True Martial World Chapter 1410

Chapter 1410: Striking First to Gain the Initiative
Chapter 1410: Striking First to Gain the Initiative
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Song Rainsong released the disk array and looked at Yi Yun in shock. However, she was quickly able to restore her calm due to her training as an elite of the Martial Numinous clan. Soon, she only looked at Yi Yun with a hint of wariness and suspicion.

"I…" Song Rainsong was just about to speak when she suddenly felt something was amiss.

She instantly grimaced. The evil entity she sensed had lodged itself into her mind. It did not leave even after she severed contact with the disk array.

Logically speaking, the moment she released the disk array, the spiritual connection between her and Yi Yun should have been severed. The current situation had exceeded Song Rainsong's expectations.

She immediately wrapped her soul in layers of protection, using her mental strength to purge the evil psyche. But it proved difficult to purge because it clung tightly to her mind like a maggot. The entire time, the bloody scenes inundated her mind like a series of tidal waves.

The remaining color drained from her face. This was no ordinary psyche, but resembled a blob of evil incarnate.

Poison Demon was a soul of the purest form. Although Song Rainsong was a genius, she could not withstand Poison Demon in this sort of fight.

At that moment, Haogu noticed Song Rainsong's trembling and her tightly knitted brows. He already knew that something was amiss.

"Junior Sister, are you alright?" Haogu asked with concern. He was somewhat confused. Why would Song Rainsong have such a reaction simply from searching the memories of a bumpkin?

Were the bumpkin's memories that filthy?

Haogu hated Yi Yun to the bone. He was already unhappy that Song Rainsong was searching Yi Yun's memories. However, he never expected Song Rainsong to suffer from the soul sharing process.

Upon coming to this realization, Haogu looked coldly at Yi Yun and said, "Not only do you look grotesque, even your memories are so sordid that Junior Sister Song finds them intolerable."

And at that moment, Song Rainsong managed to catch her breath. She had used all her strength to trap Poison Demon in a region of her soul sea.

Song Rainsong was perspiring as she looked angrily at Yi Yun, "What did you plant in my soul sea?"

"What?" Haogu was stunned.

The man had actually tampered with Song Rainsong's soul sea?

One explanation could be that Song Rainsong had likely not taken any precautions, but to be able to plant such a thorny problem in her soul without anyone realizing it, it implied that Yi Yun's strength was clearly not what it seemed on the surface.

Haogu's expression turned heavy as he looked at Yi Yun with eyes filled with killing intent. "I do not care what your goal is. Immediately take out the thing you planted or I guarantee you will not leave this place alive."

He pressed down on the sword by his waist but did not draw it right away. Song Rainsong's soul sea was under threat. If he killed Yi Yun directly, he would never know what he did to her.

The two Martial Numinous clan Elders also stood up immediately as they fixated cold gazes on Yi Yun. However, they did not take action either. Song Rainsong was about to head to the White Lunar Divine Empire soon. Her status was now no trifling matter. Even the tiniest bit of damage to Song Rainsong's soul sea was something the Martial Numinous clan found absolutely unacceptable.

One had to know that damage to the soul was more severe than physical damage. Even treasured herbs could hardly heal that damage.

At that moment, the conversation between Yi Yun, Song Rainsong, and Haogu had astounded all the guests. The situation had developed far beyond their expectations.

The man they thought of as a bumpkin now had a much more mysterious image. He had dealt a blow to the Martial Numinous clan's elite publicly in front of the Martial Numinous clan Elders.

"Rat, what are you waiting for!?" bellowed Elder Luo angrily.

"Do you want us to take action personally? You will be sorry if we do." said a cold-sounding voice from the charming Elder Hong. Combined with her seductive smile, what she said left people shuddering.

Despite everyone's attention, as well as Haogu and the Martial Numinous clan Elder's threats and beratement, Yi Yun's oblivious look remained.

Yi Yun knew that the situation would not end well the moment Song Rainsong began suspecting him and demanded to personally do the soul sharing.

But it did not matter. His goal here today was to mess things up.

Destroying the array formation and maiming Li Yunshang had already met his goals. Whether or not Song Rainsong was harmed meant nothing.

"You were bent on searching my soul as though it was perfectly justified. All I did was go eye for an eye, and you speak as though I have done something wrong? All of you sure are high-handed," said Yi Yun sarcastically.

Song Rainsong frowned when she heard that. She had indeed insisted on sharing souls with Yi Yun because of her suspicion. Now, Yi Yun's biting remark was clearly targeted at her.

However, she felt more certain of her suspicion after hearing what Yi Yun said. Although Yi Yun looked completely different from the punk she encountered in the Ancient Ruins world, there was something similar in their eyes.

But just as her cherry lips separated, she heard Yi Yun's voice transmission: "It's best you not say anything you don't need to. Otherwise, I'm still certain I can turn you into a retard before the Martial Numinous clan experts rush over…"

Yi Yun obviously did not want news of the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm to spread. It was of extremely great value. Ignoring its future growth, just its blood was a renewable divine supplement. Once the news spread, he would be in trouble.

At that moment, a terrifying laughter cackled in Song Rainsong's soul sea. "Hehehehe… Lass, are you feeling safe just because you trapped me in here? I'm your ancestor when it comes to soul strength!"

Song Rainsong's face got even whiter. She hesitated for a moment and did not say a word. However, she looked at Yi Yun hatefully. Yi Yun was actually threatening her…

She had determined Yi Yun's identity and naturally knew that he was a young warrior around her age. He was no middle-aged man. Song Rainsong burned with fury that she had succumbed to the tricks of a warrior her age.

Yi Yun naturally knew what Poison Demon said. He was rendered speechless by what the old pervert said but since it looked effective, Yi Yun was satisfied and did not say another word.

"To think you are resorting to sophistry. Do you think the Martial Numinous clan will spare you for what you have done?" Haogu's voice sounded again.

Haogu turned incensed after being mocked by Yi Yun right in the face. As the eldest senior brother of the Martial Numinous clan, he enjoyed an elevated status. He had never been so infuriated in front of so many people.


Haogu drew his ice-cold sword. But before he could deliver an attack, he suddenly turned cold and detached. His entire being seemed to shift into a different state. All the murderous intent he emitted, as well as the surrounding air, froze.