True Martial World Chapter 1415

Chapter 1415: Departure
Chapter 1415: Departure
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Yi Yun left the Li family ancestral grounds in a stately and imposing manner. Immediately following that, many guests bade farewell. The moment they were out of the area, they triggered voice transmission talismans and told the story of what they saw. What happened at the Li family ancestral grounds quickly spread throughout Martial Numinous continent.

Once he was free from the Li family ancestral grounds, Yi Yun did not actually leave at full speed. Instead, he walked slowly on the main road. He knew that a psyche perception was trailing him and it felt somewhat familiar. It was likely Elder Hong's.

If he did not release Haogu, he would definitely infuriate Elder Hong. And if he continued delaying, the upper echelons of the Martial Numinous clan would rush there. It would then be difficult for him to go anywhere.

After getting a distance away, Yi Yun flipped his palm. An unadorned miniature pagoda appeared in his hand. Following that, a figure was thrown out of the pagoda. The figure was none other than Haogu, who rolled on the ground with a cry.

Haogu was just about to say something angrily, but he soon realized he was outside Martial City. And Yi Yun was the only other person around.

If Elder Luo and Elder Hong had taken down Yi Yun, it would've been impossible for him to be alone with Yi Yun on a deserted road.

To be able to make a complete retreat after abducting a prized Martial Numinous clan disciple was an unimaginable humiliation for the Martial Numinous clan.

Haogu was shocked and confused. But at that moment, Yi Yun gave him a nonchalant glance and said, "Wait here. I believe someone will come to get you very soon."

"Hold on, you…" Haogu's cultivation had been completely sealed. All he could do was shout twice and watch as Yi Yun completely ignored him.

He kicked Haogu before entering the God Advent Tower. Then, it transformed into a stream of light and rapidly vanished into the sky.

Haogu was sent stumbling and, by the time he struggled to stand up, a few figures flew over from a distance and landed in front of Haogu.

Apart from Elder Luo and Elder Hong, Song Rainsong was there as well.

Haogu's lips were trembling as he felt ashamed to be seen in his current state. "Martial Uncle Luo, Martial Aunt Hong, I have… disgraced the Martial Numinous clan. I was unable to put up a fight after being beaten by a peer. After I return, I will seek the forgiveness of the Clan Chief. I will cultivate in seclusion until I have to head for the White Lunar Divine Empire. I will definitely seek revenge for the disgrace I suffered," said Haogu through gritted teeth.

"Senior Brother… At the moment, it's not only the two of us who were humiliated…" Song Rainsong said in a downtrodden manner.

Haogu was taken aback. He failed to understand what Song Rainsong meant. Before she could explain, Elder Hong said coldly, "This matter is not just about you. He killed Li Jiuxiao and Li Yunshang right under our noses and departed the Li family ancestral ground completely unharmed. Once this is made known, not only will the Li family become a laughing stock, even our Martial Numinous clan will suffer ridicule."

"Ah? He killed Li Jiuxiao?" Haogu found it unbelievable. Following that, his body faltered as his eyes filled with despair. He thought of cultivating and going to seek revenge on Yi Yun, but he now knew that there was no hope. It was no wonder he saw such an expression on his proud junior sister.

He always claimed to be a genius but compared to Yi Yun, the difference was like night and day. It was quite a joke to think he could get Yi Yun to stop. If Yi Yun really had stood there, killing him would have been as simple as slaughtering a pig.

"Yi Yun has already left. He is very fast and has tunneled into the void. We should return to Martial City immediately and report this matter," said Elder Luo. He did not say that he would pursue Yi Yun with Elder Hong. Haogu looked at him in puzzlement before the truth hit him. Clearly, Elder Luo and Elder Hong lacked the confidence to face Yi Yun. Furthermore, Yi Yun had already released him. There was no reason for them to risk their lives to pursue Yi Yun.

A young warrior at the mid-stage Supremacy realm had managed to make two Divine Lords hesitate. Haogu did not dare think about the horror Yi Yun brought. If he continued to let Yi Yun haunt him, even his martial heart would waver…

While inside the God Advent Tower, Yi Yun sped along while sensing his surroundings. Only when he was millions away of kilometers did he land the God Advent Tower in a mountain valley.

After he walked out of the God Advent Tower, he let Wang Mu's family come out as well.

At that moment, Wang Mu's family was still reveling in excitement and joy. If not for Yi Yun, they could not even imagine how they would resist a behemoth like the Li family, much less talk about revenge. But now, Li Jiuxiao and his nephew had died at Yi Yun's hands.

"Young Master Yi, you are a benefactor of our family. And I have nothing I can repay you with…" Wang Mu said as he prepared to kneel.

Yi Yun held him up and then walked to Wang Mu's wife, Yuan Ling.

Although Yuan Ling had been rescued, she was still in a daze. She stood there like a woodblock and was being held up by her daughter, Xiaoxiao, and maidservant, Qing'er. That pained the hearts of the two girls.

When Xiaoxiao saw Yi Yun walk over to her mother, she seemed to realize something. Her eyes shone with a look of anticipation.

Yi Yun stretched out his hand and tapped on Yuan Ling's wrist. Soon, a black shadow appeared on Yuan Ling's arm. It rapidly coursed through her arm under her skin. Xiaoxiao involuntarily cried out in shock as she covered her mouth.

As for Yi Yun, he acted quickly. Using his hand as though it was a blade, his fingers quickly slashed across Yuan Ling's arm. In a blink of an eye, a black dot landed in Yi Yun's hand.

The black dot was a tiny worm the size of a bean. Although it was tiny, it had razor-sharp teeth and a hideous appearance.

Yi Yun squished the Gu worm to death and flicked his extended hand. A solid recovery pill that fostered one's essence flew into Yuan Ling's mouth.

Some time after Yuan Ling consumed the pill, the dazed look in her eyes gradually disappeared. She looked at Wang Mu and Xiaoxiao with great effort before saying hesitantly, "Xiaoxiao? Darling?"

"Madam, you have awakened!" Qing'er shouted joyfully.

Wang Mu could not help but rush over and hug Yuan Ling. He felt a surge of emotions overwhelm him. Who could imagine that they would one day reunite, alive and well?

In Wang Mu's embrace, Yuan Ling's tears flooded her face. Now that she had awakened, she began recalling all that had happened. The family instantly wailed and hugged.

"Thank you, Benefactor." Yuan Ling knelt down in excitement. Wang Mu and Xiaoxiao knelt down in response too.

This time, Yi Yun did not stop them. He knew that if he did not let Wang Mu kneel, Wang Mu would only feel unease. "Your wife is already back to normal. She's just a little weak. A short period of recuperation will be enough. By saving you, I have also obtained what I needed. Since you have knelt to thank me, there's no need for you to keep thinking about it."

"Young Master Yi, might I know what you plan to do next? You killed the scoundrels of the Li family and held Haogu and Fairy Rain hostage. The Martial Numinous clan will probably not let this matter rest," asked Wang Mu worriedly.

"I will be heading to the White Lunar Divine Empire to find someone," said Yi Yun.

Yi Yun had come to the White Lunar Divine Empire to seek out Lin Xintong. However, it was just too large, which resulted in him arriving at the periphery where the Martial Numinous clan was.

When Yuan Ling saw the longing look in Yi Yun's eyes, she realized something. She too was a person of emotion. She knew that when men had such a look in their eyes, it was most likely because of a woman.

Could it be that a particular woman in the White Lunar Divine Empire was Young Master Yi's lover?