True Martial World Chapter 1416

Chapter 1416: Nanxuan Luoyue
Chapter 1416: Nanxuan Luoyue
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"Young Master Yi, if you would like to head to the White Lunar Divine Empire, you can do so by leaving the Martial Numinous continent first. Head to the adjacent continent, the Scarlet Yang continent. It's relatively closer to the White Lunar Divine Empire," suggested Wang Mu.

"Scarlet Yang continent…" Yi Yun jolted out of his reverie as he repeated his words.

"Young Master Yi, it shouldn't be difficult for you to head to the Scarlet Yang continent. There's a nearby city that isn't small in size. And in the Martial Numinous continent, any large city would have a long-distance teleportation array. You can head to the Scarlet Yang continent using them," elaborated Wang Mu.

Although heading to the Martial Numinous clan's cities posed some danger, the situation with the Li family might not have spread to Martial City yet. Also, Wang Mu had witnessed how impressive Yi Yun's disguise was. It was unlikely to be perilous for him.

"Okay." Yi Yun nodded and asked, "What about you? I doubt you can keep living in the Martial Numinous continent any longer. It's best you leave this land as soon as possible."

Yi Yun knew that Wang Mu and his family would immediately leave the perilous land even without his advice. However, he could see the adulation in Xiaoxiao's eyes. She even looked longingly at him. However, Yi Yun could not bring her with him.

Yuan Ling could read her daughter's thoughts. Regardless of her daughter's wish to be a disciple of Yi Yun's or any other feelings she might have, there was an insurmountable gap between Yi Yun and her. Yuan Ling sighed inwardly and nodded respectfully. "Young Master Yi, thank you for your advice. The world is large so there will always be some place that will take us in. We will seek a placid spot and try to stay away from conflict."

However, Yuan Ling knew that staying away from conflict was only a beautiful wish. If they wanted to cultivate, they needed resources. That meant interacting with others. And any place with people was bound to have conflict.

And having gone through this recent turmoil, their family gained a brand new understanding of how a lack of status and strength always meant that they were treading on thin ice no matter where they went.

"We won't be heading to the teleportation array. We will use other means to leave this place. Young Master Yi, we will never forget our gratitude towards you."

"Take care." Yi Yun smiled.

Xiaoxiao hesitated for a moment. Before she could say a word, Yi Yun had already transformed into an azure beam that shot towards the nearby city.

As they looked in the direction of where Yi Yun departed, Xiaoxiao felt disheartened. She knew that it was unlikely she would ever meet Yi Yun again.

"Let's go." She heard Yuan Ling's voice behind her. From that day forth, their family would lead a brand new life.

When Yi Yun landed, he changed his looks. He now looked like a scholar in his thirties. He had a scholastic air to him but he did not change his cultivation level. He still gave off the aura of a mid-stage Supremacy.

Outside of a megacity like Martial City, a mid-stage Supremacy would be considered a hegemon. It was an existence the people would fear and revere.

When Yi Yun reached the long-distance teleportation array, the surrounding warriors sensed Yi Yun's unfathomable aura. They looked at him reverently and made way for him. The guard responsible for watching the teleportation array rushed forward and asked him politely, "Senior, where would you like to go?"

Despite the teleportation array being situated here, it was not an everyday occurrence to see a Supremacy. Furthermore, every Supremacy was not someone they could afford to offend. The guard who was only at the Dao Manifestation realm did not dare be anything but polite towards him.

Yi Yun said lightly, "I'm heading to the Scarlet Yang continent."

"That's easy. Senior, all you need to do is teleport to a connected city's teleportation array and then continue the process to reach the Scarlet Yang continent," explained the guard.

"Okay." Yi Yun nodded and walked straight into the teleportation array. He threw a Spirit Jade to the guard as he passed by. "Activate the array."

Yi Yun did not mind which city he would go to for the transfer. All he wanted was to reach the Scarlet Yang continent as soon as possible.

Yi Yun did not conceal his cultivation level so as to leave the Martial Numinous continent as quickly as possible. He made the right choice. Although he had obviously cut in line, none of the warriors in line dared to utter even a word of complaint. Even the guards acted like it was only right.

If Yi Yun were to really wait at the back, the warriors in front would be afraid to leave first. They would likely invite Yi Yun to leave before them.

Upon thinking of this, Yi Yun stroked his chin. Usually, he would not flaunt his strength but he was in a special situation today. Of course, he did not feel any discomfort doing it. Strength reigned supreme in a martial world after all.

After two rounds of teleportation, Yi Yun appeared above the Scarlet Yang continent. Meanwhile, news of Yi Yun spread like wildfire, making its way throughout the Martial Numinous continent…

The entire Martial Numinous clan was stirred.

The Martial Numinous clan had put up a bounty on Yi Yun's head. As for the Li family, it spared no expense. Of course, they were already unable to find Yi Yun because he had left the Martial Numinous continent.

The Scarlet Yang continent was one of the seven continents of the White Lunar Divine Empire. It covered an area a little bigger than the Martial Numinous clan's territory. It was scenic with extremely beautiful landscapes.

Yi Yun traveled through several teleportation arrays in the Scarlet Yang continent before arriving in the capital city of the Scarlet Yang continent.

While heading to the Scarlet Yang Capital, Yi Yun learned that it was a famous flourishing city even among the seven continents. Yi Yun went there hoping to buy some herbs to refine the next Dragon Emperor relic before he headed to the White Lunar Divine Empire.

Secondly, the Scarlet Yang continent had a Heaven Secrets Tower. It was the most mysterious intelligence agency in the White Lunar Goddess Empress. Yi Yun wished to use it to obtain news of Lin Xintong. Ever since he came to the Seven Desolates, he had been probing for news regarding Lin Xintong but he soon found that people only knew that Lin Xintong had been made White Lunar Goddess Empress's personal disciple and that she had stunning talent, but nothing else. And clearly, that information did not satisfy Yi Yun in any way.

Scarlet Yang Capital had several large medicinal clinics. After Yi Yun entered the city, he immediately headed for them. Although Yi Yun's cultivation improved at a tremendous speed, his expenditure of treasured herbs was equally immense. Therefore, he had to take every opportunity to seek out treasured herbs.

"Might I ask if you have a Seven Leaf Wheel, a ten-thousand-year-old Lunar Wood Spirit, and a Luoshengzi… even just one would do."

Yi Yun retained his thirty-year-old scholarly looks as he provided a list of what he needed.

"Senior, I'm afraid we do not have what you need…"

The apothecary at the counter shook his head slowly after reading it carefully.

Yi Yun did not look disappointed. He was already prepared for that answer. The rarity of the herbs he needed only got worse. In fact, this was the third medicinal clinic he had visited. He had bought some of the more commonly encountered herbs from the first two stores. However, he failed to find a single strain of the herbs he needed to use as the primary herb.

"These herbs are mostly priceless. Few medicinal clinics will list them for sale. However, I do know that the Nanxuan family clan might have some. They enjoy collecting all sorts of treasured herbs but they might not offer them for purchase."

"Oh? The Nanxuan family clan?" Yi Yun's heart stirred.

"Yes, the old madam of the Nanxuan family clan comes here in the afternoon every ten days. She always comes to collect a prescription from our Springreturn Medicinal Clinic. Feel free to wait, since today is the day when the old madam will collect the herbs."

The apothecary described this in detail since he noticed Yi Yun's high cultivation level.

Yi Yun nodded. "Thanks."

He meditated for two hours before he heard light, hurried footsteps. Yi Yun looked up and saw a blue-dressed girl walk into the medicinal clinic. Beneath a veil, her face was enveloped by a halo that prevented others from discerning her facial features.

Although Yi Yun could easily penetrate his perception into the halo, he naturally did not commit such a rude act. He continued his meditation.

But at that moment, Yi Yun opened his eyes again when he heard a sudden voice with bold undertones.

"Miss Luoyue, is Old Madam Nanxuan not coming? Please have a seat and wait a moment. We'll bring over your pills immediately."

The person who spoke was a middle-aged man with an extraordinary aura. He came down from Springreturn Medicinal Clinic's upper floor. Clearly, he was here to specially welcome Miss Luoyue. After the attendant at the door greeted him as manager, he took his leave.

This made Yi Yun realize several things. Clearly, Miss Luoyue, or in a way, the Nanxuan family clan, enjoyed a very high status in Scarlet Yang Capital. This was probably why the largest Springreturn Medicinal Clinic in Scarlet Yang Capital treated the girl with such importance. And in comparison, despite having a mid-stage Supremacy cultivation level, he was only attended to by an apprentice. He just received a little more respect.

Although the blue-dressed girl wore a veil, the eyes she exposed looked like limpid waters. There was something melancholic about them that made her endearing. Her figure looked soft and ethereal in a way that had a hint of an aloof charm. However, she looked like a gust of wind could blow her away because of her delicateness.

Behind her was a maidservant as well as an elder with a thick aura. He wore a beige robe and wore a half mask. He looked like he was walking but his feet did not touch the ground. When Yi Yun observed him carefully, he realized that the man was not floating in mid-air. Instead, he looked like he was walking in an alternate dimension.

He was definitely an expert in spatial dimension laws!

"There's no need, Alchemist Feng. I'll just wait here. By the way, I have also brought all the herbs needed for the next batch of pills. They are all in the interspatial ring." The blue-dressed girl's voice sounded hollow. With a gentle nod, the maidservant handed the middle-aged man an interspatial ring.

Although many people were astounded by her bearing and beauty, they knew of her elevated status and chose not to even take a second look at her.

"Yes, the pills refined this batch are enough to last you half a month. I will fetch them for you," said the middle-aged man with a nod.

The blue-dressed girl's eyes casually swept the medicinal clinic as she caught a whiff of the familiar smell of medicine. In response, she gave a light sigh.

"Miss, what happened? Are you not feeling well?" The maidservant beside her immediately asked out of concern. The maidservant also had a fairly strong aura. Surprisingly, she had excellent talent as well.

The blue-dressed girl shook her head. "It's nothing. I'm just wondering how many more times I will need to come to this place…"

As she spoke, Yi Yun turned puzzled. He already knew that the girl came from the Nanxuan family clan, so he naturally paid attention to her. He could sense that her martial talent was exceedingly high and that she had a profound cultivation level. She was likely a genius among her peers. Although her lifeblood felt softly feminine, she was in no way weak. He was also puzzled as to the reason for the Nanxuan family's periodic return to Springreturn Medicinal Clinic for medicine.

Furthermore, Yi Yun sensed a familiar aura from the blue-dressed girl. However, he was certain that he never met her before.

She clearly noticed Yi Yun looking at her but didn't think too much of it. She was used to people secretly sizing her up. Besides, Yi Yun looked at her without any nefarious thoughts.

Yi Yun did not approach the girl when she turned her head aside and stopped looking back at him. Although he wished to ask her if they had the herbs he needed and if they were willing to sell to him, he could tell that she was rich and in no need of money. Such rare herbs were typically kept by large family clans or sects for themselves. The exception would be when they were put on sale by a medicinal clinic or offered for sale.

And at that moment, the middle-aged man returned with two jade bottles. He handed them to the blue-dressed girl and said, "Take one Heart Nourishing Pill a day…"

"Yes, I know. Alchemist Feng, you give me the same instruction every time. I have been taking this medicine for more than a decade," said the girl with a smile.

"It's a habit, sheer habit," said the middle-aged man with a smile as well.

"Oh? The person taking the medicine is the girl herself. And she's even eating Heart Nourishing Pills. Odd…"

The divine alchemist's notes also had records of Heart Nourishing Pills. Yi Yun was unsure if it was a pill with the same name but there was one thing Yi Yun was certain about. The pills' medicinal essence could only last half a month after it was refined before it slowly lost its effects. Therefore, it was most effective to consume it within half a month. That also seemed to coincide with how the Nanxuan family collected the pills every ten days.

The Heart Nourishing Pill was not used to treat injuries or cultivate. Instead, it helped nourish one's essence and stimulate one's vital potential. Typically, warriors used it to build their foundations in the early stages of their cultivation.

Although Heart Nourishing Pills were expensive, one only needed to eat a few. That was enough to allow a warrior's talent to fully develop, allowing them to step into the martial path quickly.

It was not odd for geniuses of a large family clan to eat Heart Nourishing Pills. But from what the girl just said, she had been eating them for more than ten years!?

Why was she eating Heart Nourishing Pills that solidified her essence and built her foundation for more than ten years?

Eating about eight pills was the limit. Any more and it would stop having an effect.

As Yi Yun was considering the problem, he saw the blue-dressed girl receive the Heart Nourishing Pills. After thanking Alchemist Feng, she left with her maidservant and the masked elder in tow.

Yi Yun stroked his chin and followed them. He still had herbs he wanted to purchase from the Nanxuan family clan.

However, just as Yi Yun took a few steps forward, the maidservant turned around the moment he crossed the Springreturn Medicinal Clinic's door. She had long noticed that Yi Yun had been staring at her mistress. She had seen many young masters take a liking to her mistress but all of them acted reservedly. Furthermore, the man had been watching her mistress's purchase of the pills the entire time. He did not even conceal his watchful gaze.

Now that they had stepped out, he had followed them.

"Might I ask if there is something you want?" asked the maidservant. Her eyes flickered with a faint look of displeasure.