True Martial World Chapter 1436

Chapter 1436 Blood Beam
Chapter 1436: Blood Beam

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The sudden thought made Yi Yun draw a cold gasp of air. If he looked at it that way, the ancient times of the world he was in must have held many secrets.

In order to verify his guess, Yi Yun circulated the Dao of Major Destruction, forming a 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence in his dantian. As it spun slowly, the laws within the passageway stirred violently as though in response. Even the passageway itself began to tremble.


Many warriors that were walking ahead of him paused before they stepped foot into the inner sanctums. They were stunned by the sudden quaking of the passageway.

Someone looked around, hoping to determine the cause of the problem. This person noticed that Yi Yun's eyes were still closed. He was still standing there completely composed while studying the laws at the entrance, as if nothing had happened.

"This guy truly is a genius when it comes to being a fool!"

People were rendered speechless. They were fired up, ready to storm the Divine Perish Hall. They didn't care if he stopped there to study a passageway that had nothing. But now, something abnormal was actually happening to the passageway. Yet he was still studying it? Wasn't he afraid that danger might suddenly rear its head in the passageway, robbing him of his life?

"Don't divert your attention onto others. We must hurry inside. The laws of this passageway have turned more chaotic. Who knows what unforeseen changes might occur? It might even explode. Let's go in quickly."

As the genius from Magnificent Heaven spoke, he put everything he had into walking towards the inner sanctum. The chaotic laws had made it more difficult to proceed.

But just as his voice faded, the entire passageway lit up with a glaring beam of light. It gathered in midair, forming a blood-colored blob of light about the size of a fist.

Such a change astonished people once again. What was happening this time!?

They watched helplessly as the blob of blood-colored light appeared. The chaotic laws in the passageway turned calm once again. They no longer found it difficult to walk. But almost immediately, something happened that almost made their eyes pop out of their heads. The blob of light few towards Yi Yun of its own accord.

Yi Yun, who had his eyes closed in ruminative meditation, grabbed the blob of light and directly placed it into his interspatial ring.

No one knew what the blob of light was. But anything that appeared in the Divine Perish Hall after after it underwent a change must be something of note. Why did the blob of light fly to Yi Yun? Could it be that he had truly gained some incredible insight?

At that moment, Yi Yun no longer had his eyes closed to ponder over the laws. The repulsive force in the hall's entrance had vanished as well. It was as though the chaotic laws had fused themselves into the blob of blood-colored light that flew to Yi Yun.

The two geniuses from Magnificent Heaven's jaws dropped in astonishment. What the heck!? This was only a passageway. There were so many mysterious and unfathomable opportunities that lay in wait within the Divine Perish Hall's inner sanctums. Yet, this fellow had targeted the empty passageway. They originally thought his actions to be extremely foolish but he actually managed to gain insights and change the laws of the area. He even gained some kind of benefit!

This left them feeling like they had been screwed by some Ancient Fey.

If they had known earlier, they would have also paused to study the laws. Perhaps they might have gained certain insights as well!

"Punk, what did you get?"

A Magnificent Heaven genius could not help but ask.

Yi Yun looked up to glance at him. He sneered inwardly. How could he tell others what he had obtained?

In fact, Yi Yun did not manage to figure out the laws at the entrance. Although he discovered that the laws were indeed related to his 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence, the creator of the laws was at a level far higher than his. All he managed to do was uncover the tip of the iceberg. Fully understanding the laws present was a fantasy. All he did was a make a hopeful attempt of circulating his 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence. He never expected to be suddenly rewarded. Even he was surprised by what had happened.

"Stop there!"

Seeing Yi Yun ignore him completely as he walked straight towards the inner sanctums of the Divine Perish Hall, the youth from Magnificent Heaven's expression turned cold.

"What is it? You want to attack me?"

Yi Yun turned to look at him.

A glint flashed in the youth's eyes. He was weighing the possibility of obtaining the item Yi Yun had received by defeating him.

However, Yi Yun had a mid-stage Supremacy cultivation level even if he was an itinerant cultivator without a background. In comparison, the youth was only at the Dao Palace realm.

Everyone's cultivation level in the ancient battlefield was set to the ninth-storey Dao Palace but there were still differences in the nomological insights of a Supremacy and a Dao Palace warrior.

The Magnificent Heaven youth was sizing up Yi Yun's combat strength. He was a genius that was nearly peerless at his realm. If he combined forces with his partner, he could very well defeat Yi Yun.

It was worth trying.

Just as the youth was about to share his thoughts with his junior brother through a voice transmission, Yi Yun suddenly moved!

He was like a ferocious tiger descending the mountain. He instantly appeared in front of the Magnificent Heaven genius, striking out with a punch!

This punch carried boundless might. Yi Yun had tempered his body with the Dragon Emperor Technique so that, even without using Yuan Qi, his physical attacks were not something warriors of the same realm could withstand.

The Magnificent Heaven youth's expression changed drastically as he felt the pressure of the punch seal all his bodily functions. It was impossible for him to dodge!

"Junior Brother, aid me"

Just as he shouted, Yi Yun's punch landed firmly on his chest. It shattered all his ribs as his innards exploded!

The Magnificent Heaven youth's body flew backwards like a ball being struck with a bat. He slammed heavily into the stone walls along the passageway!

He spewed out a large mouthful of blood. There was a destructive wound on his chest as he looked at Yi Yun in disbelief. He never expected that the difference between his and Yi Yun's strength was as stark as night and day. Ignoring the fact that Yi Yun was originally a mid-stage Supremacy, he was probably not Yi Yun's match even if they were at the same cultivation level.

"You You"

The Magnificent Heaven youth watched in horror as Yi Yun walked towards him. He gritted his teeth and shattered his teleportation token.

A white light fell from the sky, enveloping him completely. His blood-covered body vanished instantly.

He had been transported away!

The Divine Perish Hall's passageway had yet to bar the usage of the teleportation tokens. He made a snap decision. Knowing that he was no match for Yi Yun, he chose to leave the ancient battlefield immediately!

But this also meant that he had wasted a valuable slot and opportunity. After all, the ancient battlefield only opened once every sixty years. The younger one was, the higher the chance of one being able to leave their names behind. The chances of finding great opportunities would also be higher.

"He left just like that?"

Yi Yun pricked up his brows. In fact, he had no plans to kill the Magnificent Heaven youth. Although the youth had nefarious thoughts, he did not put out any killing intent. He probably only entertained the thought of robbing Yi Yun. Yi Yun never expected him to flee out of fear after he taught him a slight lesson.

Yi Yun turned to look at the other Magnificent Heaven genius whose face had been scared ashen. His senior brother nearly faced the full wrath of this god of death despite not having done anything. Had he tried to attack Yi Yun, what would the consequences have been?

"I I didn't do a thing, nor did I ask."

The Magnificent Heaven youth quickly washed his hands of the situation. Perhaps he might be next to bear the brunt of Yi Yun's anger. If that happened, all he could do was shatter the teleportation token to escape.