True Martial World Chapter 1441

Chapter 1441 Taking Advantage Of The Circumstances
Chapter 1441: Taking Advantage of the Circumstances

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Xing Yu Divine Lord had failed as well. The Netherworld water could not only erode Immutable Divine Gold, it could even disintegrate spatial dimension laws.

People looked at the chessboard in Xing Yu Divine Lord's hands. The chessboard had already lost its luster. It looked like it had lost a great deal of its power, and would probably not recover unless subjected to long periods of Yuan Qi nourishment.

Under such circumstances, there were people who were already sighing at the seemingly impossible task ahead of them. The tiny tree was probably unobtainable. Besides, they still did not even know what the tiny tree could be used for. What if they got it and failed to figure out anything about it?

"Xing Yu, from the looks of it, none of us can obtain this treasure by ourselves. But if we were to cooperate"

Li Fire Divine Lord made a sudden proposition at that moment. Having found a huge opportunity in the Divine Perish Hall, it would be truly miserable if they returned empty-handed. He wanted to be sure they made every possible attempt.

"Do you actually have some other trick up your sleeve?" Xing Yu Divine Lord snorted. He did not wish to cooperate with Li Fire Divine Lord, considering how he had already failed with his best artifact.

"Your attempt did give me an idea. You wished to use the Constellation Revolution to move the tree away from the water. That proved too difficult. But if we do not move the tree's position and instead use an alternate dimension to envelop the tree, even a few seconds would be enough to isolate the tree from the River of the Netherworld. Things will become a lot easier."

"Oh?" Upon hearing Li Fire Divine Lord's comment, Xing Yu's interest was indeed piqued. "Even if we can isolate it, how do you plan on plucking the fruit? Don't tell me you are leaving that to me!"

"Hahaha! Brother Xing Yu, nice joke. How can I leave such a dangerous task to you? I will obviously be the one doing it."

As he spoke, he shook his hand as a golden whip appeared in it.

"This Li Fire Divine Whip is also an ancient weapon that has remained in existence for hundreds of millions of years. Once the tree is isolated from the time laws of the Netherworld water, I will use this whip to retrieve the fruit. Even if the time laws leak, this Li Fire Whip of mine should be able to withstand it for a moment!"

"This is indeed quite a good idea." Xing Yu Divine Lord nodded. Although Li Fire Divine Lord was the one retrieving the fruit, it was impossible for him to leave with the fruit right in front of him.

"I'm not confident I can do this alone. I will set up a massive array and invite Daoist Xing Yu, Nun Annihilation, as well as all fellow cultivators to join us. We will definitely succeed if we join forces."

As Li Fire Divine Lord spoke, he smiled at all the warriors present.

His words made the warriors present have nasty expressions. He was actually asking them to power his array!

It was obvious that the fruit would be split among the three Divine Lords once it was retrieved. The rest of them would not gain anything from it, so what was the point in helping?

And at that moment, Nun Annihilation nodded. "Daoist Li Fire's idea is not bad."

Li Fire Divine Lord smiled and added, "Fellow cultivators, there is no risk in this matter. All you need to contribute is a bit of your strength. Treat it as a valuable experience."

With that said, Li Fire Divine Lord threw out a disk array that spun in the sky. He had already use spatial dimension laws to seal off a large region around them.

"Spatial Illusion Killing Array. This" People felt their hearts skip a beat. The spatial seal array actually contained killing intent itself. Rashly charging out was dangerous. The use of this array was forcing them to help!

Although they could break out of the spatial seal by combining forces, none of them dared to take the lead when they were against a Divine Lord.

"This old bastard is taking bullying too far." Some people felt displeased.

"We can only blame ourselves for being weak. Bear with it," said another person secretly through a voice transmission.

Seeing how the other two Divine Lords were agreeable with Li Fire Divine Lord's method and how the people they led would naturally join the formation, the smaller teams had no means to put up any resistance considering their weakness.

Dozens of array flags planted themselves around the valley as the three Divine Lords surrounded the Netherworld tree while standing in a triangular formation.

"Everyone, please stand around the array formation. I will let my disciples demonstrate first. Follow them in injecting your Yuan Qi into the array flags. That's all," Li Fire Divine Lord said in a deadpan manner.

These people had submitted to his demands as he had expected. He did not plan on compensating them in any way to begin with. That was completely unnecessary, after all. Survival of the fittest was a rule in the world of warriors. It was common for people to be robbed and killed, much less be used as free labor.

Everyone held back their anger and acted as Li Fire Divine Lord instructed.

"Quick, quickly inject your Yuan Qi into the array flags. Do it just like me. And don't even think about slacking. I can tell if you aren't using all your strength."

Wan Qing held an array flag as he spoke indifferently to the crowd. Although he knew he would not reap much benefit either, it was better to follow Li Fire Divine Lord. He at least stood a chance of gaining some tiny benefit.

"Yi Yun, it must be hard for you to rush all the way here only to help our array." Wan Qing looked at Yi Yun and sneered.

However, Yi Yun was standing motionlessly with his hands down while everyone was acting as Li Fire Divine Lord instructed.

Wan Qing pricked up his brows and teased, "What are you standing in a daze for? Are you deaf? Did you not hear Lord Li Fire's instructions?"

The teleportation tokens were useless here. From Wan Qing's point of view, Yi Yun was already a dead man.

But at that moment, Yi Yun looked up at Wan Qing. The look in his eyes was as though he had seen a worm struggling in mud.


"What did you say!?" Wan Qing's eyes widened. He never expected Yi Yun to act so arrogantly even at death's doorstep.

"Little bastard, you are courting death!"

Just as Wan Qing's words faded, Yi Yun suddenly took a step forward. He extended his arm as fast as lightning, smacking Wan Qing with his palm.

Yi Yun's body had become extremely powerful after cultivating the Dragon Emperor Technique. Even a casual slap could render the world asunder. It was obviously not something Wan Qing could dodge.


With a crisp slap, Yi Yun's hand landed on Wan Qing's face. He screamed out tragically as he spun like a top in midair. After flying to a height of seven or eight meters, he crashed heavily to the ground.

His mind was buzzing from Yi Yun's slap. He began seeing stars as the right side of his face turned to mush. He even spat out about five teeth.

"It looks like you are deaf. I told you to scram but you didn't hear it. All I could do was help you to understand."

Yi Yun wiped his hands in contempt. He disparaged scheming people like Wan Qing.

Instantly, there was silence. A few warriors from the tinier factions and even itinerant cultivators looked at Yi Yun in shock when they saw him send Wan Qing flying with a slap.

None of them dared to resist with Li Fire Divine Lord giving threats. Yet, Yi Yun had beaten the daylights out of his subordinate. He was just too bold. Furthermore, many of them did not even manage to see how Yi Yun had done it.