True Martial World Chapter 1414

Chapter 1414: Curtains Fall on the Li family.
Chapter 1414: Curtains Fall on the Li family.
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Li Jiuxiao's expression changed immediately the moment he saw the incoming strike.

Without any hesitation, he took out an ancient but elegant jade talisman that let out a resplendent beam the moment the sword flash arrived.


The jade talisman shattered as the flash instantly dimmed.

Li Jiuxiao did not have the luxury of time to feel the pinch as his protective Yuan Qi was torn apart by the sword flash. Following that, the sword beam cleaved into his body as it crazily slashed across him.

Li Jiuxiao was sent flying hundreds of feet backward before he barely found his footing. His body was covered in blood and even his clothes had been torn to shreds by the sword flashes. His hair was now in a disheveled state from the cutting and there was blood flowing down the corners of his mouth. He looked absolutely wretched.

"This…" Li Yunshang found it unbelievable. His uncle was actually heavily injured by the strike.

And at that moment, Yi Yun flashed right in front of Li Jiuxiao.

"Yi Yun, I admit that you are strong. Strength is the basis of everything in Martial City. Although you have repeatedly crossed my Li family, we were the ones that started the feud. Furthermore, you caused trouble at my Li family's wedding banquet today. If you were to cease and desist immediately, I could let the matter rest. If not, even if I can't do a thing to you, I will spend all the Li family's contribution points to get the Martial Numinous clan to strike. They would wipe you out as easily as one stomps out an ant!" Li Jiuxiao said in a deep voice.

Li Jiuxiao said this only because he was out of options. If not for his Patriarch, Li Qijian, being in seclusion in the northern Seven Star lands, there would be no need to threaten calling in the Martial Numinous clan's help. If his patriarch was around, there would be no way a junior like Yi Yun could act arrogantly. Unfortunately, Li Qijian was too far to provide any aid.

However, Yi Yun sneered, raised his sword, and stabbed. The sharp sword flash produced a shrill sound that resembled a dragon's cry. Yi Yun's strike was even stronger than the previous strike.

"Little bastard, do you think I'm afraid of you?" Li Jiuxiao stared with widened eyes as he bellowed angrily. Yi Yun's strength had far exceeded his expectations. He did not plan on risking his life to fight Yi Yun, but he never counted on Yi Yun's overbearing aggressiveness.

Before his voice faded, a long black whip appeared in Li Jiuxiao's hand.


Li Jiuxiao spat out a mouthful of blood essence onto the whip.

He fumed with hatred. At the level of a Divine Lord, even just a mouthful of blood essence would require copious amounts of treasured herbs to replenish. Even worse, he was a Divine Lord that was being forced to use his blood essence to fight a Supremacy junior.

But Li Jiuxiao knew that Yi Yun truly had what it took to pummel him into a life-and-death crisis. He had to use all his strength. However, he refused to believe that he could be defeated by Yi Yun.

"This whip was found in the same areas as the Yuan Siphoning Worms. It has absorbed the blood of countless people. Why don't you be next!?"

Amid Li Jiuxiao's roar, the whip absorbed the blood essence and immediately seemed to come to life. It transformed into a gigantic black snake. Its ice-cold pupils glared at Yi Yun before biting down at him with its jaws widened. Black gases that were potently corrosive emitted from its mouth. The surrounding void immediately melted into swaths of empty holes.

One would probably die instantaneously if they were bitten by the black snake.

As for the calabash, it flew above Li Jiuxiao and started to emit an even stronger suction.

A cold glint flashed in Yi Yun's eyes when he saw the black snake lunge at him.

"Do you hope to hurt me with a long worm?"

Yi Yun's blood essence burned vigorously as a True Dragon aura suddenly rose from his body.

Nine Stances of the Ascending Dragon—Golden Carp!


Faced with the Dragon Emperor's roar, the black snake instantly revealed a look of apprehension.

And at that moment, Yi Yun sliced open the black snake's head amid the ongoing dragon roar. The sword flash did not lose its momentum as it continued forth, straight into Li Jiuxiao's chest.

Sword Qi tore through his body, shattering many of his meridians!

Li Jiuxiao appeared to not react in time. His eyes were still filled with shock and disbelief. The clash caused him to go from life to death in a thought!

"You actually…" Li Jiuxiao stared at Yi Yun intently.

Yi Yun retracted Mirage Snow from Li Jiuxiao's chest and sneered. "Cut the crap. Go to hell."

"Stop!" A bellow sounded from the first level's platform. Elder Luo could not sit idly by and let Yi Yun kill Li Jiuxiao.

However, just as he circulated his energy and moved to attack, Song Rainsong suddenly let out a painful grunt. Her eyes revealed a look of pain as she held her forehead.

"Raingsong, how are you?" Elder Hong asked immediately.

This made Elder Luo hesitate. The only relation he had to the Li family was a concubine of his. Compared to Li Jiuxiao, Song Rainsong was a lot more important.

Elder Luo's hesitation was all Yi Yun needed to deliver his final sword flash. Mirage Snow pierced straight through Li Jiuxiao's throat, causing it to spray a bloody mist.

"Yi Yun…" Li Jiuxiao did not instantly breathe his last when his throat was stabbed. He looked at Yi Yun with eyes filled with shock. He never expected to die by Yi Yun's hands.

At that instant, Li Jiuxiao was suddenly overtaken by regret. Back then, he had not thought anything of attacking Wang Mu. He only thought of Wang Mu as an ant and that there was no trouble in crushing it.

However, the ant Wang Mu knew a god of death in the form of Yi Yun. In front of Yi Yun, his sense of superiority as an Elder of a large family clan shattered completely. It even cost him his life.

Li Jiuxiao's body stumbled as he gave a final look of indignation. He plopped to the ground with a thud.

The guests fell silent. They were astounded by the scene. A Divine Lord had been killed in such a manner. Furthermore, it happened at the Li family's dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony, for all to see!

Yi Yun turned to look at Elder Hong and Elder Luo, who had attempted to stop him.

Both Elders were secretly fuming at Yi Yun's actions. They had contorted expressions.

But when they saw Yi Yun, standing sword in hand with Li Jiuxiao's corpse laying by his feet, they felt a little apprehensive.

They were stronger than Li Jiuxiao, but even they knew that they could not kill him so simply. However, Yi Yun had accomplished that very feat. Although Yi Yun had burned through a great deal of blood essence. he did not appear to be too weak.

Furthermore, Song Rainsong's reaction reminded them that both she and Haogu were still in Yi Yun's hands.

Elder Hong sighed inwardly. The Li family was likely to fall into decline after the day's events. After all, Li Qijian's end was near. He had secluded himself in a bid to extend his lifespan. Even so, it was unlikely he could live much longer. As for Li Yunshang and Li Jiuxiao, they were dead. There was no column of support left for the Li family.

"You have already killed Li Jiuxiao. Shouldn't you be releasing Haogu and Rainsong now?" said Elder Luo as he glanced at Li Jiuxiao's corpse.

"I'll naturally let them go once I leave this place," said Yi Yun.

Elder Luo's expression changed instantly but he swallowed his anger forcefully. As a Divine Lord, he had to swallow insult and humiliation from a Supremacy junior.

Meanwhile, Yi Yun cast his gaze at Li Yunshang.

He was stunned by what he saw. Li Yunshang still had some life in him, but apparently the shock he received from seeing Li Jiuxiao being stabbed to death rendered his existence meaningless. All his meridians were destroyed and he had taken his last breath. His face was frozen into a look of shock.

The Li family had meticulously organized and promoted the dual cultivation matrimonial ceremony but it ended in such a way. It was quite unbelievable.

"Y-Young Master Yi! I, Luo Fei, failed to recognize a formidable person such as yourself. I even offended you. Please do not hold it against me…" A robed man suddenly rushed forward and pleaded with a panic-stricken face.

Luo Fei's legs were trembling. He never expected Yi Yun to be such a ruthless person. Li Jiuxiao, who appeared to be an insurmountable existence, was easily dispatched by Yi Yun. And yet he had mocked Yi Yun repeatedly just moments ago.

"Slap yourself a hundred times and then scram," said Yi Yun indifferently. Although this man spoke in a disgusting manner, he did not truly wish ill of him. Yi Yun was too lazy to even kill him.

Luo Fei obviously didn't dare to retort. He immediately knelt down as he smacked himself, producing loud slapping sounds. After a hundred slaps, his face had swollen to be as large as a pig's head. He even lost two teeth.

Following that, he quickly crawled up and gave Yi Yun a polite bow. Then, he hurriedly departed the area.

"You…" Song Rainsong looked at Yi Yun. Her eyes were hostile but also filled with unease.

She realized she had not correctly gauged Yi Yun. It was very likely that she was around the same age as him but the difference in strength was huge…

If Yi Yun was one of the top geniuses of the White Lunar Divine Empire, she could accept the difference, but he was an unknown…

Yi Yun glanced at her and sent a thought, "Old thing, time to leave."

Poison Demon reluctantly left Song Rainsong's consciousness.

She felt her soul sea lighten as the evil repressive force within her finally vanished. She knew that Yi Yun had removed whatever he had planted in her.

"I have already released Song Rainsong. Once I reach somewhere safe, I'll release Haogu as well," said Yi Yun.

Song Rainsong opened her mouth slightly when she saw Yi Yun turn. However, she could not manage to utter a word.

She despised Yi Yun but she was nothing to him. He did not even spare her a second glance.