True Martial World Chapter 1426

Chapter 1426: Skyjade
Chapter 1426: Skyjade

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"You itinerant cultivator, do you think just because you cling to a powerhouse like the Nanxuan family clan you have the right to…" said Lie Jiaojiao as she barely restrained her anger, peeved.

But at that moment, a cold voice interrupted Lie Jiaojiao. "Come here."

Lie Jiaojiao instantly deflated the moment she heard the voice. She shut her mouth, threw a hateful glance at Yi Yun, and left.

She held a grudge against the man who had came to Luoyue's rescue and embarrassed her in front of so many people.

Yi Yun thought nothing of Lie Jiaojiao but he looked pensively at the person who silenced her. And when he did, he realized that the man was also looking straight back at him.

"Jiaojiao, don't waste your time on him. He's only an honorary Elder of the Nanxuan family clan in name. Compared to what we'll face in the Ancient Ruins world, the Nanxuan family clan is only a mere splash in the pool. Who you should pay attention to or try to befriend are the geniuses of the White Lunar Divine Empire."

Lie Rikong spoke coldly. He held no interest in itinerant cultivators like Yi Yun. A warrior without resources would not amount to much in the future even if he had already cultivated to the mid-stage Supremacy realm. After all, even that could be slowly attained over time.

Only in the White Lunar Divine Empire, where the true elites were, would he find his match. Of course, a legendary figure like Lin Xintong stood too high above him that she remained unreachable to him. But he had the confidence that he would match those around Lin Xintong.

King Scarlet Yang had placed his hopes on this year's ancient battlefield. If Lie Rikong left his name on the ancient battlefield, making a name for the Scarlet Yang continent, he would become the next King Scarlet Yang!

"The person who spoke is Lie Rikong, Lie Jiaojiao's senior brother in the clan. He's King Scarlet Yang's son and is extremely talented. He could have gone to the White Lunar Divine Empire but chose to remain in the Scarlet Yang continent. He is eminent among the Scarlet Yang continent's younger generation. He is arrogant so, sir, there's no need to mind him," said Luoyue apologetically.

Yi Yun smiled lightly. Although Lie Rikong considered everything beneath him, he did not know that he was nothing in Yi Yun's eyes. As for offending Lie Rikong, Yi Yun was ambivalent about it. He had already offended the Martial Numinous clan. An additional young Scarlet Yang lord meant nothing.

"All these people in the valley are heading to the ancient battlefield?" asked Yi Yun.

"Yes. What you see is mainly the participants and the factions backing them. Of course, some are only here to watch. However, we will not be heading straight to the ancient battlefield either. We will head for the White Lunar Divine Empire and, once there, we will gather with the geniuses of the other six continents before heading to the ancient battlefield." Luoyue explained to Yi Yun in detail.

White Lunar Divine Empire! Yi Yun's eyes seemed to burn up instantly. The Seven Desolates were just too big. He had been traveling for so long but he was finally heading for the White Lunar Divine Empire.

"Fellow Daoist, this is an identity token you'll need when heading to the ancient battlefield." Nanxuan Jue handed over an unadorned jade token to Yi Yun.

Yi Yun held the jade token in hand and sensed a strange energy coming from within it.

People streamed in over the next two days. As the Scarlet Yang continent was huge, those who were located farther away managed to rush there just in time after receiving the news.

By the third day, there were no new arrivals. Just as Yi Yun was wondering how the people in the valley would be traveling to the White Lunar Divine Empire, a gigantic cruiser flew over from the horizon.

The cruiser was richly ornamented and extraordinarily magnificent. On it were the words 'Scarlet Yang.' It suffused powerful Yuan Qi fluctuations and it was obvious that it was a top-grade flying artifact. Just powering it had to require copious amounts of Spirit Jade.

"Only those with identity tokens can board that cruiser. We can only say goodbye here," said Nanxuan Jue.

Lie Rikong and Lie Jiaojiao, as well as ten plus Lie family disciples, were the first to board the cruiser. The remaining geniuses from the other factions also walked towards it.

Apart from Luoyue, the Nanxuan family clan also had several young men and women that were participating in the ancient battlefield. They boarded the cruiser along with Yi Yun.

Every family clan and faction was given an individual room on the cruiser. Yi Yun naturally shared a room with the Nanxuan family clan.

When everyone successfully boarded the cruiser, it began to take off.

The gigantic cruiser first flew rapidly for a distance before the surrounding space vibrated vigorously. With an accompanying boom, the cruiser instantly vanished into thin air.

"It has begun the spatial tunneling." Yi Yun felt a little lightheaded as the cruiser reached higher speeds. And when he looked out the windows, the blue skies peppered with white clouds had already been replaced with spatial illusions and fragments that rapidly whizzed past.

To travel in such a spatial passageway at such complicated high speeds, even a Supremacy would have their bodies torn to shreds. Only such high-grade artifacts could withstand it.

But what really shocked Yi Yun was that such spatial tunneling happened several times. It was only a few days later that the cruiser suddenly appeared amid blue skies and the journey had finally come to an end.

Coming onto the cruiser's deck, even Yi Yun was amazed by the beautiful scenery.

There were gigantic otherworldly mountains floating in midair. Their contiguous forms appeared endless. There were rock tunnels that connected the otherworldly mountains and also seemed to float in mid-air. They played hide-and-seek amid the gorgeous clouds with immortal cranes dancing around them. The Yuan Qi was bountiful and it gave off a beautiful and magnificent look. It felt like they had come to another world.

The Scarlet Yang cruiser parked beside one of the otherworldly mountains. And nearby, there were several large flying divine artifacts resembling the Scarlet Yang cruiser floating in the surroundings.

"This is… the independent world where the White Lunar Divine Empire is." The shock in Yi Yun's eyes vanished. He focused his eyes deep into the White Lunar Divine Empire's interior. Lin Xintong was there, and the White Lunar Goddess Empress was there as well.

Yi Yun saw many people in the gigantic square in front of the otherworldly mountain. These people came from the seven continents of the White Lunar Divine Empire!

The White Lunar Divine Empire stood independent from the seven continents, off in its own world. And the remaining seven continents had powerful factions that were as numerous as the stars. For example, the Martial Numinous clan and King Scarlet Yang's factions were simply considered one of the better ones among countless powerful factions.

Still, they were naturally incomparable to the White Lunar Divine Empire.

At a glance, Yi Yun counted thousands of experts from the seven continents.

Yi Yun and Nanxuan Luoyue did not cause a stir when they appeared. Even Lie Rikong, who always came across as lofty and almighty, felt as though he was drowned amid the crowd.

"There's so many people!"

Yi Yun drew in a gasp. Not only were there many young geniuses, there were also Divine Lords and Supremacies.

Yi Yun looked at a few Divine Lords who clearly held identity tokens just like himself. It appeared as though they would be entering the ancient battlefield as well.

"Divine Lords are allowed entry as well?" asked Yi Yun.

"Of course." Nanxuan Luoyue nodded. "There is no age restriction in the ancient battlefield. Anyone can enter, it is not just limited to young geniuses. Therefore, some factions will send Supremacies and Divine Lords in."

"But it is unlikely that these Divine Lords will make any breakthroughs in the ancient battlefield. Their goal is mainly to seek out opportunities or treasure."

As Nanxuan Luoyue spoke, she gave Yi Yun an odd look. It was clear what she meant. Yi Yun could not be categorized as a 'young genius' either but he had managed to gain a spot in the ancient battlefield. Didn't it only make sense that warriors similar to Yi Yun, as well as those with higher cultivation levels than him, could enter as well?

"Is that so…" Yi Yun stroked his chin. "With Divine Lords around, aren't the young geniuses in great danger?"

"There is some danger but if one faces the threat of death, they can simply crush their identity token to be transported out."

"Besides, the ancient battlefield has unique laws that will repress a person's cultivation level. The higher the cultivation level, the greater the effects of the suppression. For example, I would still have my original cultivation level if I were to enter the ancient battlefield. But for Supremacies and above, such as you yourself, they will be repressed to the ninth-storey Dao Palace in the ancient battlefield."

"Therefore, although Supremacies and Divine Lords still hold some advantage in the ancient battlefield, that advantage is not something too extreme."

Nanxuan Luoyue was simply describing the situation in the ancient battlefield when suddenly—

There was a loud boom! A powerful suppression enveloped the square as powerful Yuan Qi gathered from every direction. The clouds in the sky were blown away by the Yuan Qi, revealing a gigantic snake's head.

And on this gigantic snake sat a man decked out in combat armor.

He had crimson hair and rippling muscles. The powerful vitality in him made him resemble an Ancient Fey.

"Lord Skyjade!"

Many people in the square were already bowing.

He was the number one divine general, Skyjade, second only to the White Lunar Divine Empire's White Lunar Goddess Empress. He had fused three Divine Lord Royal Seals and was considered the best Divine Lord in the White Lunar Divine Empire!

Ever since the White Lunar Divine Empire was established, White Lunar Goddess Empress entered seclusion. No one had seen her and as such, the highest ranking person the leaders of major factions would encounter usually was Skyjade.

Usually, the White Lunar Divine Empire would be jointly run by Skyjade and a few Imperial Preceptors. As a result, even leaders of major factions treated the high and mighty Skyjade with profound respect and humility, much less the younger geniuses.

Many juniors felt stifled in front of Skyjade.

With Skyjade's appearance, beams of light that streaked across the horizon like meteors appeared behind Skyjade. They were rapidly heading for the square.

"It's the geniuses of the White Lunar Divine Empire!" someone exclaimed.

The White Lunar Divine Empire's powers far exceeded anything the Seven Desolates continents had to offer. These people were like hidden dragons and crouching tigers, all with extraordinary talents.

Yi Yun swept his gaze and saw a few Divine Lords among the group.

A Divine Lord dressed in azure-colored robes with a sword on his back caught Yi Yun's eye.

He was a Royal Sealed Divine Lord. His aura was converged and he looked like a sheathed sword. He gave off an unfathomable feeling.

He looked to be in his thirties on the surface but his age could not be accurately surmised. But it was certain that he had immense potential. In the future, it was likely he could improve and fuse a second Divine Lord Royal Seal to become a double-sealed Divine Lord.

"The White Lunar Divine Empire's Divine Lords are much stronger than the Seven Desolates' Divine Lords. This ancient battlefield is bound to be intense."