True Martial World Chapter 143

Chapter 143: Jin Long Camp
Chapter 143: Jin Long Camp

The Divine Capital’s city walls were seven to eight feet thick. After passing through the city walls, Yi Yun saw the vast city within.

The main street of the Divine Capital was wide enough for ten near-horned beasts to walk side by side. The two sides were lined with various shops, inns, cultivation grounds and fighting arenas!

The shops sold desolate bone relics, weapons and all sort of treasures!

There were all sorts of treasures that were priceless!

Many of the inns that provided accommodation for warriors had their own spirit arrays that condensed Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, making it a good cultivation ground. The cost of staying one night was enough to last a commoner for many lifetimes.

As for the fighting arenas, they were full of experts that came from all corners of the Divine Kingdom. Some earned resources in the fighting arena, while some used it to hone their skills, hoping to breakthrough in the midst of battle!

Along the way, Yi Yun could feel that the Divine Capital was opening up a brand new world for him. This impact was freakish!

The Divine Capital was too big and the city covered such a vast area, with many houses. It was enough to accommodate a large number of troops.

In the Jin Long Wei territory, just the barracks stretched twenty miles, together with other cultivation grounds, it covered a wide area. But yet, all of this easily fit in the Divine Capital.

Before he entered the Jin Long Wei camp, Yi Yun could see spirit energy charging into the sky from the camp.

This spirit energy was overwhelming as it covered the sky. The clouds in the sky were blown away by this surge.

It was an extremely masculine killing intent! Even from far, Yi Yun could feel the pressure from that oppressive rush. It made him distraught.

“He! Ha!”

From far, Yi Yun could hear the shouts of the soldiers training. The shouts rumbled and the noise was deafening.

Cracking of joints and twanging of tendons could also be heard. These sounds prevented birds and eagles from flying across the camp.

“How is it? This is the Jin Long Wei Divine Capital’s camp! Come on, let’s go in!”

They went through strict checks at the entrance before entering the camp. In the camp, everything was very strict. The camp guards aura were even greater than those that guarded the Divine Capital’s entrance.

On the road to the camp, cart after cart of beast meat were being shipped inside.

These meats were all fierce beast meat. Many of these dead fierce beasts were bigger than elephants. If one was cured and given to a commoner family, it would allow a family of three to eat it for ten years.

But in the Jin Long Wei camp, the people who trained consumed a lot of energy. By using the Elephant Swallowing Technique, a fierce beast the size of an elephant was nothing.

When Yi Yun looked, he saw lines of people moving grain, meat and vegetables. It was a sight to be seen!

An army’s battle power could be understood just by looking at the food they ate!

“I’ll let your sister and servants wait here. They are not allowed to enter the camp. The commander of the Divine Capital’s Jin Long Wei is General Yan. All the chosen Jin Long Wei elites have to first meet with General Yan. Besides the Cloud Wilderness, there have been many new recruits all over the Divine Kingdom. Soon, there will be a Jin Long Wei assembly to welcome the recruits.”

“Oh?” Yi Yun was shocked. It seemed that out of a large number of troops that were chosen at the Kingdom’s selection, only a small portion were sent to the Divine Capital city. The other recruits were scattered around in the Divine Kingdom’s territories.

It was expected. The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s Jin Long Wei had so many manning stations. Which station wouldn’t need recruits?

“How many recruits came to the Divine Capital’s Jin Long Wei camp this time?” Yi Yun casually asked.

“About 1000-2000 people. Those that were made elites number about 100-200.”

Only the elites could meet Yan Menglong. In Zhang Tan’s team, besides Yi Yun who had the qualification to do so, Hu Ya was the only other one.

Hu Ya was a quiet man who didn’t say much on the trip. He and Yi Yun followed Zhang Tan past the heavily guarded rows of guards before they reached the square in front of the general’s camp.

At the entrance to the square stood the personal guards of General Yan. They were like bronze sculptures, motionlessly standing there.

After passing the authentication, Yi Yun and Hu Ya went into the square. There were already dozens of people waiting.

These people were, without any exceptions, young men. They all looked fine, no one of them looked like an ordinary person!

These people were the young warriors that had passed the Kingdom’s selection!

Looking at their clothes, some of them wore extremely luxurious clothes. Some of them were sewn from divine silk, which made it difficult for a normal sword to cut through.

Others had expensive weapons with them. The cost of those weapons were much higher than Yi Yun’s Yanchi saber.

“These people… aren’t from the Cloud Wilderness” Yi Yun suddenly realized. This Kingdom’s selection was not only held in the Cloud Wilderness, but everywhere within the Divine Kingdom. As such, many people were recruited.

They were the young elites from all parts of the Divine Kingdom!

Yi Yun noticed there were people surrounding a large animal skin drum which he did not know why.

Upon the arrival of Yi Yun, Zhang Tan and Hu Ya, they immediately attracted the attention of many people.

“Haha! Isn’t this Thousand Households Zhang?” Just as Zhang Tan brought Yi Yun and Hu Ya into the square, a stout man came forward. The man was wearing a shiny gold armor with his helmet held to his chest. He looked powerful.

Not only that, he had larger than average ears that protruded out, making him look comical.

Following behind the big eared man was six youths in extraordinary outfits.

“Thousand Households Liu!” Zhang Tan cupped his fists as he smiled and licked his lips.

Yi Yun could feel that there was spark within Zhang Tan’s eyes when he looked at the big-eared man.

In the army, they would all work together in the battlefield. But in private, different teams vied against each other!

During normal training, demonstrations or up on the battlefield fighting, all of them would stretch to their fullest to compete against one another!

To soldiers, the collective glory was their pride!

So whenever the Jin Long Wei’s Thousand Households meet, they would try to impress each other.

“Tsk! Thousand Households Zhang, you went to recruit troops in the Cloud Wilderness. This recruit must be from the Cloud Wilderness…”

The big-eared man pointed at Hu Ya. He did not count Yi Yun because Yi Yun was wearing his flying fish robe with a Yanchi saber by his side. He did not look like youth from the vast wilderness.

As for Hu Ya, he had a wildness associated with him like that of a wolf or leopard. It made him look like he came from the vast wilderness.

So the big-eared man thought Yi Yun was just a young master accompanying Zhang Tan into the Jin Long Wei camp.

Zhang Tan did not reply, and the big-eared man carried on, “Bro, a few days ago I went to the Nanjun province of the Jing state and there were a few family clans there where I chose a few good seedlings!”

“Speaking of the Jing state Nanjun province’s family clans, they are full of astounding young men. Too bad for that there’s were not enough spots for me, causing me to miss out on some good seedlings. Such a waste.” The big-eared man said it as he eyed the youths behind him. Clearly these youths were selected by the big-eared man. They were indeed handsome and grand. It was obvious that they were top-notch.

“These six kids are all going to become Jin Long Wei elites! As long as they pass the recruit training, they will enter my Sky Wolf camp and become elite soldiers under my care!”

According to unspoken rules of the Jin Long Wei, whoever selected the soldiers could recruit them under their flag.

This was similar to the imperial examinations. Whoever the examiner admitted would become the students of the examiner.

Hence, the various Thousand Households were secretly competing.

The selected disciples would become their own soldiers, who wouldn’t be more meticulous?

Zhang Tan who had gone to the Cloud Wilderness had suffered. The talent in the Cloud Wilderness was much worse.

As for the big-eared man, he had gone to the Jing state Nanjun province where there were large family clans. It was a gravy train.

The big-eared man was a veteran and had been competing with Zhang Tan for years. He had managed to get back at Zhang Tan this time round, making him extremely happy.

Especially since Zhang Tan had only chosen Hu Ya as an elite member. Not comparing on quality, just by the quantity, Zhang Tan had lost to him.

Zhang Tan smiled and stroked his chin saying, “Liu Big Ear, you don’t have to flaunt in front of me. Indeed, the six of them are not bad! But they may not be better than the two I chose! It is about the quality, not the quantity!”

Zhang Tan was confident in his taste. Yi Yun was needless to say, but even Hu Ya was extraordinary. On this trip, Zhang Tan had been observing Hu Ya and found him to his liking.


Liu Big Ear was surprised. He had originally thought that Zhang Tan had only chosen one and never expected Zhang Tan to say he had chosen two.

The first was Hu Ya, then the second was…

He looked with astonishment at Yi Yun. This Young master kid was a recruit Zhang Tan chose from the Cloud Wilderness?

How could it be… his clothes…

Liu Big Ear had already noticed that Yi Yun was wearing the flying fish robe. As a soldier of the Divine Kingdom, Liu Big Ear was extremely sensitive to the dressings of the various nobles. How could he not notice the flying fish robe?

Although the six youths behind him wore clothes that were made of material with much higher quality than the flying fish robe, it was no f**king use!

The value of the clothes was determined by the meaning the clothes represented.

Wealthy businessmen could wear expensive clothes, but the respect they gained was much worse.

“He’s wearing a flying fish robe and has been made a Kingdom Knight! The recruit you brought from the Cloud Wilderness has been made a Kingdom Knight?” Liu Big Ear was stunned. He could not believe that Yi Yun was originally not a noble. How could a Kingdom Knight come from the Cloud Wilderness?

There could only be one possibility and that was Zhang Tan had chosen Yi Yun, and by pleading to the upper echelon of the Jin Long Wei, helped him become a Kingdom Knight!

He was just a Kingdom Knight too, the same rank as a damn kid standing beside Zhang Tan!

How could Liu Big Ear feel comfortable about it?

I chose six recruits, each like a dragon, and did not request a title from headquarters. You went to the Cloud Wilderness, a godforsaken place to select and actually managed to confer a Kingdom Knight!