True Martial World Chapter 1432

Chapter 1432 Entering The Ancient Ruins
Chapter 1432: Entering the Ancient Ruins

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The moment Yi Yun passed through the ancient battlefield's entrance, he felt his cultivation level rapidly decrease. He was alarmed at the speed of it, but when his cultivation level hit the ninth-storey Dao Palace realm, it immediately stabilized.

"So this is the suppression effect of the ancient battlefield." Yi Yun had already calmed down. Everyone who entered the ancient battlefield was put at an equal strength regardless of cultivation level. And this standard was apparently the ninth storey Dao Palace realm.

Yi Yun cast his gaze out but there was only an endless sea of sand. Even the sky took on a yellowish hue. Nothing prominent could be seen at all.

At that moment, Yi Yun went on alert as a feeling of danger appeared. At the same time, his psyche felt a prick. He immediately took out Mirage Snow and slashed forward.

A ice-cold sword flash streaked straight as blood immediately splattered in the desert. Simultaneously, he heard a sharp, tragic scream.

However, Yi Yun's expression turned increasingly contorted. The moment he activated his Purple Crystal's vision, he could vaguely make out gray shadows that flashed around him like lightning. Only with his energy vision could he strike them with his sword. It was impossible to detect them with his perception.

What were those things? They were astoundingly fast and were capable of psychic attacks.

Yi Yun suddenly felt a shudder run through him. Out of nowhere, countless grayish faint shadows appeared around him.

It was no wonder the geniuses made it a point to form teams when entering. It was to prevent themselves from being surrounded by the gray shadows. If that happened, one could quickly become mentally disabled by their psychic attacks. It was even possible that they would not see what had attacked them.

It was unknown what happened in the ancient battlefield that produced these gray shadows. Perhaps they were remnant souls from ancient times.

Although Yi Yun was surrounded, he did not get flustered. Although his perception was unable to detect the gray shadows, they could not escape his Purple Crystal vision.


A gray shadow that hid amid the desert sands quickly flew towards Yi Yun and was struck down by his sword.

After the gray shadow was slain, a blurry light flew into Yi Yun's psyche. Following that, Yi Yun felt comfort in the spot where he suffered a prick previously. It was as though it was immersed in a hot spring. It even made his psyche feel more robust.

Yi Yun was taken aback before the implication of this delighted him. The cultivation of one's psyche was extremely difficult. He never expected that killing these gray shadows would strengthen his psyche.

With that being true, how could Yi Yun hold back when he saw all the gray shadows around him? Mirage Snow instantly streaked out resplendent sword flashes as Yi Yun charged into the gray shadow horde.

The gray shadows appeared to be taken aback. They had never seen a warrior take the initiative to charge at them. Furthermore, the warrior was alone

Sword flashes swept the area and Yi Yun soon discovered that, although the gray shadows were odd and dangerous, they had no other means of attack apart from their psychic assaults. Although they themselves could not be detected with a psychic perception, one could see a faint psychic trajectory when they launched their attacks.

After killing more than a hundred gray shadows, Yi Yun deactivated the Purple Crystal vision.

Once he deactivated it, Yi Yun constantly felt attacks in his psyche. But after every attack, he would immediately trace the psychic trajectories back to the gray shadow that attacked and kill it.

As this went on, Yi Yun's psyche constantly received damage before being mended.

Through such honing, his psyche became more and more robust

The ancient battlefield was dangerous from the very start, but danger also implied benefits.

Each of the other teams in the desert gathered themselves. Many of them had a few artifacts that fended off psychic attacks. Once they were activated, everyone quickly flew away within the artifact's area of influence.

As for the young girl, Mengyi, who had wings of light, every flap of her wings sent countless points of light into the surroundings. Once those gray shadows touched a point of light, it would immediately reveal their locations. Mengyi could fly even faster through such a method. The geniuses behind her also flew as fast as they could.

Dirong struck directly forward with his fist, sending a huge blast of wind shooting out, instantly blasting the space ahead with such strength that he even ruptured space itself. Naturally, the gray shadows vanished.

As for Qinglin, he was nowhere to be seen. He had long flown straight ahead. If the other warriors saw this scene, they would definitely be surprised because he was constantly slaying the gray shadows under the protection of a psyche defense artifact. His speed was unbelievably fast.

Be it the White Lunar Divine Empire or the other factions from the Sinkhole, all of them had means to deal with the gray shadows. Top geniuses like Qinglin would use the gray shadows to condense their psyche and make it more robust.

Luoyue was among the Scarlet Yang continent team. Her eyes were filled with worry as she kept looking around.

Also in the team was Lie Rikong, who had a halo suffusing his head that blocked the gray shadows' assault. Beyond the halo, nothing could be seen. However, the constant stirrings of attacks could be seen hitting the halo's exterior.

The defensive artifact was given by King Scarlet Yang himself. It was a top-grade artifact of the continent. However, Yi Yun did not have such an artifact and he was alone

Luoyue was somewhat worried. She knew Yi Yun was capable but wondered if he could handle a battlefield that he was completely unfamiliar with. She wanted to find Yi Yun amid the desert but the yellow sand screened off everything. She could not even see past a few meters, much less find Yi Yun.

At that moment, the area in front of them turned clear.

"We are leaving the Psyche Vanquishing Desert. Up ahead is the real ancient battlefield. However, although every team must fly through the Psyche Vanquishing Desert, they will not exit it at the same destination." Lie Rikong's voice sounded.

When they landed, Luoyue realized that only three teams had arrived at the same spot as them despite the numerous teams she saw go in. Furthermore, none of them were from the White Lunar Divine Empire.

These teams exchanged tense looks before immediately departing to head for the ancient battlefield. Clearly, this was not the place for a fight.

"Let's go as well," said Lie Rikong.

Luoyue continued looking back at the desert. At that moment, she heard Lie Jiaojiao's sarcastic voice come from amid the group. "Despite us successfully traversing the desert, our top-grade artifact has suffered quite considerable damage. How can a person make it through the Psyche Vanquishing Desert alone? Even if a person was capable of doing so, they would have to be an astounding peerless figure, not some itinerant cultivator."

Lie Jiaojiao had said that deliberately to provoke Luoyue. She had a grudge with her but was unable to attack her directly because of the Nanxuan family clan. However, provoking her was satisfying enough.

Luoyue gave Lie Jiaojiao a glance but did not say a word. Her eyes were fixated on the Psyche Vanquishing Desert's interior. She silently said, "Senior Brother Yi, I hope that everything will be alright."

She could only hope that Yi Yun had appeared at a different exit instead of perishing inside the Psyche Vanquishing Desert.

Soon, nearly all the teams had departed the Psyche Vanquishing Desert. Apart from a few warriors that received unexpected attacks, causing them to plummet from the sky and instantly vanish amid the desert sands, most people managed to pass through the Psyche Vanquishing Desert safely.

They appeared in different spots of the ancient battlefield before proceeding further.

They had already forgotten the young warrior that had entered the Psyche Vanquishing Desert alone.

And some time after all the teams departed, a figure suddenly charged out of the Psyche Vanquishing Desert.

"Oh? That's the end of it?" The person's eyes looked discontented, as if unsatisfied by the premature ending. Realizing that there was no longer a desert, he felt somewhat disappointed.

If anyone was still around, they would definitely be rendered extremely speechless. Every team yearned to leave the Psyche Vanquishing Desert as soon as possible but this person even appeared repulsed by the fact that the desert was not large enough.

He was none other than Yi Yun. He turned back and found the desert rather strange. Having reached where he was, he felt like he had been blocked by a natural barrier. It felt like the billowing desert's sandstorm was a gigantic wall that reached into the skies.

Yi Yun attempted to go back into the desert but felt a formless obstruction.

"I can't fly backwards. That means that the huge door only permits entry and not exit." Yi Yun came to this conclusion.

If he wanted to exit, he could only do so by crushing the token he received. There was a tiny teleportation array embedded in it.

Yi Yun had reaped a huge harvest inside the Psyche Vanquishing Desert. His psyche had been fortified by more than ten percent. With a scan of his perception, he could see everything, including the motions of ants, in a fifty kilometer radius.

Yi Yun took out the jade slip that Luoyue had given him. He determined his location according to the surroundings environment he was in.

The jade slip Luoyue had given him contained information based on the accounts of geniuses who had entered the ancient battlefield, as well as information they purchased. It included a map of the ancient battlefield, with many dangerous spots or spots that offered great benefits labeled.

However, there were many blank spots or places with nothing but a crude description on the map. According to the jade slip, this was because some places would only appear randomly with each ancient battlefield's opening. Certain places only appeared once every few centuries, while there were other places that only appeared after tens or hundreds of thousands of years. It would be up to one's fate if they were able to enter such spots.

And to finally leave one's name on the World Monolith, it was not about the number of enemies killed but the number of special opportunities one received in the Ancient Ruins world.

In order to obtain these things, one not only needed the light from providence to shine on them, they would also require sufficient strength.