True Martial World Chapter 1435

Chapter 1435 Abnormal Changes
Chapter 1435: Abnormal Changes

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Many people saw Yi Yun studying the laws in the passageway but thought nothing of him. They passed right by him and continued walking towards the Divine Perish Hall's interior.

In fact, they had also sensed the laws in the passageway but never thought to study them closer. The ancient battlefield had many places with such strange laws. Many predecessors had put in great effort to study these laws, but to no avail. Therefore, they didn't bother wasting their efforts.

Most warriors entered the ancient battlefield with jade slips filled with the experiences of their predecessors. They knew which forbidden lands were of the greatest value and which places had the most opportunities. There were even some unique obstacles that the jade slips had information on, allowing the holders to pass through them by pulling a trick.

The people who entered the ancient battlefield would mostly choose to follow what was laid out in their predecessor's guides. The advice saved them time and increased their efficiency, as well as ensured their safety.

"This Yi Yun probably does not dare to enter the hall with us. He's deliberately loitering by the door," Wan Qing scoffed.

He stepped through the main door of the inner sanctums of the Divine Perish Hall. The moment he did, he felt the world spin. He focused his eyes and realized that his surroundings had changed drastically. There was no longer a hall, and in its place was a luxuriant plain.

The sky looked overcast and the sun was being hidden by clouds that lingered perennially. There was violent Yuan Qi in the air, as well as a thick bloodlust.

"Lord Li Fire, what is this place?"

The world appeared extremely dangerous to Wan Qing. This was not the Divine Perish Hall he had imagined.

At that moment, a warrior's scream was heard not far away. Wan Qing immediately looked over. The warrior had followed closely behind them and, after taking a few steps forward, his body exploded, reducing to a blood mist. And the spot he died on was completely void of anything.

"This" Wan Qing's pupils constricted. He had no idea how the person had died. For a person to die immediately upon entry, this place was just too creepy!

"Lord Li Fire, what do we do?" Wan Qing turned a little flustered. He never expected to suddenly step into such a dangerous environment.

"Stop quivering!" bellowed Li Fire Divine Lord coldly.

Li Fire Divine Lord was looking at the world with knitted brows. It was indeed not the Divine Perish Hall as it was recorded in canon. Either this was a place that looked identical but was in fact different, or the Divine Perish Hall had experienced some abnormal changes.


Li Fire Divine Lord's heart suddenly stirred. He swiped his interspatial ring, and an emerald green jade token appeared in his hand.

It was the teleportation token of the ancient battlefield. But at that moment, the runes on it had lost their luster. It was completely dark.

"The teleportation tokens are no longer effective," said Li Fire Divine Lord matter-of-factly.

"What Then" Wan Qing's heart tightened. In certain worlds within the confines of the ancient battlefield, they would be screened by a world layer, making teleportation tokens ineffective.

And under normal conditions, such worlds within worlds were extremely dangerous. Without the token, their fates were pretty much up to the heavens. There were records in canon stating that all warriors who entered died tragically.

"If you are worried about your safety, just leave. It should still be possible to leave since you just entered this forbidden land. But once you walk further in, it will become difficult to leave," said Li Fire Divine Lord as he shot a glance at Wan Qing.

"I" Wan Qing was indeed lacking in confidence. His talent was not considered heaven-defying but he did not wish to show fear in front of Li Fire Divine Lord. He gritted his teeth and said, "Lord Li Fire, I came to the ancient battlefield to challenge myself. If I were to retreat in the face of great opportunities, I will probably not amount to much in my martial career. I want to enter!"

"Then follow me!" Li Fire Divine Lord now appeared somewhat cold towards Wan Qing. Although they came from the same family, Wan Qing was not someone he needed to take particular care of, considering his position.

"I felt an intense killing intent just now. That person was destroyed by a blob of killing intent," said Li Fire Divine Lord.

Just aura alone could kill a person? How terrifying was this killing intent!? Wan Qing was alarmed but he did not dare ask further.

He followed Li Fire Divine Lord as though he was treading on thin ice. He did not know that, outside the Divine Perish Hall, a few of the ancient names that were not deeply engraved on the ancient Recognition Monument were slowly vanishing. It appeared as though they were suffering the wrath of the elements, millions of years of weathering compressed into a few seconds.

This scene was witnessed by many people that were just arriving outside the Divine Perish Hall, as well as those that failed to enter the Divine Perish Hall in a timely fashion.

"What's happening? The names on the monument suddenly disappeared. There are only two names left?"

Not only were there two names left, the marks of the two names appeared to be corroded by the elements. They turned very faint and appeared to be barely etched into the surface. It would probably take a few months for them to vanish.

"Dong Xiaochen, Zi Cheze! These two names"

Most people did not know who Zi Cheze was but Dong Xiaochen was an illustrious expert. Although he was only a double-sealed Divine Lord, one of the two Divine Lord Royal Seals he fused with was a Saint Royal Seal that had been passed down from ancient times.

With that one Saint Royal Seal, Dong Xiaochen became well-known. A few old freaks with deep cultivation levels had attempted to kill him to snatch his Royal Seal but only ended up being killed by him.

Dong Xiaochen's reputation increased greatly from that battle alone.

"This is something. Even someone as strong as Dong Xiaochen was only able to leave behind a very faint name on this monument. The names of the others have completely vanished. It's as though they were not qualified to leave their names on it. What is happening with this Divine Perish Hall?"

People were baffled, but knew without a doubt that something abnormal had happened to the Divine Perish Hall. Furthermore, it became even more dangerous.

If Dong Xiaochen had barely left his name on the Divine Perish Hall's monument, then there was no point in most of them entering the hall. It was very possible for them to perish inside in the event of any mishap.

But even though they were cognizant of this, many people were unwilling to be the first to retreat. After all, danger implied greater opportunities!

"The opening of the Divine Perish Hall is different this time. It's unknown how long this entrance can be maintained. If we give up out of fear, we might be abandoning the only chance we have to experience a metamorphic life change!"

"That's right. Riches lie where danger lies. I find it unacceptable to see a treasure trove and not enter. I'll risk it. At least I won't feel regret!"

The ones who spoke were two young geniuses from Magnificent Heaven. They were young and aggressive, having extremely great ambition. Although it was a forbidden ground that the likes Dong Xiaochen barely qualified for, they still chose to step in without any hesitation!

As though spurred on by the two geniuses, many of the warriors behind them stepped into the Divine Perish Hall as well.

One still heads to the tiger infested mountain despite knowing what it is! These genius warriors had come to the ancient battlefield to search for opportunities. Warriors lived to defy the heavens. If they avoided dangers upon encountering them, what was the point in cultivating in martial arts?

Of course, there were many who did not share that thought. If they lost their lives, the pursuit of the martial path wouldn't matter. Knowing oneself was important as well.

"Oh? This person is"

The moment they entered the Divine Perish Hall, they did not encounter the sweeping danger they had expected. Instead, they saw a person standing by the hall's entrance.

In the beginning, they thought that the person had noticed the abnormal changes of the Divine Perish Hall and had feared entering. But upon careful observation, the person appeared to be studying something. And from the way he stood, it looked like had been studying it for a while.

This rendered them all speechless. They had charged into the Divine Perish Hall filled with fighting spirit, with ardor and zeal coursing through their blood. Yet this person was just standing there, studying the Divine Perish Hall's passageway?

What was so interesting about the passageway that it needed studying? It was a no brainer that the most dangerous but also most opportune places were in the inner sanctums of the Divine Perish Hall. What treasures could such an empty passageway have?

"Isn't he that warrior from the White Lunar Divine Empire?"

A few people recognized Yi Yun. They were somewhat alarmed since Yi Yun had come alone. He did not appear to be weak but it was quite odd for him to stay there to study the laws in the passageway. It felt like he was picking up timber to burn when there was an immortal paradise full of divine peaches right in front of him.

"Ignore him. Let's enter," said the two Magnificent Heaven geniuses. The passageway had some repulsive laws that were no stranger to them. The jade slips from their ancestors also had information on his, so they easily withstood the repulsion with a little trick.

People continued walking into the Divine Perish Hall but Yi Yun did not even glance at them.

Yi Yun obviously had the Nanxuan family clan's jade slip in his hand. But he did not plan on abiding by the guides that were recorded in it.

After all, the ones that left behind such experience guides were only human, not the Heavenly Dao or God.

By following the instructions as laid out in the guide, he might be able to take shortcuts but he might also miss certain unknowns that previous warriors never found. It would prevent him from going beyond what the people who came before him had attained.

This was also the reason why Yi Yun insisted on buying the Decimation Token despite knowing that it was useless.

Even now, the laws were chaotic and strange. Despite knowing that others had studied it to no avail, or that it might not be worth anything at first glance, Yi Yun still chose to spend a lot of time on it.

He remained at the Divine Perish Hall's entrance for a long period of time. He failed to figure out the laws, but for some reason they felt like something he had encountered before. When he probed, however, that feeling of familiarity disappeared again. It was as though it was an ephemeral idea of brilliance that he failed to grasp.

Could it be that the laws are related to a cultivation technique I cultivated in the past?

Yi Yun recalled the most mysterious cultivation technique he had cultivated10000 Demon Wheel of Existence.

Back when Yi Yun participated in the Luo clan's trials in the Primordial Empyrean Heaven, he saw something in the Purple Crystal Chaos Stone that astounded him. A man with long hair wore a black suit of armor, and held a spear in hand. Yi Yun felt that this person was a good distance away from him, but the moment he saw him, Yi Yun felt his heart quiver intensely. He felt like he was facing the Universe and the primordial stars.

The person exuded intense killing intent that made the worldly laws tremble. Amid such magnificent pressure, Yi Yun felt like he was a tiny boat in a storm, one that could be swallowed up at any time.

But what alarmed Yi Yun most was that the spear-wielding man clearly had a purple-colored crystal by his chest. And it was none other than the Purple Crystal Origins!

Following that, the man threw the spear as it constantly grew in size while traveling through the universe. It kept growing until it finally reached an incredulous size. It could string up hundreds of stars! When the large spear landed beneath the man's feet, there was land, oceans, plants, animals, and even Fey beasts and humans growing on the spear.

A spear transformed into a narrow world strip simply like that.

Yi Yun did not know what sort of concept allowed one to casually transform one's weapon into a world, but he knew deep down that the long-haired man was the strongest person he had ever encountered in his life.

Yi Yun had never seen a Godly Monarch but he had seen the eight Godly Monarchs' statues. He felt that even they were inferior to him.

And this person was once the owner of the Purple Crystal.

Yi Yun also figured out the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence from the runic shadows that appeared when the man created a world.

It was a mysterious cultivation technique that, despite him only understanding an inkling of it, allowed him to produce unquestionable might.

The ultimate law that Yi Yun usedDao of Major Destructionstemmed from the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence.

Yi Yun recalled the legend of the Ancient Ruins world's ancient battlefield. Someone called it the real Sinkhole and others said that it was the battlefield of ancient God Spirits. There were others who said that it was a world formed naturally by the Heavenly Dao

The chaotic laws by the Divine Perish Hall's entrance were like the tip of the iceberg. However, they inspired Yi Yun to make a bold guess. Could it be that the Ancient Ruins world's ancient battlefield was created by a person that exceeded a Godly Monarch, someone like the Purple Crystal owner? Could it be similar to how he created a world with his spear?

Or could it be possible that this ancient battlefield was the world created by his spear?