True Martial World Chapter 1434

Chapter 1434 Entry
Chapter 1434: Entry

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The Recognition Monument was only about a hundred feet tall but it exuded a mysterious aura. The few names on it were left eons ago but remained visible. One could even sense the different experts' auras from the strokes that made up their respective names.

"If one leaves their name on a Recognition Monument like this one, it should be very helpful in leaving a name on the World Monolith eventually," thought Yi Yun.

But even leaving his name on the monument in front of him was absolutely not a simple task. There were fewer than ten names sparsely carved on the monument and they were the culmination of tens of thousands of years of effort.

It only made the Divine Perish Hall appear even more extraordinary.

At that moment, a stream of light rapidly approached.

"Di Rong!"

"Disciple of White Lunar Divine Empire's Second Imperial Preceptor!"

Yi Yun glanced at Di Rong, who had come alone. He was filled with an air of bloodlust and the gigantic blood-colored ax slung on his back appeared even more sanguine. It had clearly absorbed the blood of something not long ago.

The other warriors also noticed the smell of blood on Di Rong. They immediately looked at him with apprehension. Di Rong had already killed someone just moments after entering the ancient battlefield. He was definitely one that reveled in bloodlust.

The person who Di Rong killed did not even have the time to shatter his token and be transported out. It was unknown if Di Rong had sealed off the space ahead of time or his speed was just that insanely fast. Since the person did not even have a chance of shattering their token, any explanation just showed how savage Di Rong was.

And there were other geniuses from the White Lunar Divine Empire there too. When they saw him arrive, they felt pumped up as they quickly headed to his side.

"Senior Brother Di, this is the Divine Perish Hall," said a short White Lunar Divine Empire warrior sycophantically. The warrior came from a minor faction and he had kept silent among the crowd before Di Rong's arrival. He only dared stepped forward after Di Rong arrived.

"Oh? Not bad. It's indeed the Divine Perish Hall. From the looks of it, my luck is pretty good!" Di Rong's voice sounded like a deep rumbling thunder. He looked at the Divine Perish Hall with burning eagerness.

He scanned his surroundings and, other than a few people and Li Fire Divine Lord that made him take a second look, no one caught his eye. He knew the names and reputation of every top genius from the major factions.

Although Li Fire Divine Lord was stronger than him, it was practically impossible for him to leave his name on the monument. The higher one's cultivation level and age was, the harder it was to leave one's name. The chances of success for someone like him were practically negligible.

Di Rong looked at the White Lunar Divine Empire geniuses that were standing close to the hall's doorway. He said to the warriors who had reserved spots due to their early arrival, "Make way."

The expressions of the warriors immediately turned livid. But faced with Di Rong's raging murderous intent, none of them dared say a word. They silently shifted to the side.

Li Fire Divine Lord, Wan Qing, and company also came before the hall's door. And the warriors that came from the same faction quickly responded by making way without need for instruction.

"Punk, it's best you do not try to flee." Wan Qing turned his head as he gave a sinister grin. He was warning Yi Yun not to take the opportunity to escape.

Many of the surroundings warriors cast a look of pity or schadenfreude on Yi Yun. He was an itinerant cultivator that even the White Lunar Divine Empire thought nothing of. Therefore, how could he be the match of Wan Qing, a follower of Li Divine Lord? The best course of action for him was to shatter his token and escape.

Of course, as the ancient battlefield had only just begun, leaving now only meant a wasted trip. However, it was still better than throwing away his life.

Di Rong glanced at Yi Yun and frowned. "That's him?" After some thought, he said to the short warrior, "Go and tell him to come over."

With so many people treating Yi Yun as a joke, he could not allow the White Lunar Divine Empire to have its reputation sullied in front of him. He would not have cared if it was happening outside his watch.

The warrior immediately acted on his request and came in front of Yi Yun, "Come with me to Senior Brother Di's side."

Yi Yun took a glance at the warrior and said, "There's no need."

Di Rong pricked up his brows but immediately understood the reason. Since Yi Yun was not planning on receiving his protection, he was likely planning on escaping. He clearly had a certain level of skill to be able to traverse the Psyche Vanquishing Desert alone, but to escape right from under Li Fire Divine Lord's nose with that bit of skill? He might not even have time to crush the token.

Li Fire Divine Lord clearly thought the same as a sneer suffused the corner of his lips.

The short warrior was taken aback. He never expected Yi Yun to reject Di Rong's good intentions. From the looks of it, the reason why no one from the Scarlet Yang continent wanted him was solely the result of his own actions. He really did not know what was best for him.

But almost immediately, his eyes widened as Yi Yun walked to a spot in front of the hall's doorway with a composed look despite the many eyes on him.

Due to Di Rong and Li Fire Divine Lord's insistence, the area in front of the doorway was mostly empty. Even so, no one squeezed ahead.

As for Yi Yun, he appeared completely unaware of the situation. He stood there extremely naturally.

Wan Qing jolted out of his senses as he stared at Yi Yun in disbelief, "How gutsy. You"

"What? Didn't you ask me not to flee? Yet, you are afraid when I'm not fleeing?" Yi Yun gave him a darting glance and said this with a sneer.

The corner of Wan Qing's mouth twitched but he completely calmed down. "Good, you have guts."

Di Rong also gave a look of surprise. His impression of Yi Yun changed. He was unlike Meng Yi or Qing Lin. He believed that warriors needed to be unyielding. Stooping to a compromise was bullshit. One had to fight even if they were no match.

However, those that lost and died were weaklings. He had no interest in weaklings.

Li Fire Divine Lord glanced at Yi Yun with an even darker look. To him, Yi Yun was already a dead man.

The surrounding warriors watched as Yi Yun stood there alone there with mixed looks. Some were impressed by him while many people believed that Yi Yun looked composed because he could just crush his token at any time. He was only a paper tiger. They could only chalk it up to his ignorance, knowing that the token would not save him if people were truly bent on killing him.

After Yi Yun stood there for some time, the Divine Perish Hall suddenly rumbled.

A mysterious and austere voice sounded from within. It was as though the entire palatial hall had woken up from its slumber.

Everyone knew that the Divine Perish Hall was opening.

After hearing the deep sound, the Divine Perish Hall's gigantic doors gradually swung sideways, revealing an entrance filled with an ancient aura.

Yi Yun looked up at the Divine Perish Hall and felt all his lifeblood being stirred by the hall. He had an involuntary urge to enter. It was unknown how long the Divine Perish Hall had existed but it still had such a terrifying aura that secretly alarmed Yi Yun.

"The Divine Perish Hall is open. This is the first ancient forbidden ground I will be entering. I have to leave my name here as a representative of the White Lunar Divine Empire." Di Rong stood up. He appeared very normal before standing up but when he fully stood up, a violent aura surged from his body. His eyes burned with fighting spirit.

As Di Rong walked into the hall, Li Fire Divine Lord followed. His red robes transformed into a fiery red beam of light that shot into the hall. "Let's go."

Yi Yun also raised his foot up the stairs to head inside the Divine Perish Hall. But at that moment, he felt a psyche perception land on him. A psyche mark had been planted on him. Yi Yun only sneered in response. Ignoring the fact that Wan Qing had no plans on sparing him, Yi Yun would not spare him even if Wan Qing did not want a fight so badly.

Warriors constantly entered the Divine Perish Hall as the door remained open. The ancient aura likewise constantly spread outwards.

The moment he stepped into the Divine Perish Hall, Yi Yun felt something strange. He felt like he was being pushed out by the Divine Perish Hall.

Yi Yun looked forward. Although Di Rong and Li Fire Divine Lord were walking slowly ahead of him, they were still proceeding forward.

The push gradually strengthened as Yi Yun felt that he was being repelled by the Divine Perish Hall. The gap between him and the first batch of people also widened. If this continued, he would eventually be completely expelled from the Divine Perish Hall.

Yi Yun did not falter under such circumstances. He calmed his mind and did not resist the expelling force. Instead, he fully immersed himself in the feeling of the powers contained in the pushing force.

Gradually, Yi Yun realized in surprise that the pushing force was a nomological force, one formed from many laws.

As long as he found the corresponding method to deal with any one law with a negative polarity, he would be able to continue forward.

Yi Yun then realized that Di Rong and company had grasped this long before he did. It was the same with Li Fire Divine Lord. Indeed, these top geniuses and Divine Lords had an advantage over itinerant cultivators like him.

This was not even the true interior of the Divine Perish Hall. It was just a passageway leading from the hall's main entrance. Many warriors that came here were pushed out for a period of time before they continued walking inside.

Yi Yun also planned on continuing forward but he came to a halt after a few steps.

The nomological forces contained in the pushing force were extremely intriguing. If he continued walking, it would only be considered as resorting to trickery. He would not be able to fully understand the underlying essence.

Yi Yun's resolve strengthened. He made his decision within seconds. He stopped taking steps forward, and instead stood there to silently experience the pushing force in full as he continuously inferred the mystery behind it.