True Martial World Chapter 1424

Chapter 1424: Ancient Fey Body
Chapter 1424: Ancient Fey Body

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Yi Yun did have an inkling about Luoyue's physique but he had only come to that conclusion based on the aura that exuded from a strand of hair. He was not entirely certain.

As such, Yi Yun pondered for a moment before he said to Luoyue, "Miss Luoyue, I wonder if I can have your permission to check your pulse?"

Luoyue nodded and stretched her wrist forward.

The fair skin was somewhat breathtaking. When Yi Yun placed his finger on it, he acutely sensed Luoyue's wrist tremble involuntary when they made contact.

However, Yi Yun did not have any deeper thoughts about her. His perception rapidly sank into Luoyue's meridians as he immediately took on an extremely focused look.

Time slowly passed as Yi Yun seemed immersed in his perceptive probe. Luoyue on the other hand felt uncomfortable. This was the first time she was making such skin contact with a man. Furthermore, the contact was going on for a long period of time. She slowly felt a little embarrassed standing there motionlessly as he touched her. Even her face was beginning to burn up.

But when she saw Yi Yun's focused expression, she remained motionless, worried that she would disturb him.

Thankfully, the rest, including her grandfather Nanxuan Jue and the masked man Lian Yong, had their eyes trained on Yi Yun, waiting for his answer.

"I'm done," Yi Yun said as he released Luoyue's wrist. "It must have been tough on you, Miss Luoyue."

He then nodded at her.

Luoyue bashfully smiled before gently shaking her head.

"Fellow Daoist, did you figure anything out?" Nanxuan Jue asked impatiently. He immediately returned Yi Yun's attention to the matter.

"Back when I met Miss Luoyue, I sensed something extraordinary about her aura. Now, I can confirm it. Miss Luoyue, please tell what is unique about the drop of blood I gave you," asked Yi Yun.

Luoyue instantly replied, "I'm not entirely sure. That blood seems to be related to my bloodline…"

"That drop of blood contains a sliver of the True Dragon's aura," explained Yi Yun.

In fact, the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm's blood contained a portion of the True Dragon's blood itself. Yi Yun had only said that to keep them in the dark. Although he had a good impression of the Nanxuan family clan, he would not reveal all of his secrets or endanger himself. He had to keep something close to his chest.

"A True Dragon's aura? But what has that got to do with me?" Luoyue blinked her beautiful lashes as she asked.

"If I'm not wrong, your body should be that of an Ancient Fey, not a human. Your bloodline contains the blood of the True Dragon, making you a descendant of the True Dragon. As such, you experienced a resonance with that drop of blood," said Yi Yun.

Once Yi Yun said that, everyone in the hall was stunned. Luoyue had left her mouth agape as her eyes widened. This was the first time someone was telling her that she was not human but an Ancient Fey that contained the bloodline of a True Dragon.

However, when such ridiculous words came out of Yi Yun's mouth, Luoyue was not immediately thinking of doubting or retorting. After she thought it through, she realized it would explain the unique specialties of her body.

Nanxuan Jue's reaction happened to be the calmest. In fact, he already had some speculations about the circumstances of Luoyue's birth. He sighed and said, "So your mother is an Ancient Fey… It's no wonder your talent is so stunning yet your Dao Palace is unstable. It's because you are not human. Of course it's not suitable for you to condense a Dao Palace."

Compared to Luoyue, Nanxuan Jue found Yi Yun's explanation reasonable from the start. He had watched her grow up and long noticed the many abnormal aspects of her body. Furthermore, Nanxuan Jue had a non-contextual understanding of Luoyue's mother.

Yi Yun's words fully and smoothly solved the doubts he had.

The matrimony of human and Ancient Fey had a very low chance of producing offspring. Nanxuan Jue had basically not heard of any exception other than Luoyue.

The problem they had failed to diagnose turned out to be due to her bloodline. However, the problem was worse than some of the possible problems Nanxuan Jue had thought of. Luoyue did not have any latent problems but had only taken the wrong cultivation path.

"Fellow Daoist, are there any other problems?" asked Nanxuan Jue when he noticed that Yi Yun appeared to have not finished speaking.

He sensed that the matter was not as simple as it seemed. Luoyue had an Ancient Fey body. Why did no one notice it over all these years?

Yi Yun waved his hand and said, "I can understand your emotions. However, Miss Luoyue's bloodline and physique has, in fact, been sealed by someone."

People with Ancient Fey bodies like Luoyue were nearly extinct and very few people could identify such physiques. In addition, Luoyue's Ancient Fey bloodline had been sealed by someone, so no one could readily identify her true identity.

"This…" Nanxuan Jue's heart sank. If Nanxuan Luoyue's bloodline had truly been sealed, her condition would not improve even if she converted her cultivation technique to that of a Fey's.

Luoyue's lustrous eyes dimmed. In fact, she had also suspected this.

"Might I know if you can release the seal on Miss Luoyue?" Lian Yong asked at that moment with cupped fists.

The moment he spoke, Nanxuan Jue looked at Yi Yun in anticipation. Since Yi Yun could read Luoyue's condition and was able to provide the blood, perhaps he had a way of removing the seal.

"I'm truly sorry to disappoint you. The person who sealed Miss Luoyue had an extremely high cultivation level. I'm unable to remove the seal. However, if I give another few drops of blood to Miss Luoyue, her bloodline would be stimulated and it might be possible for her to remove some of the seal herself. There might even come a day when Miss Luoyue is able to fully remove the seal on her own." Yi Yun was merely speculating but it was the only way of giving the Nanxuan family clan and Luoyue a sliver of hope.

Yi Yun still thought highly of Luoyue's character. He could not bear to see her in such a depressed state.

Nanxuan Jue could not hide his disappointment, but he said, "Fellow Daoist, there's no need to apologize. Our Nanxuan family clan is already unable to thank you enough for the blood."

"That's right. I believe that human effort is the decisive factor. Since there's the possibility of me removing the seal myself, it means it's possible for me to do it." Luoyue quickly overcame her disappointment and smiled. Instantly, it felt like flowers had bloomed. It was extremely beautiful.

Yi Yun nodded and smiled as well. When his cultivation level increased, it would be possible for him to remove Luoyue's seal. However, he did not plan on saying that until he had absolute confidence.

"There's still some time before the Ancient Ruins world's ancient battlefield opens up. If you do not mind, why don't you stay with my Nanxuan family clan?" invited Nanxuan Jue.

"Thank you for your hospitality but I do have some other things to take care of. I will come again near the advent of the ancient battlefield's opening." Yi Yun politely declined Nanxuan Jue's invitation. Although the Nanxuan family's environment was excellent, there were also many inconveniences for him there.

Before he left, Nanxuan Jue gave a voice transmission jade talisman to Yi Yun, allowing them ease of communication in the future.

After leaving the Nanxuan family clan, Yi Yun looked at the ten-thousand-year-old Lunar Wood Spirit in his interspatial ring with satisfaction. Then, he took a step forward. It looked like a slow action but in a few steps, he had disappeared into the crowd…

Time passed quickly until it was more than half a year later.

During this period, Yi Yun had some interaction with the Nanxuan family clan. It did not go back on its word. They did do their best, and found the other two herbs which they gave to Yi Yun.

And as promised, Yi Yun gave them the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm's blood.

That day, in a nearby town situated beside a river at the foot of a mountain in Scarlet Yang Capital, Yi Yun took up residence in a tiny compound.

He set up a concealment and defensive array formation. From the outside, it looked like any ordinary residential compound. But in fact, Yi Yun had set up his cauldron inside and was extremely busy.

With the ten-thousand-year-old Lunar Wood Spirit in hand, Yi Yun immediately found this quiet and remote location to begin refining his third Dragon Emperor relic.

He believed that it was unlikely for the bounty hunters of the Martial Numinous clan to pursue him this far. Even if they passed by such an inconspicuous area, they would likely only sweep past it with their perception. It was impossible for them to probe it carefully enough to find him.

The herbs the Dragon Emperor relic took for refining had no exact requirement. Only treasured herbs were needed but the choice of the treasured herbs was up to the maker. The herbs Yi Yun chose every time matched his own cultivation techniques perfectly.

Among the three herbs he needed, the Seven Leaf Wheel and the Luoshengzi were particularly useful for Yi Yun. And the ten-thousand-year-old Lunar Wood Spirit was similarly very suitable. Originally, just finding one of the three was enough for Yi Yun to refine the third Dragon Emperor relic as the main ingredient, but the effects could only be better with all three amassed.

He first cultivated silently in the compound for a period of time until a few days passed. When he sensed that his mental state was optimal, he sat in front of the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

As Yi Yun placed the herbs one by one into the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, the Heretical God Fire immediately enveloped the cauldron. Amid the fire's burning, the herbs were extracted of their medicinal liquid by Yi Yun's mental powers. The impurities were constantly being separated by Yi Yun and thrown to the side.

Gradually, the Ascending Dragon Cauldron was filled with pools of pure medicinal liquid. These liquids effused pleasant herbal fragrances and looked like crystalline drops of liquid jade.

Yi Yun held up the liquid drops to be consumed by the flames with his perception while stretching out an arm to open another jade box to the side. The ten-thousand-year-old Lunar Wood Spirit immediately flew out and entered the Ascending Dragon Cauldron.

However, the extraction and purification of the ten-thousand-year-old Lunar Wood Spirit did not result in liquid. Instead, it produced a faint, mist-like silver glow. The moment it appeared, it made the house Yi Yun was in turn a little cold.

Yi Yun's eyes were calm as he moved both his hands. "Fuse!"

Dozens of different medicinal liquids immediately moved like they had received instructions. They amalgamated into one.

Yi Yun began producing hand seals until sweat began rolling down his forehead. A clear roar sounded from the cauldron and immediately following that, a silver beam of light flew out of it. Yi Yun grabbed it.

The silver beam of light was in fact a white-colored pill with a lustrous glow. And inside the pill, there was a silver shadow that seemed to be moving. It looked like moonlight that shone from a crescent.

"It's done." Yi Yun looked at the herbal dregs on the ground and felt wistful. His cultivation path really expended a lot of resources. Of course, the Dragon Emperor Technique brought heaven-defying changes to his cultivation level and combat strength. It was because of the Dragon Emperor Technique that he could cultivate to the mid-stage Supremacy so quickly.

In contrast, treasured herbs were always obtainable.