True Martial World Chapter 1419

Chapter 1419: Heaven Secrets Tower
Chapter 1419: Heaven Secrets Tower

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Once the Heart Nourishing Pills lost their effectiveness, she had to find other pills to stabilize her Dao Palace. As for whether such a thing existed, it was still an uncertainty.

Nanxuan Luoyue knew that although her family had sought the help of many famous physicians, none of them could tell what was so extraordinary about her body. However, the scholar had apparently noticed something or he would not have given her the drop of blood.

What left Nanxuan Luoyue even more puzzled was the scholar's identity. Why did the blood he gave her resonate with her bloodline…

Nanxuan Luoyue even felt like chasing after Yi Yun to press for an answer but her thoughts were occupied by the drop of blood. Therefore, she said to her maidservant after a moment of hesitation, "When that kind sir comes to our manor to retrieve the medicine, make sure to inform me."

The maidservant was at a loss but she knew that the scholar must have piqued her mistress's interest. She was even prepared to receive him personally. That was something unprecedented.

"Miss, do you really believe him?" The masked elder had a contorted expression. Despite his repeated warnings, Nanxuan Luoyue clearly saw nothing suspicious in the man.

The blue-dressed girl smiled and said, "Uncle Lian, there's no need to worry about me. I am able to make my own judgments."

"Since you insist, I will not say another word. I will inform the family head without any embellishment," said the masked elder exasperatedly.

Yi Yun felt very happy while walking down the streets. He never expected to find an extremely rare herb so soon in the Scarlet Yang Capital.

As for the drop of blood, it was blood he had previously harvested from the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm. He had just given her one drop. Since the girl was willing to help him and he was always a person that met gratitude with grace, he did not think too much about sparing a drop of blood.

Of course, the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm was clearly dissatisfied with Yi Yun's gift of its blood. Every extraction of its blood felt like robbing it of half its life. Now, Yi Yun had even 'donated' a drop of its blood to someone else, making it very depressed.

Sensing the stir from the God Advent Tower, Yi Yun smiled. "Alright, that's enough. You really are weirdly alert. You normally sleep like a dead pig but you immediately know when I use your blood."

"Some of the herbs I bought this time are for your sake as well. In time to come, you will likely be able to evolve into your third form."

Yi Yun took out two herb strains and threw them into the God Advent Tower. Although they were not really rare or valuable, they were sufficient to make up for a drop of blood.

The Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm immediately stopped protesting after receiving the two herb strains. It chomped down on them and fell asleep satisfied after finishing the herbs.

As for Yi Yun, he gently heaved a sigh of relief. He was someone who already spent lots of money on resources. And now, he was rearing a glutton which only ate rare treasured herbs.

"This Nanxuan Luoyue sure is interesting. It seems she herself is unaware of her own body's situation. She's an Ancient Fey of the Dragon race. However, her Ancient Fey bloodline has been sealed by a particular mystic technique. Despite having an Ancient Fey's body, she has become human. She even cultivates in human-based cultivation techniques. If I had not cultivated the Dragon Emperor Technique, allowing me to be exceptionally sensitive to dragon bloodlines, I would not have been able to sense Nanxuan Luoyue's Ancient Fey body."

Fey and humans had their own paths. It was naturally problematic when Ancient Fey cultivated in human cultivation techniques.

However, Yi Yun had to carefully check the girl's body to know the actual problem. However, considering the way the masked elder looked like he would eat him up at any moment, Yi Yun knew that would be impossible. If he had raised the idea, the elder would have definitely gone mad.

Furthermore, Yi Yun had only did it as a way to thank her in passing. He would not deliberately do something that only spelled trouble.

As he pondered, Yi Yun stopped in front of a tall building. The building was the second reason he was here—Heaven Secrets Tower.

As the most famous intelligence agency in the White Lunar Divine Empire, any news that was available to the Heaven Secrets Tower could be obtained if the right price was paid.

Yi Yun stepped into the Heaven Secrets Tower and took a glance at the levels of intelligence one could obtain from the Heaven Secrets Tower. He went for the highest level and soon found that, regardless of what was asked, it required a sizable sum. Some of the more valuable news even cost several Godly Monarch Immortal Annuli.

The highest level of the Heaven Secrets Tower had a total of three rooms. Every room was isolated within an array formation. It was impossible to probe the situation within.

"What would you like to know?"

The room was empty except for a simple wooden table in the middle. Seated to the side of the table was a short and tiny old woman.

She wore a red cloak that covered her eyes.

As for Yi Yun, he wore a facecloth that contained an array formation which concealed his looks.

"I want to ask about the White Lunar Goddess Empress! As well as the empress's disciple, Lin Xintong!" Yi Yun said slowly.

The old woman suddenly looked up when she heard his question. Under her cloak, her ancient eyes emitted a cold flash.

But slowly, she lowered her eyes again and said, "Go ahead and ask."

Yi Yun asked, "Why did the White Lunar Goddess Empress take Lin Xintong as her disciple? What is life like for Lin Xintong in the White Lunar Divine Empire now? Where is she? If I were to become a core disciple of the White Lunar Divine Empire, would I be able to meet Lin Xintong?"

After the woman heard the questions, she faltered slightly. She appeared to be communicating with other people from the Heaven Secrets Tower with a voice transmission to confirm the information. This went on for thirty minutes before she said, "Five million mid-grade Spirit Jade."

"Oh?" Yi Yun frowned slightly. The price was not high at all. In fact, it was too cheap. That likely meant that even the Heaven Secrets Tower did not know enough.

"The White Lunar Goddess Empress took in Lin Xintong as her disciple at least a hundred years ago. Rumors say that the White Lunar Goddess Empress was traveling the 12 Empyrean Heavens with her soul and chanced upon Lin Xintong, taking her in as a personal disciple. As for the reason, it is unknown. Perhaps it was because Lin Xintong's talent is outstanding. After all, she managed to become famous in the Sinkhole in just over a hundred years. There is no one her age that can match her. She is one of the top geniuses in all of the Sinkhole."

"As for meeting Lin Xintong, you might not stand a chance even if you were to become a core disciple of the White Lunar Divine Empire. This is because Lin Xintong does not cultivate with other ordinary disciples. In the past few decades, Lin Xintong has been training in the Ancient Ruins world. At the moment, she is probably cultivating in seclusion in the White Lunar Divine Empire. If you want to meet her, the only way is to become the White Lunar Goddess Empress's personal disciple."

Upon hearing the answer, Yi Yun shook his head and let slip a wry smile. Become a personal disciple of Bai Yueyin? Was that some sort of joke?

"Is it possible for me to make Lin Xintong realize that I have arrived in the White Lunar Divine Empire?"

Yi Yun's question clearly implied that he shared a relationship with Lin Xintong. It was even obvious that it was no ordinary relationship. But the red-dressed woman did not mind. She answered, "A year from today is the day when the Ancient Ruins world fully opens. If you are able to leave your name on the Ancient Ruins world's World Monolith, then all of the White Lunar Divine Empire will know your name. Even if Lin Xintong is cultivating in seclusion, she will still know it."