True Martial World Chapter 1407

Chapter 1407: Yuan Qi Reflux
Chapter 1407: Yuan Qi Reflux
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Although something seemed to be off about the situation, Li Yunshang did not think too deeply about it. Besides, the array formation had the entire Li family's ancestral grounds acting as its foundation. The array formation expended a sizable amount of treasured materials. The Li family had hired famous Elders who were well-researched in array formations to set it up.

Now, with a protective array activated, there was no reason for him to fear anything.

Under such circumstances, what could go wrong?

Furthermore, the array had already been activated. Li Yunshang would not shut off the array formation because of some fleeting feeling.

Large amounts of Spirit Jade had to be spent to activate the array formation. Just because he received a lot of prized gifts from the guests did not mean that he could squander without any regard.

Therefore, Li Yunshang continued to use the array formation. At the same time, he paid close attention to the Yuan Qi that had entered his body.

But this time, he failed to sense anything strange about the Yuan Qi.

The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi constantly surged into Li Yunshang's body, spreading to his every corner of it. When it entered his dantian, he felt extremely comfortable as though warm energy was filling him.

Li Yunshang knew that this feeling was only an illusion. It came as a result of having his body filled with Yuan Qi. Only when he absorbed all of the seven women's cultivation would he truly possess strength.

"It's time." An excited look appeared in Li Yunshang's eyes.

Only Heaven Earth Yuan Qi had surged into his body so as to prepare his body to take in the true energies that followed.

Li Yunshang had gone to painstaking efforts to prepare the array formation. Every step was meticulously calculated so that no problems could arise.

Li Yunshang changed the way he moved his fingers slightly as the Yuan Qi in the array formation changed. It contained a sliver of evil in it. The Yuan Qi lingered beneath the seven women's feet, causing the disk arrays to produce a buzzing sound.

Soon, the Yuan Qi that the array formation had gathered would flow into the women's bodies and extract their cultivation before gathering within Li Yunshang. However, Li Yunshang suddenly realized that the Yuan Qi was not moving according to his commands. Instead of surging towards the seven women, it was rushing towards him.

"What happened?" Li Yunshang's heart skipped a beat. He immediately moved to control the array formation, but realized that his commands were completely useless.

What the hell!

Li Yunshang turned flustered. He tried to dodge the Yuan Qi but felt his body suddenly stiffen.

He was actually paralyzed!

At that moment, Li Yunshang felt his soul quake vigorously. His eyes stared as though they were going to pop out. He never expected that he would end up in the same state as Wang Mu in a blink of an eye!

He watched helplessly at the surrounding crowd and they too were looking back at him. There were people with high cultivation levels around and they had realized that something was wrong. However, they did not have the time to confirm it for the changes had come too suddenly!


The Yuan Qi formed a raven-black cloud that appeared to be made of countless flies. It swarmed straight into Li Yunshang's body.

They were like worms boring into Li Yunshang's pores.

"Ah, ah, ah!"

Li Yunshang's eyes protruded as he opened his mouth wide. He let out a silent scream!

The bits of Yuan Qi were like leeches. The moment they entered Li Yunshang's body, they immediately latched onto his meridians and dantian. They sucked at his lifeblood, cultivation, and foundations crazily!

"Ah! Why did this happen!? Why!?"

Li Yunshang was appalled. Although he could not move, his mind remained extremely clear. He could clearly feel everything!

This feeling of having thousands of worms gnawing at his bones made him feel like dying right there and then.

This should have happened to the seven women. With the Mind Loss Gu embedded in them, they would not show their pain and allow the Yuan Qi to devour everything they had.

But now, all of that befell Li Yunshang. The pain he experienced was the sum of the seven women's pain! This was because the Yuan Qi had to split among the seven women but now, it was all rushing into his body!

At that moment, Li Jiuxiao's expression changed drastically. As for the guests looking at Li Yunshang, they began to realize that he looked a little horrifying.

Blue veins that looked like earthworms showed up beneath his skin and his eyes seemed like they would pop out.

Wang Mu widened his eyes too. He realized that nothing was happening to Yuan Ling and instead, it was Li Yunshang's reactions that were intensifying.

Could it be…

At that moment, Li Jiuxiao no longer hesitated. He abruptly extended his arm to grab Li Yunshang.

But at that moment!

The Yuan Qi in the array formation suddenly turned chaotic. The Yuan Qi that been guided in a laminar flow suddenly turned turbulent as energies collided with each other.

"This…" The expressions of the two Martial Numinous clan Elders, as well as Fairy Rain and Haogu, changed at the same time.


With a loud boom, the disk array beneath Li Yunshang's feet exploded!

Li Jiuxiao had not managed to grab onto Li Yunshang yet. He watched helplessly as the energy around Li Yunshang exploded, like he himself was a bomb whose fuse had detonated.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Li Yunshang was thrown hundreds of feet away, sent tumbling across the ground like a deflated rubber ball. He finally came to a stop when he struck a guest table.

In a blink of an eye, Li Yunshang went from being on the crest of success to thrown to the floor like an unwanted wretch. He was lying on the ground covered in blood.

His limbs were crippled and his dantian had been sucked clean. As a member of the Martial Numinous clan, Li Yunshang's lifeblood was stronger than the ordinary warrior's. This also resulted in him still being alive despite such dire injuries.

However, Li Yunshang wished he were dead. He was now a complete cripple! He could only recover from his injuries with the help of extremely heaven-defying supreme-grade herbs.

But in order to reattach his leg and run the dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony, the Li family had spent enormous amounts of resources. There would not be a second time…

His bloodshot eyes scanned at the crowd beneath. Who was it? Who was the culprit!?

As he was situated in the middle of the array formation, he bore the full brunt of the explosion. The women who stood on the remaining seven nodes remained unharmed.

The remnant blasts that surged out the were blocked by barriers mustered by Li Jiuxiao and the other two Martial Numinous clan Elders.

The two Martial Numinous clan Elders were completely fine but Li Jiuxiao was situated closest to Li Yunshang. Despite his hurry to raise a barrier, he was caught up in the remnant blasts, stirring his lifeblood into a turmoil. His face was ashen.

And after the explosion, Li Jiuxiao's eyes widened when he saw its results. He felt blood shoot to his head.

The dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony held in the Li family's ancestral ground had drawn the attention of many in the world; yet something bad had happened!

"Who was it!?" Li Jiuxiao swept a savage look across the crowd.

Regardless of who it was, he would absolutely not let the person leave the Li family's ancestral ground!

The sudden turn of events left the guests shocked. Even Fairy Rain looked surprised. What just happened?