True Martial World Chapter 1442

Chapter 1442: Decay And Destruction
Chapter 1442: Decay and Destruction

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Everyone looked at Li Fire Divine Lord. He had an ashen expression with eyes full of killing intent.

Wan Qing was still alive. Although his face had been smashed in, it was only a light injury for a warrior. Yi Yun had held back and so did not hurt Wan Qing's soul sea. Wan Qing could completely recover after taking some recuperative medicine despite the fact that he was rolling on the ground and making a show of his pain.

"Xing Yu, this little bastard beat my disciple. Are you not going to say a word?"

Li Fire Divine Lord glanced at Xing Yu. Even though he was quite an outcast, Yi Yun was still considered a member of the White Lunar Divine Empire just like Xing Yu. Li Fire Divine Lord had to consult with him if he wanted to punish Yi Yun.

Xing Yu knitted his brows. He also wished for the spatial array to succeed so that he could have access to the Netherworld tree.

Now, everyone was helping to set up the massive array. Everyone except Yi Yun, who stood alone acting smug. From his point of view, Yi Yun was someone who lacked sense. If Yi Yun was also not from the White Lunar Divine Empire, he would have taught him a lesson personally.

He said to Li Fire Divine Lord, "The grudge between you and that punk is personal. I will naturally not intervene. However, with the array half-done, and you being the one controlling it, it's best you finish setting up the array. You can settle your personal grudge later!"

If Li Fire Divine Lord cancelled the creation of the array to attack Yi Yun, the Yuan Qi that had already been injected would be wasted.

"Alright!" Li Fire Divine Lord sneered. He knew that if he really killed Yi Yun on the spot, it would stain Xing Yu Divine Lord's reputation since he would be standing idly by. Once Xing Yu was gone, none of what followed would concern him.

Li Fire Divine Lord raised his hand and sent a tracing mark into Yi Yun's body.

He made no effort to conceal the mark so that everyone knew he would punish those who slighted him.

Instantly, everyone looked at Yi Yun with looks of pity. Di Rong sighed lightly. Even Xing Yu Divine Lord had given up on protecting Yi Yun. He naturally had no reason to help Yi Yun either. All Yi Yun could do was hope for the best.

Li Fire Divine Lord's array slowly began to activate. Only Yi Yun stood alone outside the array. From beginning to the end, he was constantly observing the River of the Netherworld.

The spatial dimension laws that Xing Yu Divine Lord had used had been corroded. Simply put, his nomological insights were insufficient. They could not withstand the passage of time. If they truly were a law of the Heavenly Dao, how could they decay so easily from the River of the Netherworld?

Yi Yun had learned a lot by watching the attempts of Xing Yu Divine Lord and Cyclops Heretic Lord.

The decay that the passage of time brought was a type of Destruction law.

Decimation was Destruction.

Aging was Destruction.

Death was Destruction.

Decaying to dust was also Destruction.

In fact, from the moment he entered the ancient battlefield, be it the World Monolith that had weathered the names engraved on it, the Psyche Vanquishing Desert, or even the River of the Netherworld that turned everything to dust, he found that all were a form of Destruction. In other words, this place was a portion of the Dao of Major Destruction.

As for the Netherworld tree

Yi Yun felt that it was not what one would ordinarily think of as a plant. Unless a plant could transcend the shackles of eternal Samsara, it would long have rotted when immersed in the River of the Netherworld.

But the tiny tree had existed constantly for eons. Every second it lived meant it endured infinite time. But it did not seem to change. Even its few leaves did not move at all.

This was because the tree was condensed from laws. And these laws were core to the Universe's Great Dao. Only by being an existence that transcended time would one have a chance of surviving inside the River of the Netherworld.

Treasures that were commonly understood to come from nature had their fruits or roots that could be used to refine medicine. However, the fruit the nomological tree bore was a nomological fruit.

Yi Yun activated his Purple Crystal's energy vision and looked at the Netherworld tree. He could clearly see that each leaf seemed to contain a hideous fiendish god.

And these entities was very identical to the ones on the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence that Yi Yun cultivated in.

As for the fruit, it was even more extraordinary. Through his energy vision, Yi Yun could see that there was a pocket world inside the fruit. And in the middle of the pocket world, a meandering river was slowly flowing.

It was the River of the Netherworld.

Yi Yun took a deep breath. He wanted the tiny tree. He had figured out his 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence from the illusions carved in the Chaos Stones. It was not the most perfect Dao of Major Destruction.

At that moment, as he felt the laws gathered from the Netherworld tree and compared them to the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence, Yi Yun quickly realized that there were inadequacies in his own insights into the Dao of Major Destruction.

If he could obtain the tiny tree, his Destruction laws would improve greatly!

Yi Yun's eyes glimmered. He never expected to have a chance at studying the Dao of Major Destruction after leaving the Luo clan so many years ago. He definitely was not going to miss out on this chance.

While Yi Yun was figuring out the Destruction laws contained within the Netherworld tree. Li Fire Divine Lord's array was done. Seventy-two array flags now formed a spatial array in order to seal the Netherworld tree in an independent space, isolating it from the River of the Netherworld.


The seventy-two array flags shot out seventy-two dazzling beams of blue light. All the warriors present had their strength drained by the array flags. Instantly, the array formation was fully activated.

People could see the space above the Netherworld tree seem to rip apart. One could plainly see the endless stars through the void rift.

This was precisely the alternate space that Li Fire Divine Lord had summoned!

As the astral sky descended, it wrapped around the Netherworld tree. At that moment, Li Fire Divine Lord's forehead was covered in sweat. He stared with widened eyes, aware of the fact that he was ten feet away from his prize. The alternate dimension he had spawned would do its job once it closed that ten-foot gap!

He already had his Li Fire Divine Whip out, ready to pluck the fruit at any moment.

However, the spatial laws contained in the River of the Netherworld were just too strong. He could clearly sense that the alternate space was constantly eroding away even as it descended!

And the closer it got to the Netherworld tree, the faster it corroded.

Even space had a lifespan. Even Great Worlds would collapse with the passage of time, much less a tiny alternate space.

"Li Fire, are you not taking action now? I can't last much longer!"

Xing Yu Divine Lord had expended quite a lot too. Besides, he did not dare to inject all his strength into the array formation. He was acutely aware that when they got the fruit, strength would determine how it was split.

Nun Destruction shared the same thoughts. When her Yuan Qi had depleted more than forty percent, she began contributing Yuan Qi at a slower rate.

"There's not enough energy. What do we do? We won't get the fruit at all if you people keep slowing down your injection!"

Li Fire Divine Lord turned anxious. The current pocket world was about eight feet from the tiny tree. But those eight feet felt like an insurmountable chasm.

For every foot closer the array got, the crumbling of space quickly doubled. Therefore, completely enveloping the tiny tree was practically an impossible task.