True Martial World Chapter 1418

Chapter 1418: Gift
Chapter 1418: Gift

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Yi Yun twirled the long, wispy black hair around his finger. It had a bounce to it and was soft. It definitely matched the description of 'wispy.'

As the hair twisted around him, the familiar feeling immediately turned more intense. The blood in his body boiled as he felt the strand of hair he was squeezing turn into a winding dragon shadow.

The blue-dressed girl…

Yi Yun gave the girl a deep, meaningful glance. There was a hint of shock in his eyes. He had a clear feeling that the girl in front of him was… not human!

Her lifeblood and strange aura all imply that she's likely an Ancient Fey. At least more than half her body is that of an Ancient Fey's!

This… Yi Yun was stunned by this. The beloved daughter of the Nanxuan family clan was actually an Ancient Fey?

At that moment, the blue-dressed girl looked curiously back at Yi Yun. She could clearly sense the sudden appearance of a boundless and dense aura, one that was somewhat familiar to her.

But at that moment, the masked elder and the maidservant failed to sense the changes in Yi Yun's aura. The masked elder was simply staring coldly at Yi Yun with more than a little impatience. Yi Yun had been holding that strand of hair for fifteen minutes.

He absolutely refused to believe that Yi Yun could figure out anything meaningful from a strand of hair.

Finally, the masked elder snorted coldly and said, "How long do you plan to keep looking at it? Stop trying to act mysterious. What did you discover from my mistress's hair? Are you going to tell me that she has contracted some unknown illness?"

"Uncle Lian." The blue-dressed girl held the masked elder back. Her eyes were trained silently on Yi Yun like bright stars. "Sir, if you sense any problems, just tell me straight."

Yi Yun sighed for a moment before asking, "Might I ask why you have been eating Heart Nourishing Pills for so many years?"

"That matter is none of your business. Didn't you want a strand of my mistress's hair? Can't you tell enough from that? If not, then what was the point of wanting the strand of hair?"

The masked elder's voice was filled with sarcasm. He guessed that Yi Yun had heard the conversation between the blue-dressed girl and Alchemist Feng and believed that it gave him enough information to act on. By asking his mistress's reason for eating the Heart Nourishing Pills, he could then give reasons such as 'unbalanced lifeblood,' 'chaotic Yin and Yang' to scam them.

If Yi Yun truly had such thoughts, he would be a joke. She did not have any problems. She only had a unique body.

He had already decided to persuade his mistress not to sell the herb to Yi Yun. He believed that she would agree once she saw Yi Yun's true colors.

Upon hearing the masked elder's words, Nanxuan Luoyue shook her head and said with a voice transmission, "Uncle Lian, don't make things difficult for him. You know very well that it's impossible to tell anything about my body from a strand of hair. No one can do it."

At that moment, Nanxuan Luoyue's maidservant spoke, "We are not at liberty to answer your question."

Nanxuan Luoyue's matter was something the Nanxuan family clan wanted to be kept confidential. The Nanxuan family clan's head was worried that if Luoyue's body was a special body as recorded in ancient literature but they had failed to discover the information, an opposing family clan could use it to their advantage if they learned of it.

"Yes, I understand." Yi Yun nodded. After a short hesitation, he flipped his hand. A tiny jade bottle appeared in his palm and he handed it over to the blue-dressed girl. "Miss Luoyue, you and I are fated. I'll be giving the thing inside this bottle to you."

The blue-dressed girl was slightly taken aback as she reached out her slender hand and received the jade bottle. It felt extremely heavy, as though it contained dense metal. It was so heavy that warriors with weak cultivation levels would not even be able to lift it.

"If you refine it with the cultivation technique you have, you should see some benefits. With that, I bid you farewell." Yi Yun turned and left after he gave her the jade bottle.

A strange look flashed in the blue-dressed girl's eyes as she looked at Yi Yun's back.

"Miss, that person's intentions are unknown. You have to be careful with something he gave you," said the masked elder. He too was unsure what Yi Yun was up to. However, he did not have a good impression of Yi Yun at all.

The blue-dressed girl knew that he disliked the scholar but for some reason, she did not think that he had any nefarious intentions.

She was also curious about the item Yi Yun had given her. She gently opened the jade bottle.


A rush of lifeblood surged out the jade bottle like the belligerent smoke of war. When she focused her eyes on it, she realized that there was an extremely dense drop of blood contained within the jade bottle.

At that instant, what sounded like a dragon's roar resonated in the blue-dressed girl's mind. It even reverberated within her lifeblood.

This sound…

The blue-dressed girl was taken aback. She looked at the masked elder and maidservant beside her. Their expressions clearly indicated that they had not heard the sound. She was the only one that had heard it.

"What is it?" asked the masked elder. A complete stranger had produced a bottle of blood for his mistress to refine for herself. Was he joking?

Ignoring the wealth and the deep heritage the Nanxuan family clan had, as well as how it was a powerful faction that had encountered countless formidable foes, even in the mortal world, if an ordinary person were to meet a complete stranger who gave them a bowl of water, not many people would dare to drink it.

"Miss, give this to me. I will assess it."

The blue-dressed girl hesitated for a moment but did not give it to him. She flipped her hand and stored the bottle of blood away.

"Miss, by doing that… don't tell me you actually wish to refine it for yourself?" The masked elder looked at the blue-dressed girl in shock. He had watched her grow up and knew her character. She was definitely a cautious person. Why was she so trusting of a stranger now?

The blue-dressed girl did not elaborate. She could sense that the blood was extraordinary.

It had created an inexplicable sense of resonance with her own lifeblood.

Since she was born, there were many strange aspects to her. She grew at a rate much slower than other children. She barely looked like a toddler after thirty years. It took her a hundred years to look like a young girl.

Her cultivation talent was excellent. Be it her nomological insights or strength, she far exceeded her peers. But strangely, when she cultivated to the Dao Palace realm, she realized that she could not condense a stable Dao Palace. Her cultivation level would slowly deteriorate for unknown reasons.

The Nanxuan family clan repeated checked her body but found no problems. They never did find the cause of the problem.

One day, an alchemist master prescribed Heart Nourishing Pills for Nanxuan Luoyue so as to stabilize her essence, preventing her cultivation level from dissipating.

The Heart Nourishing Pills were indeed effective but the pills could not be eaten forever. It was not that the Nanxuan family clan could not afford them. It was that, in recent years, Nanxuan Luoyue realized that the effects of the Heart Nourishing Pills were no longer as strong as they were before. It was as though her body had developed a resistance to them.