True Martial World Chapter 1428

Chapter 1428: Ancient Ruins World Monolith
Chapter 1428: Ancient Ruins World Monolith

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The ancient battlefield's sky had long been torn apart. Yi Yun felt like he was floating aimlessly in Chaos for a very long time before he came out on the other side of the massive spatial rift.

Behind Yi Yun, the other White Lunar Divine Empire warriors appeared as well. Nanxuan Luoyue remained very close to Yi Yun. Since they had been teleported together, they naturally emerged near each other.

"This is the ancient battlefield…"

Yi Yun cast his sights over the land. He had appeared above a massive desert that stretched out endlessly. Vegetation was extremely sparse and it looked absolutely desolate.

And in the middle of the desolate lands stood a tall tower that extended so high it was like a heavenly column that rose above the sky.

The four sides of the tower were gray in color, as though it had stood there for countless years. At the instant Yi Yun caught sight of the tower, he felt a quake through his soul. Could it be… the Ancient Ruins world's World Monolith?

Yi Yun looked over the length of it and saw a concentric city circling beneath the tower, with the tower right in the middle.

The city's buildings looked unsophisticated. They were made of gray rock and lacked any sculpturing, effusing a simple and primitive aura.

Yi Yun clearly discerned that although the buildings were mostly empty, there were a few that had people living in them. In some buildings, there were even treasured artifacts like alchemical cauldrons or smithing cauldrons. It appeared as though people lived in the town perennially.

"People live here?" asked Yi Yun in surprise.

Nanxuan Luoyue nodded. "Yes, ordinary warriors require a teleportation jade token to enter the ancient battlefield. And to put it simply, someone has to make those jade tokens."

"Oh? These jade tokens are actually made by people? I thought they were automatically formed from the Heaven and Earth laws."

Yi Yun was slightly startled. Seventy-two hundred people from the entire White Lunar Divine Empire had entered, implying seventy-two hundred teleportation jade tokens. For instance, factions like the Nanxuan family clan and the Martial Numinous clan had a number of ancient battlefield entry spots that were allocated to them by the White Lunar Divine Empire. That number also indicated how many jade tokens were left to them. The value of these jade tokens was obvious!

And now, Yi Yun had learned that they were man-made. Wouldn't that make the people with the ability to make the jade tokens godly people that major factions would do anything to have on their side? If someone started making jade tokens for sale, it would be all too easy to get rich.

"Who can make the jade tokens?" asked Yi Yun.

"Those who have left their names on the Ancient Ruins world's World Monolith. In fact, the World Monolith is not only limited to the one you see here. There are other, smaller World Monoliths that are scattered throughout the ancient battlefield. As long as you leave a name on the World Monolith, you will obtain the acknowledgment of this world's Heaven and Earth laws. Then, one could connect the ancient battlefield with the exterior world and create such a teleportation jade token."

"These people also have special privileges, such as being able to stay in the ancient battlefield's world all the time."

"So that's the reason." Yi Yun's eyes lit up. Ignoring the other benefits of leaving his name on the World Monolith, just this one perk was very alluring for Yi Yun. If he could create the jade tokens and put them up for sale, many large factions would probably make a mad rush for these jade tokens. And if that were the case, the large factions would probably dig three feet deep everywhere just to find any rare material he asked for.

"No wonder there are cities here. Then, it means that the warriors staying in them are powerful people who have left their names on the World Monolith?"

"Yes." Nanxuan Luoyue nodded. "However, it's very difficult for these people to stay in the ancient battlefield forever. The World Monolith makes it easier to leave your name on it the younger you are. As you get older, the requirement for leaving your name here will only rise. It causes the names of many people to be wiped away from the World Monolith."

As Nanxuan Luoyue spoke, the people from the White Lunar Divine Empire had begun landing. They landed in the middle city of the ancient battlefield.

The moment they landed in the city, many young disciples could not help but let out exclamations. The city's aura was simply massive, as though an Ancient Fey slumbered beneath it. Just standing on the city's ground made them feel a powerful force of lifeblood boiling upwards at them. They could hardly get their footing under the boiling surge.

Looking up at the World Monolith, they found that it towered above the clouds, its top elusive.

As for using their perception to probe the portions of the World Monolith that were concealed by the clouds, that would be a joke. Before their perception rose tens of feet, they felt the World Monolith's mighty suppression and it left their soul seas in pain. It was completely unbearable.

And on the World Monolith, there were clearly names engraved on it!

Despite there being quite a few names left on the World Monolith, the sizes of the engraved names were disparate in size!

Some were meters in size, like millstones, while others were inches wide like fists.

Some names were engraved high up, approaching the clouds while some were engraved in the shallow regions of the World Monolith, easily reachable by the hand.

But in general, there were very few names engraved on the World Monolith. It was mostly empty.

One had to know that the World Monolith had a square shape and was thousands of feet wide. With its indiscernible peak, the engraved names that were the size of millstones looked like tiny flies, completely inconspicuous.

"The names are of varying sizes and located at different heights. Even the engraving depth is different. Doesn't this imply the difference in strengths of the people who left their names here?" asked Yi Yun.

"That's right." Nanxuan Luoyue nodded.

Yi Yun asked again, "That's a little weird. According to what I understand, it's harder to engrave the bigger the name. But on this World Monolith, the larger names are the majority. Instead, the smaller ones are the minority."

Nanxuan Luoyue said, "You are correct in your thinking. The bigger and higher the names are, the harder it is to leave them here! But once it is left here, one can stay here perennially. Look at the words about the size of a fist. They will remain there for several centuries at best. But those words the size of millstones and engraved high up can stay for hundreds of thousands of years, or even millions. That will truly be leaving a name that lasts through the ages! Therefore the smaller names are fewer in number because they are the first to fade."

Nanxuan Luoyue looked up at the names engraved high above. Her usually composed self could not help but feel a rush of emotions. It would be good if she could leave her name on it…

"Oh? Gone in a few centuries. No wonder…" Yi Yun could not help but shake his head after listening to Nanxuan Luoyue's explanation. "It's really too short a time. It would be pointless to leave one's name for a few centuries or even a thousand years."

The ancient battlefield opened once every sixty years. A few centuries meant limited entries and even if jade tokens were constantly sold, it would not earn much…

As Yi Yun pondered over the matter, he casually spoke his mind. But what he said instantly attracted the attention of many surrounding warriors. Many gazes were cast on him.