True Martial World Chapter 1408

Chapter 1408: Interrogation
Chapter 1408: Interrogation
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Li Jiuxiao rushed to Li Yunshang's side. He reached out his hand to touch Li Yunshang's wrist only to find it was mushy like mud, and began flooding his perception into Li Yunshang's body.

Following that, Li Jiuxiao's eyes dimmed.

"U…Uncle, someone did something. I want him captured. I want to watch him… suffer… the world's most excruciating pain…" Li Yunshang grabbed Li Jiuxiao's wrist and said through gritted teeth.

"Don't you worry!" Li Jiuxiao said solemnly.

This attack was not only Li Yunshang's problem. It also affected the Li family's reputation.

To elevate the scale of the dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony, they had invited the masses and had even specially invited two Martial Numinous clan Elders, as well as the two stars of the younger generation, Haogu and Fairy Rain.

The ceremony was originally held to let all warriors witness the rising of their Li family's successor, so as to uplift the prestige of the Li family.

However, such a disastrous incident happened at the critical moment of an important occasion like this. It was nothing less than pushing the Li family's face to the ground and trampling it.

Now, everyone, including the Martial Numinous clan Elders, were watching. If the Li family did not handle the matter appropriately, this event would definitely result in irreparable damage to the Li family's prestige. The maiming of their successor's cultivation would also result in unimaginable consequences!

The Li family enjoyed a high status in the Martial Numinous clan, but at the same time it had many competitors. These people were watching the Li family's every move, hoping for a misstep. The incident would give them a chance; therefore, Li Jiuxiao hated the culprit to the extreme.

Furthermore, he suspected that the incident was the work of an opposing faction in the Martial Numinous clan. As for the idea that Wang Mu orchestrated the attack, Li Jiuxiao thought nothing of it. How could Wang Mu have the capability to do so?

"Everyone, I'm truly sorry for what has happened today on our Li family's ground. Brother Luo, Elder Hong, I have already given the order to temporarily seal the Li family's ancestral ground. The insidious culprit will be found. This person is perverse and has not only wreaked havoc on the dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony, but will likely also take this opportunity to attack all of you! He will not be allowed to escape after enacting such treacherous plans!" Li Jiuxiao said to the Martial Numinous clan's Elder Luo and Elder Hong.

To seal the Li family's ancestral grounds, he naturally needed to seek input from the Elders.

Elder Luo and Elder Hong had good relationships with the Li family. They naturally did not oppose the idea.

As for the remaining guests, they could not do anything about it after the two Elders gave the approval. As for Li Jiuxiao's claim that the culprit was planning to attack the guests, it was only an excuse. Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that the person who had schemed to infiltrate the ceremony was specifically targeting the Li family because of some feud.

At that moment, the Li family guards arrived at the various platforms. The mood instantly turned tense.

"Previously it was Wang Mu and now the array formation exploded. The Li family's dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony sure is fraught with setbacks." Fairy Rain murmured as she looked at the platforms below her.

"Perhaps the Li family has engaged in certain sordid deeds?" Haogu sneered. There was clearly something ignoble about the dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony but Haogu had not paid too much attention to the Li family. However, since they had failed to nip the problem at its root, exposing themselves to ridicule, he found the Li family a disgrace.

"Senior Brother, would you be able to destroy the array formation in such a manner?" Fairy Rain looked at the disk array that had exploded. A glint flashed in her eyes suddenly as she asked with a whisper.

Haogu was slightly startled before he frowned. "No."

To destroy the array from the outside, one had to shatter the protective barrier first. That was almost impossible. And to destroy the array from the inside, the only person controlling the array formation was Li Yunshang. He was the only one who could have destroyed the array. A method that caused an explosion without Li Yunshang's knowledge despite him being the controller was something that eluded Haogu.

"If the person is captured, I'll ask him how he did it." Haogu revealed an interested look as he said casually.

At that moment, Li Jiuxiao said, "Everyone, the Li family will not impose on you but please cooperate with us so that we can find the culprit swiftly."

The cooperation he spoke of was the verification and identification of each person.

Li Jiuxiao basically wanted to verify the identities of everyone below the third platform. These people were mostly of poor family backgrounds. Some were even trivial figures.

Li family suspected that the person that truly wanted to bring harm to the Li family was hidden among them.

And Li Jiuxiao thought nothing of offending these people of no consequence.

In fact, Li Jiuxiao disparaged them. Although the wedding made grand claims of allowing anyone to attend, Li Jiuxiao still thought of them as nothing but riffraff.

Li Jiuxiao walked towards the third platform. With a flip of his hand, a blackish-green disk array appeared. There were complicated runes engraved on it. People skilled in array formations instantly determined that the array formation embedded in the disk array had to do with the soul.

"Elder Li, this is…"

A few people on the third platform were puzzled. They knew a disk array that had to do with the soul with probably something bad.

"It doesn't mean anything dire. I hope that everyone will humor me. This is a Soul Sharing disk array. I wish to check everyone's situation. I suspect that the culprit that wreaked havoc in this ceremony is hidden amongst you."

Li Jiuxiao's words made the crowd's expression change. "Elder Li, what's the meaning of this?"

Soul Sharing disk array?

The item sounded like it would establish a soul connection. It was likely that it allowed Li Jiuxiao to inspect a portion of a person's memories and, through that, determine if the person was related to the incident.

However, which warrior present would want their memories to be searched?

"Elder Li, are you suspecting us? Or do you think lowly people like us are easily bullied?" said someone unhappily. Although they had little standing in society, they refused to be pushed around.

"Everyone, you misunderstand. This isn't targeted at you. In fact, the people on the first and second platform are allies of the Li family in the Martial Numinous clan. I know them well. I believe that the enemy of the Li family would not be acting in his personal capacity if he were to attack the Li family. Instead, he would appear in disguise. As such, he would only appear amongst you."

"I hope everyone will cooperate. If not, I would feel bad for having this place constantly sealed!"

The latter half of Li Jiuxiao's statement had a threatening tone. Clearly, he would not lift the seal unless the culprit was found.


Many people were enraged. They had attended the wedding with gifts, but now they were going to be interrogated as criminals. Furthermore, it was being done through such unacceptable methods.

This was pushing it too far!

"Everyone, who shall we begin with? Or should I do the choosing?"

Li Jiuxiao narrowed his eyes. He sized up a few people that he believed were the most likely culprits.