True Martial World Chapter 1439

Chapter 1439 Unexpected Intruder
Chapter 1439: Unexpected Intruder

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The tiny tree was situated deep in the Divine Perish Hall. The road leading to it was a treacherous one, with dangers lurking at every turn.

Of all the people drawn to the tiny tree, three of them were Divine Lords. They led teams and were naturally able to withstand the dangers of the Divine Perish Hall. There were even a few teams without Divine Lords that barely managed to make it through their cooperative efforts.

However, Yi Yun was alone.

"He stormed all the way here alone?" Wan Qing's eyes flashed a look of envy but he immediately recalled that Yi Yun had not teamed up with anyone when he first came to the ancient battlefield. He had easily passed through the Psyche Vanquishing Desert, likely because of his extraordinary perception abilities.

If his perception was that powerful, he could notice dangers such as killing aura vortices or the Netherworld water ahead of time and avoid them.

"Yi Yun, your fleeing abilities are quite noteworthy. You managed to walk out of the Psyche Vanquishing Desert alive and then make it all the way here. If you were killed by the killing aura vortices of the Psyche Vanquishing Desert, I would not have the chance to see the agonizing look on your face when you die," said Wan Qing in a teasing tone.

"Oh, it's you." Yi Yun seemed to only notice him at that moment. "How did you not die when you are so weak? From the looks of it, your family clan's protection of trash is quite noteworthy."

Yi Yun's words hit Wan Qing's soft spot. He had indeed relied on Li Fire Divine Lord to safely come so far.

"Being overly arrogant often leads to the early death of young people. Watch your words carefully, for teleportation tokens are not usable in the Divine Perish Hall!"

Li Fire Divine Lord narrowed his eyes at Yi Yun. By mentioning the inability to use teleportation tokens, he was making a barely-veiled threat. The threat of a Divine Lord was not something even someone as strong as Di Rong would ignore.

Yi Yun chuckled. "That's right. Teleportation tokens can't be used here. You are aware of that too. However, the Divine Perish Hall has only just begun to be dangerous and no one knows what it will throw at us later. Are you confident you can bring so much trash around and keep it safe through every situation that might arise? Besides it doesn't appear they will benefit at all by following you? All the benefits will definitely be yours in the end. The deeper you venture, the more danger there will be. If you fail to take care of them, they will be so out of luck. Or perhaps you plan on using them as cannon fodder?" Yi Yun said teasingly.

And his words not only succeeded in getting an ugly expression from Li Fire Divine Lord. Even Li Fire Divine Lord's disciples and Wan Qing took on the contorted face!

Yi Yun's words were extremely nasty but they had no way of refuting them.

It was true that they would only gain tiny benefits from following Li Fire Divine Lord. Furthermore, they could not believe any claim that he would take good care of every one of them. Just the journey here had caused many disciples to perish!

"Punk, do you have a death wish? How dare you malign my master!" A personal disciple of Li Fire Divine Lord said angrily. He shared a close relationship with Li Fire Divine Lord, after all. It was not easy for his master to take care of a bunch of people but it was not a problem for him to watch over his few disciples. As his personal disciple, it was somewhat likely he would share in the treasures Li Fire Divine Lord received.

"I'm living all fine and dandy, so why would I have a death wish? I believe it is all of you that wish to die. I bet some people are already regretting coming this far."

Yi Yun glanced at Wan Qing who couldn't tell whether it was intentional or not. Wan Qing's face was so gloomy that it looked as black as a wok's bottom. He really was regretting following Li Fire Divine Lord into the Divine Perish Hall. Now that he had reached this point, he was irrevocably committed.

"You should be grateful that this is a land of treasure or you would be a corpse by now."

Li Fire Divine Lord did not conceal his intention to kill Yi Yun. In the ancient battlefield, Li Fire Divine Lord's cultivation level had been repressed to the equivalent of an early-stage Supremacy. As for Yi Yun, he was repressed to the ninth-storey Dao Palace. That represented a considerable difference in realm. Although it was not difficult to kill Yi Yun, with so many people surrounding the treasure, it was clearly not the most opportune time to fight Yi Yun. It was imperative that he obtain the tiny tree first.

Before Yi Yun could say a word, a tranquil laughter rang out at that moment. "So your name is Yi Yun. What you just said has offended quite a number of people!"

Yi Yun found the voice familiar. He turned his head and saw a girl in a light-yellow dress.

He had seen her before. Back in the herbal valley from the Nanxuan family clan's records, the girl had invited Yi Yun to hunt for the Thousand Illusion Lotus together but Yi Yun had no interest in it and rejected her.

She naturally saw the appearance of the Divine Perish Hall as well and went there along with everyone else. Beside her was a Daoist nun with a whisk in hand. She had a Divine Lord cultivation level and had fused a Divine Lord Royal Seal. They had arrived just after Yi Yun.

The yellow-dressed girl appeared to share a close relationship with the Daoist nun, making it likely that they were master and disciple.

"There are many people here in situations not very different from Wan Qing's. They ventured deep into danger with their seniors without fully understanding the situation. Your words hit a soft spot for many people. That's fine for you to say what you like, but now Li Fire Divine Lord wants you dead. He is a famous Divine Lord and you can't use your teleportation token. There's no escape for you."

The girl happily spoke of the dangers that faced Yi Yun at the moment. Her gloating expression was quite irritating.

"What's your point?" Yi Yun asked with a frown, his tone a little cold.

"I'm trying to help you, considering the dire circumstances you are in. I was thinking I could seek Master's help to protect you. But of course, I'll need you to use your unique perception cultivation technique to aid me in finding the Thousand Illusion Lotus."

The girl had beat around the bush but ultimately, her goal was still the Thousand Illusion Lotus.

Although the Thousand Illusion Lotus was not ridiculously valuable, it was extremely rare. The girl likely needed it for a special pill, which caused her to be so insistent on obtaining it.

As for the Thousand Illusion Lotus, it could create myriad illusions. It could turn into a rock, a sand, or even a speck of dust. That was how it gained its name. To seek it, one did need unique abilities in the perception department.

"Sorry, I'm not interested." Yi Yun rejected directly.

The girl stared with widened eyes when she heard that. "You!"

"Junior Sister Bluejade, ignore her. It's a waste of your good intentions. Just let him die here," quipped a youth unhappily. He had always had a liking towards her; therefore he was displeased that another man would reject her in such a straightforward manner.

Just as his voice faded, they heard a ear-piercing whoosh tear through the void.


People looked over. Someone had taken action out of impatience!

A strange person draped in gray robes was flying towards the tiny tree.

The person had come noiselessly, so much so that no one knew when exactly he had appeared.

"Hehe, since all of you are being so cordial with each other, I won't stand on ceremony!"

The gray figure let out the screeching hoot of an owl. People originally believed that anyone who took action to approach the tiny tree probably had a death wish. But when Li Fire Divine Lord heard the sound, his expression changed drastically.

No good!