True Martial World Chapter 1413

Chapter 1413: Yuan Siphoning Worm
Chapter 1413: Yuan Siphoning Worm
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Li Jiuxiao could not afford to go easy against Yi Yun's strike. The moment the battle began, both parties brought their best.

The black fog swirled around Li Jiuxiao, emitting a heart-chilling hum. At the same time, there was an extremely cold and brutal aura that was constantly surging out.

"Go!" Li Jiuxiao suddenly lifted his hand and pointed.

The black fog instantly moved, sweeping towards Yi Yun.

However, just as the black fog was about to clash with the sword flash, the black fog split right down the middle, avoiding the sword flash and flooding straight at Yi Yun!

"Oh? What is this?" The look in Yi Yun's eyes changed. The fog gave him a sense of danger, something that repelled him. At the same time, he felt something amiss.

He immediately flipped his blade and raised it in front of him to block.


The dense black fog struck Yi Yun's sword as some black bits fell from the sky. Yi Yun focused on them and realized that they were black worms that had been sliced through.

It was no wonder the black fog exuded such a strange feeling. It was actually alive!

And what astounded Yi Yun the most was that after he split the worms with his sword flash, the worms' corpses suddenly flew up again, becoming two worms. The only difference was that the aura of the new worms was extremely weak, much weaker than a whole worm.

Although Yi Yun's sword flash had blocked the black fog, the black fog did not retreat. It swirled around Yi Yun, and he felt the surrounding Yuan Qi deplete constantly.

"Haha, how is it? Do my Yuan Siphoning Worms feel good?" Li Jiuxiao's sneer could be heard on the other end of the black fog.

Yi Yun's heart skipped a beat. Yuan Siphoning Worms? No wonder he found it a little familiar. He had once read about them in the divine alchemist's notes. However, the worms were extremely rare, making it impossible for him to readily identify them. He never expected that Li Jiuxiao had reared a swarm.

"They are actually Yuan Siphoning Worms! That's an ancient, poisonous worm. They specialize in devouring Yuan Qi, including spiritual items that contain Yuan Qi. That also includes warriors like us. They will first suck dry our Yuan Qi before boring into the meridians and dantian. Finally, even your bones that have been tempered for years will be eaten through. Your soul, your weapons, all of it will be eaten clean. Literally." A person among the guests knew about them too. He immediately explained with a pale expression.

Everyone who heard him grimaced. There were many worms that ate people but such a manner of consumption was horrendous.

Just thinking that the black fog that blotted out half the sky was comprised of such worms, many girls felt even more miserable.

"Yi Yun, once you are devoured clean by the Yuan Siphoning Worms, I want to see if that mouth of yours can still produce such a stink!" Li Jiuxiao felt a warped sense of satisfaction. It had not been easy for him to obtain the Yuan Siphoning Worms. Furthermore, they took a long time to mature. He needed to spend huge amounts of Spirit Jade and even feed them the flesh and blood of warriors to nurture them. Although he had reared them for tens of thousands of years, they had not even fully matured. The numbers were also lacking.

If he could rear a million, he could literally blot out the sky. Instantly, a city could be wiped out, terminating all life inside.

There were experts who employed such means in ancient times. Li Jiuxiao had found the Yuan Siphoning Worms' eggs in one such expert's tomb.

If not for his desire to ensure that Yi Yun died very tragically, Li Jiuxiao would not have released the Yuan Siphoning Worms.

"Yi Yun, you should feel honored to become food for my Yuan Siphoning Worms," said Li Jiuxiao.

Yi Yun was completely surrounded by the black fog but Li Jiuxiao was not completely relieved. He produced another hand seal as a blood flash shot towards his calabash. Immediately the calabash's mouth shook violently, producing a humming sound as though hell was contained in it.

Even though there was a battle array isolating them, many of the surrounding warriors felt their blood churn. They felt like their souls were leaving their bodies.

It alarmed many of the guests. They were not even the target, with less than a thousandth of its strength affecting them. If it gave them such a feeling, they could only imagine how Yi Yun felt being in the thick of the black fog.

As for Li Jiuxiao, he could already envision Yi Yun having his flesh and blood sucked out by the calabash before the Yuan Siphoning Worms bored into his body to completely devour him.

Amid the black fog, Yi Yun found himself in a tough situation. The Yuan Siphoning Worms could not be wiped out all at once despite his repeated attempts. The worms were not immune to death. After a worm was split eight times, it would lose the ability to further split and revive.

But there were at least ten thousand Yuan Siphoning Worms. The time it took to kill them would only rise exponentially with each split.

And at that moment, the calabash above him did something unexpected. Yi Yun immediately felt an immense suction envelop him as though all his blood was being sucked out.

But at that moment, Yi Yun's body produced a dragon's roar again. It instantly empowered Yi Yun's lifeblood. His blood thickened. Each drop of blood was heavy and contained the aura of a True Dragon. The effect the calabash had on Yi Yun was instantly reduced as a result.

"Li Jiuxiao, do you really believe that a tiny calabash and a swarm of worms can really give me a graveless death? Compared to Myriad God Patriarch, you are far too inferior!" Yi Yun's cold eyes penetrated the fog as he looked at Li Jiuxiao.

Yi Yun once read the description of the Yuan Siphoning Worms in the divine alchemist's notes. He recalled that such a huge swarm should have a queen worm.

As long as the queen worm was caught, control over the swarm of Yuan Siphoning Worms would be lost.

However, the queen worm was nearly identical to the other Yuan Siphoning Worms. Furthermore, it was extremely crafty. It never came close to the enemy and was nearly impossible to identify through the sky-blotting black fog with the naked eye.

Although others were incapable of doing so, it did not mean that Yi Yun could not.

His mind locked on the black fog as he instantly activated the Purple Crystal's energy vision.

Through it, there was no way for the queen worm to hide no matter how many Yuan Siphoning Worms there were.

The only obvious difference between the queen worm and the other Yuan Siphoning Worms was the tiny difference in Yuan Qi. The minute difference was not something just anyone could pinpoint, but the Purple Crystal-possessing Yi Yun could discern the differences clearly. And this was not something Li Jiuxiao had ever expected.

Yi Yun's swept his eyes across the black fog and finally locked onto a black worm. It hid at the back of the swarm and looked inconspicuous.

"It's you!" Without any hesitation, Yi Yun struck out with a sword flash!


Sword Qi containing tumultuous pure Yang flames and Major Destruction laws caused billowing flames accompanied by lightning to light up in the fog.

"What a futile struggle. The Yuan Siphoning Worms are impervious to fire." The warrior that knew about Yuan Siphoning Worms shook his head.

Even without him explaining it, the guests did not believe Yi Yun could escape. The girls that supported Yi Yun turned pale. Such a manner of death was too terrible.

"It's good if you die. Die quickly." Luo Tian felt delighted as he watched the black fog eagerly. Luo Tian was horrified when he saw Yi Yun trample Haogu. He had also offended Yi Yun after all.

Song Rainsong bit her lips lightly as she stared intently at the black fog. Was that Yi Yun really going to die soon?

"Hahaha!" Li Jiuxiao roared with laughter. From his point of view, Yi Yun was at the end of his rope.

But at that moment, a shrill screech that didn't sound human cried out from the worm swarm!

Yi Yun was obviously not using the flames against the Yuan Siphoning Worms. He was only parting the surroundings worms. He carved a path with his sword as he charged through the worm swarm.

Immediately following that, Yi Yun burned his blood essence and ignored the other worms. His eyes were focused on the queen worm as he slashed down formidably at it.

With Yi Yun's decisive strike, by the time the queen worm attempted to dodge, it had been cleaved through by Yi Yun's sword. Its corpse almost flew up again when it was enveloped by Yi Yun's 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence, completely grinding it to smithereens!

The moment the queen worm died, the entire Yuan Siphoning Worm swarm let out a shrill cry. Even Yi Yun felt his eardrums hurt.

However, without the queen worm, the remaining Yuan Siphoning Worms could no longer create a coherent swarm. The threat they posed greatly decreased.

And outside the black fog, Li Jiuxiao's smiling face suddenly turned pale as he spewed a mouthful of blood.

He had reared the Yuan Siphoning Queen Worm with his own blood essence. He too suffered backlash when Yi Yun killed it.

The minor injury did not perturb him, but what left him furious and alarmed was the death of the Yuan Siphoning Queen Worm!

How was this possible!?

A coincidence? How could it be a coincidence? There were so many Yuan Siphoning Worms still alive. Why was the queen worm the only one dead? It was impossible for it to be a coincidence.

Song Rainsong was taken aback as she looked at Li Jiuxiao in disbelief.

As for the guests, they were even more astounded, especially the guest that claimed doom was soon awaiting Yi Yun. His mouth was agape.

What was going on? Yi Yun was clearly at the absolute disadvantage but, in a blink of an eye, Li Jiuxiao was the one vomiting blood?

And at that moment, a sword beam that resembled the first light of dawn pierced through the black fog. Large swaths of Yuan Siphoning Worms plummeted to the ground. Following that, a figure with lifeblood resembling a burning sun charged out of the black fog.

Behind Yi Yun spun the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence. With sword in hand, his killing aura was tremendous. All his blood essence was burning as he walked out of the black fog slowly, facing Li Jiuxiao.

He looked coldly at Li Jiuxiao before raising his sword.


The sword tore through the sky!

An extremely fast and sharp sword beam stabbed straight at Li Jiuxiao. It was not fancy in any way but it contained an indomitable momentum.

Upon seeing the sword beam, everyone's hearts jolted. They only thought of one word: Destruction.

The sword beam's power was the destructive power that was born the moment everything experienced annihilation.

"Is this… his true strength?" Song Rainsong felt an immense sensation of threat from the sword beam. She even felt a strong sense of trepidation.

As for Elder Luo and Elder Hong, their expressions changed drastically as well.

Although Yi Yun's previous strike was impressive, it was still something they could fend against. But now, even they felt a sense of danger from the current strike.

This was truly a strike that could kill a Divine Lord!