True Martial World Chapter 1446

Chapter 1446: Inner Sanctum Entrance
Chapter 1446: Inner Sanctum Entrance

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During the three months of Yi Yun's growth, the door connecting the Divine Perish Hall to the ancient battlefield vanished. Now, it was impossible to leave the Divine Perish Hall as it was completely isolated from the outside world. The warriors that entered appeared to be stranded in a deserted island amid the vast seas, unsure of their future.

And such complete isolation, with the possibility of being killed by the environment at any moment, easily triggered the darkness deep in the human psyche. Among the thousands of warriors that perished in the three months, at least a third of them died under the hands of other warriors and not from the Divine Perish Hall's dangers.

It was easy to discover acts of murder and plundering in the Sinkhole. If the faction behind the victim pursued the matter, the perpetrator would usually be struck with swift revenge.

But in the Divine Perish Hall, information was completely isolated. After the murder was done, one just needed to burn a body to ash with a fireball. It was impossible for people outside to seek the murderer. Under such circumstances, a number of people even made murdering and plundering their main goal in the Divine Perish Hall.

"We found another Godly Monarch Immortal Annulus! Truly impressive. The benefits we have received over the past two months have exceeded what we have obtained among the two of us for a century."

Deep in the Divine Perish Hall were two men dressed in linen clothes. They were rummaging through an interspatial ring in excitement.

They had cultivation levels of a late-stage Supremacy but of course, their cultivation level had been repressed to the ninth-floor Dao Palace in the ancient battlefield.

"That's only obvious. Those that can come to the ancient battlefield are mostly genius disciples nurtured by major factions. It would be quite a shame if they don't have some treasure on them. They aren't like us brothers. We came from nothing and started out as bandits. We cultivated to this realm a step at a time. We came to the ancient battlefield to try our luck but never expected to receive such an opportunity. After so many years, we are back doing our old trade."

"Hahaha! That's right. Geniuses from large factions disgust me the most. They have all sorts of supreme-grade resources at hand and they are a head higher than others the moment they are born. I find it absolutely addictive killing such geniuses!"

As the men spoke, they smiled sinisterly at a few youths in front of them.

They wore snow-white attires of a sect. They were severely injured by the two men and were covered in blood.

Their Martial Uncle had been killed by the two men in a sneak attack.

"Hehehe, they have such supple skin and tender flesh. It's obvious they are like frail flowers meticulously raised in the safety of a greenhouse. They can't withstand any turmoil. In a while, we will feed Gu bugs to the two men and as for the two women, we can each enjoy one. Such elite girls produced by large sects are the best when fucking them. They are always placed on pedestals and think nothing of itinerant cultivators like us. Now, they will be shrieking under our bodies."

As one of the man spoke, he let out a lascivious smile. The two women were already distraught with fear. Their cultivations had been sealed and they could not resist at all, even suicide was not an option.

"Let's feed the Gu to enliven the mood!"

One man smiled teasingly as he took out a black Gu bug. He used a blade to open a young man's mouth and stuffed the Gu bug into it.

The youth cried out hysterically but it sounded like music to the man's ears.

However, at this moment


With a loud explosion, a desolate mountain tens of kilometers away suddenly collapsed!

"Huh!? What happened?"

The men in linen clothes jumped in fright. They were already preparing to do the deed but the sudden collapse of the desolate mountain turned their crown jewels limp. They immediately turned wary.

They were in the Divine Perish Hall after all. It was very likely that immense danger accompanied any phenomena that happened.

"It's a person. Someone is coming out of that mountain."

The men had sharp senses and they had already probed the situation tens of kilometers away.

"Ninth-floor Dao Palace. He's also a Supremacy"

The two men exchanged looks and were placed in a dilemma as to silence the person that had suddenly appeared. They could also rob him in passing. However, the person had appeared in a rather strange manner which left them hesitating.

While they were still wavering for a decision, they realized that the person was flying towards them.

Their expressions sank. In order to prevent discovery when they murdered and plundered, they had set up concealment array formations but the person had discovered them almost instantly despite the distance. It made them apprehensive.

In a blink of an eye, the person had flown right in front of them.

He was none other than Yi Yun after spending three months in seclusion.

Yi Yun had completely refined the five leaves for himself and absorbed the laws that contained within over the three months. As for the final nomological fruit, Yi Yun had only refined slightly half of it. The Dao of Destruction that contained in it were just too profound and potent that refining it posed difficult for Yi Yun despite him having cultivated in the Dao of Major Destruction.

Yi Yun had a general understanding of the situation when he scanned the area.

Killing and plundering was obviously a heinous sin but from Yi Yun's point of view, many large factions were not much different from bandits in essence. It was quite impossible to have one's hands untainted when embarking on the martial path. Most of the time, killing or be killed depended on one's strength and had nothing to do with right or wrong. The survival of the fittest have always been the rules of the martial world.

"Friend, is there something we can do for you?"

Upon seeing Yi Yun, the two men held their breaths. Their perceptions were locked onto Yi Yun's every moves.

Their victims were from the Magnificent Heaven's Pale Snow Palace, ranked fourth in the Magnificent Heaven alliance. It was extremely powerful and if it was discovered that they had killed someone from the Pale Snow Palace and attempted to rape its female disciples, they would probably be skinned alive by the Pale Snow Palace and made into ice sculptures.

Yi Yun had already seen everything that they had done. Their only way out was to silence the person eternally.

Yi Yun smiled and asked, "I only have a question. Did anything happen in the Divine Perish Hall or the ancient battlefield in recent times?"

The situation in the ancient battlefield changed quickly. Yi Yun had been in seclusion for three months and did not know if Li Fire Divine Lord had gained any benefit in the Divine Perish Hall or if he had escaped its confines.

"Brother, in what aspect would you like to know? Before we entered the Divine Perish Hall, we heard that a Netherworld tree had been encountered but its fruit has been plucked by someone. Later, the tree vanished and even the River of the Netherworld disappeared" said one of the men calmly. His attention seemed to be fully on Yi Yun but in fact, his Yuan Qi was already seeping slowly into the ground. Although he was afraid of Yi Yun, he was more worried about the Pale Snow Palace's revenge.

Yi Yun sneered inwardly when he sensed the situation. He did not expose the man's machinations as he continued inquiring for more information he wanted. "Is there anything else?"

"Of course. Later, people found a door of light deep in the Divine Perish Hall. It might be an entrance into the inner sanctums of the hall. As for Li Fire Divine Lord, Xing Yu Divine Lord, and the rest, they have already ventured into the inner hall. I heard that the energy within the door of light is massive so there should be some good stuff in there. Why? Do you plan on joining in the fun?"