True Martial World Chapter 1412

Chapter 1412: Battling Li Jiuxiao
Chapter 1412: Battling Li Jiuxiao
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"This person's bone age is only about a few hundred years, isn't it? Doesn't that make him much younger than Haogu?"

"A mid-stage Supremacy at a few hundred years old? Furthermore, his strength far exceeds Haogu's. Where did he come from? Why have we never heard of him before?"

People were intrigued by Yi Yun's identity but at that moment, Li Jiuxiao's eyes burned with boundless hate. "It's indeed you! Yi Yun, you really didn't die!"

Thanks to Myriad God Patriarch, Li Jiuxiao knew Yi Yun's identity very well!

Yi Yun smiled. "Of course. If I let myself die, wouldn't I miss the chance to congratulate our Young Master Li? How was it? Are you satisfied with my congratulatory gift?"

The gift he was referring to naturally was not the mountain pig. Instead, he was referring to the destruction of the array formation and the maiming of Li Yunshang.

Li Yunshang was still hanging on by a thread, but when he heard Yi Yun's words he was nearly pushed off the edge. His body convulsed violently as blood boiled in him. His expression turned livid.

"You… You…" He was in such a incensed stupor that he was unable to say a full sentence.

Upon seeing Li Yunshang's reaction and Yi Yun's huge grin, many guests gloated inwardly.

Many of the guests that attended the wedding ceremony did it to foster ties with the Li family. But when Li Jiuxiao tried to force a soul sharing with the warriors he suspected, it left quite a bitter aftertaste in their mouths.

Now, seeing Li Yunshang fuming in madness, they did not share his sentiments of animosity. Some girls even were even inclined to side with Yi Yun.

However, they were puzzled over Yi Yun's arrogance in front of a Divine Lord. What gave him such courage?

Even if he had beaten Haogu to a pulp, he was facing the difference of a full realm against a Divine Lord. That gap was not something that could be closed with talent alone.

"Good, very good. You dare come to my Li family's ancestral ground. This place will be where you perish!" said Li Jiuxiao with surging murderous intent.

However, Yi Yun appeared as though he did not hear Li Jiuxiao's bawling. Instead, he looked at the two Martial Numinous clan Elders. "I taught Song Rainsong a tiny lesson in exchange for her attempt to harm me. As for Haogu, he only had himself to blame. What follows is a personal matter between me and the Li family. I wish for the both of you to not interfere. After this is over, I will naturally return Haogu to you."

"Punk, are you threatening us?"

Elder Luo and Elder Hong's expressions contorted. If this were any other time, they might not have listened to a junior's blabbering. However, Haogu was indeed in his possession and, with him being an important disciple of the White Lunar Divine Empire, they could not afford to lose him.

Furthermore, Yi Yun had attacked ruthlessly but he did not appear to have used all his strength. Even if Yi Yun was not their match, they would still need to spend some time to take down Yi Yun. In that situation, Yi Yun would have plenty of time to kill Haogu. Besides, Song Rainsong appeared to be in trouble as well.

Upon seeing the two Elders remain silent, Li Jiuxiao looked at Yi Yun and laughed in anger. "Yi Yun, do you think that our Li family can't do a thing to you? There's no need for you to make such a request, nor is there a need for the Elders to take action. The Li family is fully capable of making you regret coming into this world!"

With that said, Li Jiuxiao's voice turned fierce. Dozens of Li family sentries and various stewards suddenly appeared around Yi Yun.

As for Li Jiuxiao, he flew down as a weirdly-shaped calabash appeared in his hand. His bloodshot eyes were locked onto Yi Yun.

"Punk, I'll show you the strength of a Divine Lord!" Li Jiuxiao's voice sounded like it came from hell. It was filled with deeply-ingrained killing intent. Yi Yun had opposed his family time and time again. The hatred in him would not be eased until he tortured Yi Yun.

Yi Yun swept with his perception and knew that the Li family sentries had formed a battle formation to confine him.

This was a banquet after all. Li Jiuxiao did not wish for his fight with Yi Yun to cause any ill effects to the guests and banquet. He even allowed the Li family's maidservants to continue serving dishes as though the battle was just a bloody performance at the banquet.

Yi Yun sneered. He knew Li Jiuxiao thought he was cornered. A battle between a Divine Lord and a Supremacy left no suspense in his eyes.

"So what if you are a Divine Lord? It's not like I have never fought one before!" Yi Yun's voice was ice-cold as an immense combat aura blasted out of him!

Myriad God Patriarch, who died by his machinations, was a Divine Lord. A top-level Divine Lord at that. However, Myriad God Patriarch was heavily injured during their fight. Then again, Yi Yun had experienced a new breakthrough and his strength was no longer the same as before.

As for Li Jiuxiao, although he was a Divine Lord, he spent all his time studying alchemy. He was not adept in battle, but that did not mean that he was to be underestimated.

The present situation even made Yi Yun feel zeal and ardor course through his blood. He was eager to test out his current capabilities.

"What an ostentatious claim!" Li Jiuxiao raged as the calabash in his hand produced a sharp and cold shriek. At the same time, black gases surged out of it.

And at that moment, Yi Yun made his move as well.

His body suddenly emitted a loud dragon's roar as his sword slashed down ruthlessly at Li Jiuxiao.


At that instant, it was as though the world was being split apart. The sword flash that brought with it an aura of Destruction flooded over. As for the sword-wielder, he had the appearance of a humanoid dragon. He charged at Li Jiuxiao with indomitable might.

Upon seeing this strike, the look in Elder Hong's eyes changed slightly.

She had actually hesitated to attack back when Yi Yun threatened them. This was because she thought nothing of Yi Yun, who was a mere Supremacy.

But upon seeing it, she came to the realization that Yi Yun's strike was very powerful!

The pupils of the guests, including Song Rainsong, constricted.

The might of the strike was several times stronger than Haogu's.

But what truly astounded many was that amid the sword-flashes, an azure blue beam streaked. And it brought with it a peerless sharpness that could slice apart all obstructions!

It was not that Yi Yun did not use all his strength when fighting Haogu, but that there was no need for him to treat Haogu seriously.

How was he this strong!? Song Rainsong found it unbelievable. She widened her eyes, gazing upon the battle between Yi Yun and Li Jiuxiao without daring to blink.

It was now a possibility that Yi Yun could really be on par with Li Jiuxiao in combat!

"Oh?" The strike exceeded Li Jiuxiao's expectations. He threw the calabash towards the sky as he coldly said the world, "Draw!"

Immediately, more black gases surged out of the calabash's mouth. The surrounding space seemed to be sucked away by the calabash as tremors were felt. Many sword flashes instantly dissipated in the trembling space upon contact. The calabash absorbed the remnant aftershocks.

At the same time, Li Jiuxiao's body jolted. A thick black fog spewed out of his body. Similarly, it was like a black cloud that blotted the sky.