True Martial World Chapter 1423

Chapter 1423: Spot
Chapter 1423: Spot

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Ravenjade Shangjing Tea of the finest quality had been served. Nanxuan Jue invited Yi Yun to join him at the seats of honor. The masked elder sat down right after Nanxuan Jue. He looked ashamed of himself as he met Yi Yun this time. He cupped his fists and said, "I had poor judgment, so please forgive me for any disrespect I might have shown you."

Yi Yun said, "Senior, you are being too polite. If it were me, I too would feel suspicious about an unknown stranger giving me a drop of blood to refine. It's only human."

In fact, Yi Yun never refuted the masked man's words of mistrust against him, nor did he feel displeased about his attitude in any way. The masked man's reaction was only natural, for Yi Yun never gave them a reason to trust him.

However, Yi Yun believed in Nanxuan Luoyue. She would definitely sense something within the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm's blood. If she did not dare trust her own judgment with such an opportunity placed before her, it was unlikely she would amount to much in the future.

Nanxuan Changyue steeped the Ravenjade Shangjing Tea personally without the help of his maidservants but he never expected that Nanxuan Jue would reject his serving of the tea. Instead, he took the teapot from Nanxuan Luoyue and slowly poured himself a cup of tea.

"Sir, I'm Luoyue. Let me toast you and might I ask what your name is?"

Nanxuan Luoyue toasted Yi Yun as a form of thanks. Since she was so sincere, Yi Yun did not wish to lie to her with a fake name. Furthermore, he would have to use his real name when he went to the ancient battlefield. If not, how was he to leave his name on the World Monolith for Lin Xintong to see?

"Miss Luoyue, for particular reasons, I cannot tell you my name for the time being. You helped me first and I repaid the favor. It was only the right thing to do. There's no need to go all out and thank me. I came to your manor today to buy that ten-thousand-year-old Lunar Wood Spirit."

Nanxuan Jue said, "Fellow Daoist, you are amusing. How can we still sell that ten-thousand-year-old Lunar Wood Spirit? It's only right we give it to you."

As Nanxuan Jue spoke, he shot a glance at Nanxuan Changyue. "What are you waiting for? Aren't you going to retrieve the medicine now?"

"Yes." Nanxuan Changyue felt like slapping himself in the face. He really had nothing better to do. If he knew of any of this, he would have taken out the herb earlier. His making things difficult for Yi Yun only reflected back on himself.

Nanxuan Changyue was responsible for most of the miscellaneous affairs of Nanxuan Manor. As such, he tended to the spirit herbal storeroom. He quickly brought out the ten-thousand-year-old Lunar Wood Spirit and no longer dared to show any signs of reluctance.

Nanxuan Changyue carefully opened the unadorned jade box and placed it on a table.

Yi Yun's face revealed a look of glee when he saw a root the size of thumb inside the jade box. It was indeed a ten-thousand-year-old Lunar Wood Spirit. Furthermore, its quality was excellent. Average ten-thousand-year-old Lunar Wood Spirit were only the size of a pinky. But this root was thicker than the average root.

Nanxuan Jue pushed the jade box to Yi Yun and said, "I've heard that you are in need of two other spirit herb strains. Although my Nanxuan family lacks them, we can help you find them if needed."

"About that…"

Yi Yun paused for a moment. In fact, he believed that the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm's blood that he had given Nanxuan Luoyue was precious but still far inferior to the ten-thousand-year-old Lunar Wood Spirit.

Since Nanxuan Jue was giving him the ten-thousand-year-old Lunar Wood Spirit for free and was willing to seek the remaining two spirit herbs for him, he had likely underestimated the effects the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm had on Nanxuan Luoyue.

"Please do not decline the offer, for I do have my own selfish intentions…"

Yi Yun had guessed Nanxuan Jue's intentions when he seemed at a loss for words. He said, "You wish to get a few more drops of blood?"

Nanxuan Jue's eyes lit up. "Fellow Daoist, you have more?"

"I do have more but not much more," said Yi Yun reservedly.

"Yes, I do wish for more. In addition, I would like to know the exact problem Luoyue is facing."

The second sentence had been said via voice transmission.

Luoyue's body and talent were without problems but there was something very mysterious about her physique.

"I'm not entirely certain about everything myself," said Yi Yun. "However, if it's only a few drops of blood, I can provide you with that much. That said, please keep the blood a secret and never mention it to others."

Yi Yun's last sentence was also said through a voice transmission. The blood he gave had been extracted from the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm, an existence already known by the Martial Numinous clan. Although it was very unlikely that others would connect the drop of blood to the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm, Yi Yun would rather be safe than sorry.

Upon hearing Yi Yun's words, Nanxuan Jue reeled in delight. "Of course! Aside from the other strains of herbs, is there any other request? My Nanxuan family clan will definitely spare no cost to complete it."

Yi Yun replied, "There is indeed a matter that I might need to trouble you with. I wish to enter the Ancient Ruins world's ancient battlefield next year. Might I know if you have any available spots?"

"This…" Nanxuan Jue was taken aback as he immediately said, "My Nanxuan family does have spots for entering the Ancient Ruins world's ancient battlefield but the spots are bestowed by the White Lunar Divine Empire. Therefore, they cannot be transferred. If you truly wish to enter the Ancient Ruins world's ancient battlefield, I can only trouble you to become a little related to my Nanxuan family clan. If you find it acceptable, I'm willing to make you an honorary Elder of my family. You will not be required to do much and we will not restrict your freedom. On the contrary, there will actually be a salary but I believe that much will not catch your eye. However, if you need to find any natural treasure or acquire some intelligence, you can use my family's resources. And if there are any weapons you need, you will be given priority to purchase them. I'm not skilled in anything save for my modest abilities in artifact refinement. If there are any requests you have with respect to artifact refinement, feel free to ask."

Nanxuan Jue's words astounded the middle-aged beauty and the Daoist priest. Their eyes stared blankly ahead. Was there actually such a good thing in this world? He did not need to do anything despite being an honorary Elder? Furthermore, it gave him nothing but benefits. Thinking about how they had to wait years for a single weapon created by Nanxuan Jue while he would allow Yi Yun to choose any weapon he desired, it was truly a day and night difference.

The beauty cringed inwardly. She had just mentioned that it was unlikely for Yi Yun to gain a spot to the Ancient Ruins world's ancient battlefield. But in a blink of an eye, Nanxuan Jue had offered Yi Yun exactly that. It left her speechless.

Yi Yun stroke his chin. Although he was unwilling to join any faction, the conditions Nanxuan Jue offered were just too good. This made it difficult for Yi Yun to immediately reject the offer. Besides, Yi Yun was bent on obtaining a spot in the Ancient Ruins world's ancient battlefield.

"In that case, I accept it without further ado."

"Alright. Then, it is decided," said Nanxuan Jue with a smile. It was not that he thought highly of Yi Yun's results on the martial path but that he wanted to repay Yi Yun for his gift of the blood.

Nanxuan Jue turned to look at the Daoist priest and beauty. "I have something to tend to today so the weapon refinement was temporarily paused. I already know what weapons all of you need. If I make such works the next time, I will definitely give you priority in buying them."

The Daoist priest and the beauty could tell that Nanxuan Jue was politely requesting that they leave.

It was likely that Nanxuan Jue had something important to discuss with the scholar and did not wish for them to hear it.

Thinking back to the supreme-grade material that Nanxuan Jue had been refining in the refinement lab, the duo felt their heart wince in pain. The longer the pause, the greater the decline of the weapon's quality. However, Nanxuan Jue completely ignored that.

"Thank you, Senior Nanxuan. We shall bade you farewell." The middle-aged Daoist priest wanted to say something but ended up leaving Nanxuan Manor.

After they were gone, Nanxuan Jue turned to Yi Yun and asked, "Fellow Daoist, I wish to know the exact problem with Luoyue's physical attributes."