True Martial World Chapter 1411

Chapter 1411: Who are You
Chapter 1411: Who are You
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"Since you continue to be so thickheaded, there is no need for me to continue speaking nicely to you. I'll capture you and seal your mind to do a soul search directly. I'll naturally find a way to resolve Junior Sister Song's problem then." Haogu's cold voice was chilling to the bone.

Then, Haogu attacked!

A resplendent beam lit up the platform. Nearly everyone felt the sky around them turn dark suddenly. They could only see a blinding beam of light shoot out.

This was Haogu's sword flash. When a sword moved at an extremely fast speed, it would only leave behind a resplendent sword flash. Contained within the sword flash were powerful spatial dimension laws. It left a wake of destruction and even the void was quaking.

In addition, Haogu's figure seemed to appear simultaneously in many spots. He had slashed out more than ten times at Yi Yun, each strike containing terrifying strength that could shatter the void.

At a glance, the space surrounding Yi Yun seemed to tear. And he looked to be trapped by the inundating spatial forces.

Upon seeing the sword flash, many warriors present were alarmed. They knew that there was no way they could withstand the sword flash if they were put in Yi Yun's shoes. Many people even felt that they would likely perish.

From the looks of it, Haogu had no plans on wasting time with Yi Yun. He struck to incapacitate Yi Yun. No matter what tricks Yi Yun had up his sleeve, there was no way he could use them.

Luo Fei had a gloating look. Yi Yun had stolen his limelight with the mountain pig and frightened him with his gaze. Now, he had foolishly offended a genius disciple of the Martial Numinous clan. He had truly asked for it.

"As expected of a disciple chosen by the White Lunar Divine Empire…" Li Jiuxiao could not help but marvel. Even he had to take it seriously when faced with such an attack. If Li Yunshang had Haogu's strength, he would not have been maimed. But of course, if Li Yunshang had such talent, his status in the Li family would be unshakeable.

This was all happening before they found the culprit that tampered with the array formation…

Although Yi Yun dared to bite back at Song Rainsong, Li Jiuxiao did not believe that Yi Yun was the mysterious enemy.

How could the culprit be Yi Yun, considering the fact that the culprit had acted right under Haogu's nose when he was not even Haogu's match?

Song Rainsong watched Haogu's sword flash with a glint in her eyes. Although she had no romantic feelings for him, she was very impressed with Haogu's strength. And now, she abhorred Yi Yun. She wished for the sword to lop off Yi Yun's head.

Back when Yi Yun snatched the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm, he had acted smugly behind an array formation. And all that he had to show for it were some unscrupulous tricks. Song Rainsong did not believe Yi Yun was Haogu's match. She believed that she would have no trouble defeating Yi Yun herself.

Everyone believed that Yi Yun was doomed as the sword flash that blanketed everything struck Yi Yun's body. However, it seemed to be devoured by a black hole and was rapidly ground to bits!

At that moment, everyone was stunned to see a gigantic gray wheel appear behind Yi Yun. Amid the wheel were countless writhing phantoms of devils and wraiths. The demonic aura was intense. Every spin of the wheel ground the sword flashes more easily.

Simultaneously, an ice-blue sword appeared in Yi Yun's hand. The sword appeared like a mirage or dream but when he slashed with it, a terrifying aura of destruction flooded towards Haogu.

Haogu's strike was fast but Yi Yun's attack was even stranger and more profound.

Despite Yi Yun striking out after Haogu, his strike seemed to instantly tunnel through space and time, arriving in front of Haogu abruptly.

Haogu raised his sword to block it but when the destructive sword beam descended upon him, his protective Yuan Qi instantly shattered.

Haogu's expression changed as the aura in his dantian surged. A lightning-like tattoo surfaced on his chest as it emitted a bright light.


The sword beam clashed with the lightning tattoo, producing a tumultuous boom.

Haogu retreated more than ten steps back amid the boom. Every step shattered the extremely hard stone slabs on the ground. He spewed out a mouthful of blood as the lightning tattoo on his chest dimmed.

At that moment, Haogu's pupils constricted. Yi Yun's figure had suddenly appeared in front of him. He held a miniature 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence in his palm as he smacked it down on Haogu.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Haogu was sent flying as he crashed through dozens of tables before coming to a stop in front of a gigantic stone pillar. His sword-wielding arm was quivering as he looked at Yi Yun in disbelief.

Under the effects of the Major Destruction laws, Haogu could not recover from his injuries. He was like a weak mortal, bleeding profusely without hope of stopping it.

Not only that, Yi Yun had already chased up to him after he crashed down.


Another palm strike!

This time, Haogu only managed to block with his arms.

Under the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence, his arms immediately produced a clear cracking sound. Even the stone pillar behind him gave way.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Even Haogu did not know how many stone pillars he toppled or how many palm strikes he suffered under Yi Yun!

In the end, he was covered in blood with all his limbs fractured. His innards felt like they were no longer in their original spots, like he had gone through a storm. He was also being constantly damaged by the immense amount of Destruction energies.

Haogu's eyes turned red as he constantly yelled inwardly.

He had been… trampled by Yi Yun!

Everyone could barely believe their eyes. They believed that Yi Yun would be defeated after the first strike, but the person defeated was Haogu?

Song Rainsong was dumbfounded as well. In her mind, Eldest Senior Brother Haogu was extremely powerful, but he was thrashed by a junior like Yi Yun?

No… Song Rainsong no longer thought of Yi Yun as a junior. She was astounded that Yi Yun could defeat Haogu so easily. It was testament to his strength. Just moments ago, Song Rainsong was of the opinion that she could defeat Yi Yun alone but now, she knew that she would only end up in an abject state if she faced him.

Recalling how Haogu was struck by such a brutal barrage of attacks, Song Rainsong's face could not help but turn pale when she imagined those strikes landing on her…

At that moment, Yi Yun had finally stopped but the guests were still dumbstruck.

"To think a person like you wanted to take me down and search my soul." Yi Yun's ethereal voice sounded. It made Haogu, who was about to faint from his pain, jolt in anger.

It was the greatest humiliation he had ever suffered. He was beaten into such an abject state at the hands of a mortal he thought nothing of in front of so many people. He was like a child receiving a beating from an adult, unable to fight back at all.

"You concealed your cultivation level. You are a mid-stage Supremacy…" Haogu forced his words out.

The moment Yi Yun attacked, he had realized that Yi Yun far exceeded the Dao Palace realm warrior he sensed him to be. Everyone else naturally noticed as well.

However, Haogu was also a mid-stage Supremacy. Why was the difference between them so huge!?

Yi Yun sneered as he suddenly beckoned with his hand. A miniature pagoda coruscating with raven-black light appeared in his palm.

Following that, Yi Yun struck Haogu's chest and sealed his cultivation!

Haogu's eyes widened. He failed to resist in time and was lifted up by Yi Yun and thrown inside the God Advent Tower!


As he was dragged into the pagoda, Haogu let out a scream. He had been imprisoned by Yi Yun. It meant that his fate was now in the hands of Yi Yun.

"Bastard, how dare you!"

Li Jiuxiao was enraged. Yi Yun had actually severely injured Haogu and captured him at his Li family's dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony. How was he to answer to the Martial Numinous clan?

If anything were to happen to Haogu, wouldn't his Li family have to shoulder the blame if the White Lunar Divine Empire pressed the issue? Furthermore, the Li family would end up being the laughing stock of the opposing factions in the Martial Numinous clan!


Yi Yun sneered as he powered the God Advent Tower once again. With a sweeping beam, the God Advent Tower pulled in Wang Mu and his wife Yuan Ling!

When he was unleashing his attacks on Haogu, Yi Yun had secretly chosen a particular spot to end his fight. It was situated in between Wang Mu and Yuan Ling. He instantly sent a voice transmission telling Wang Mu and Yuan Ling to not resist. With lightning speed, he swept the duo away to prevent any problems in the future.

And in fact, while Yi Yun was beating Haogu, even the Li family did not realize that Yi Yun was actually here to save Yuan Ling. She was no one of importance. With Haogu abducted, they had no time to control Yuan Ling, allowing Yi Yun to succeed.

"You were the one that tampered with the array formation…" Li Jiuxiao said hatefully. Yi Yun's saving of Yuan Ling and Wang Mu made everything evident.

Yi Yun no longer had any thoughts of hiding the truth when he took action. He calmly locked eyes with the furious Li Jiuxiao.

"Who are you?" asked Li Jiuxiao coldly.

After Yi Yun exposed his strength and saved Wang Mu and Yuan Ling, he already had a guess but he found it unbelievable.

Yi Yun gave him a derisive smile as his looks underwent a transformation. His figure turned tall as his face gradually turned young and handsome. Soon, a man with a bearing that resembled a sword appeared in front of everyone.

The unsightly black clothes he was previously wearing now gave him a sense of mystery. With Yi Yun wielding an ice-blue sword with a calm look in his eyes, many people on the platform looked at him in a different light.

"Is this his true appearance? I originally thought he was some grotesque middle-aged man. Who knew that he's a youth with such outstanding bearing and looks?"

"That's right. I think so too."

Many people spoke in astonishment. There were particularly many girls that were stunned by Yi Yun's looks. The contrast in appearance was just too stark. It had strong visual impact.

Many of the girls that spoke had nothing to do with the Martial Numinous clan. They were only guests and did not care if Yi Yun entered a conflict with the Li family. Instead, they were mesmerized by Yi Yun's aura and strength.

Haogu, who these girls thought of as an unreachable existence, had suffered a thorough thrashing in a blink of an eye. Furthermore, the person that did so was even more handsome and graceful than Haogu. He lit up the eyes of many girls.