of the Li family's ancestral ground was stirring and gathering towards a focal point.

This was the most important step before Li Yunshang returned to his peak. It was even possible that he could be invited to the White Lunar Divine Empire like Fairy Rain and Haogu!

When that time came, he would truly soar as a dragon.

How could Li Yunshang not be excited about this?

As Yi Yun looked at the platform coldly and felt the stirring of the surrounding Yuan Qi, he had a sudden thought. The array formation…

Yi Yun did not reply to Wang Mu right away, as he was observing the array with his energy vision.

Wang Mu was feeling anxious but he did not dare disturb Yi Yun until he had a response.

As time passed, Wang Mu bit his lips tightly while inside the God Advent Tower. Blood dripped down the corner of his lips as his nails lodged deeper into his flesh.

He felt a deep sense of helplessness. Without any background, a person of ordinary birth was nothing in front of people with power even if they were a genius. The opportunities he received, his loved ones, his perfect life and future could all be destroyed by others instantly.

Yi Yun could understand Wang Mu's feelings.

At that moment, Wang Mu truly could not take it any longer. He sent another voice transmission. "Young Master Yi, I once obtained an ancient hex talisman. This talisman can release an attack at the level of a half-step Divine Lord. Although the talisman will not be able to kill Li Yunshang while Li Jiuxiao and the other Martial Numinous clan Elders are there to protect him, we might be able to destroy the array if we attack by surprise. I have no way to thank you for what you have done for me thus far. Young Master Yi, you do not need to take action at this wedding. I'll act alone. I cannot watch as that bastard destroys Yuan Ling. I'd rather die with her!"

Wang Mu knew very well that he was too weak and could not change everything by himself. But he did not wish to implicate Yi Yun.

His tone was filled with a deep sense of hatred as well as endless hurt emotions.

Yi Yun knew very well that Wang Mu was planning on risking his life.

Wang Mu clenched his fists tightly. Even at the risk of death, his strike might not leave a single wound on his enemy. It was truly tragic. Old Man Wang, the servant Qing'er, and the young girl, Xiaoxiao, stood closely together behind him. Yi Yun did not allow them to see what was happening but they could guess from Wang Mu's reactions.

Xiaoxiao's face was pale. Her beautiful eyes filled with immense hatred. But at the same time, she looked anxiously at her father.

Then, Wang Mu heard Yi Yun's voice.

"You can come out now…"

"Thank you!" Wang Mu said resolutely.

"There's no need for you to risk your life. All you need to do is launch one attack. Leave the rest to me," said Yi Yun.

"This…" Wang Mu gave a puzzled look.

"With your attack, do your best to attract the attention of Li Yunshang and the rest," explained Yi Yun.

"Young Master Yi, are you planning to take action? But the present situation…"

Wang Mu hesitated for a moment. He was afraid to drag Yi Yun into this, creating a situation he might not be able to escape from.

"Just do as I say. I have a grasp of the situation."