True Martial World Chapter 1447

Chapter 1447: The Power Of The River Of The Netherworld
Chapter 1447: The Power of the River of the Netherworld

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"I do plan on doing so. What is the inner sanctum you speak of?" Ever since he obtained the Netherworld tree's fruit, Yi Yun's was increasingly intrigued with the Divine Perish Hall.

The two men exchanged surreptitious looks as one of them said, "Fellow Daoist, you asked the right person. The Divine Perish Hall's existence was a secret to begin with. There is very little information on it but we brothers happened to chance upon a jade slip with lots of information. According to the slip, the Divine Perish Hall has three parts, the outer sanctum, the inner sanctum, and the secret palace. The area right beyond the entrance is the outer sanctum and further in is the inner sanctum and the secret palace. But after the Divine Perish Hall experienced an abnormality, the danger it poses has increased by ten times. The so-called inner sanctum is already completely different from what it was originally. As for the secret palace's existence, that is still an unknown."

The man spoke in great detail to stall for time, taking every opportunity to set up the confinement array formation.

Yi Yun did not mind at all. He knew that the information jade slip that the men had supposedly 'chanced upon' was likely obtained by killing a genius from a large faction. Such jade slips with detailed information could only be possessed by a major faction.

It wasn't long before the two men were nearly done setting up the array formation. Unfortunately, at that moment, one of the girls shouted suddenly, "Senior, the people you're speaking with are the Nether Specter Twins. They want to harm you!"

The girl had her cultivation completely sealed by the two men, and was going to be used as pleasure by them after they killed Yi Yun.

She did not know when she had extricated herself from the men's bindings and become able to shout. She knew that it was unlikely she would survive the day and did not want someone else to fall victim to the duo. Most importantly, she hoped that Yi Yun would pass the news of their demise to the Pale Snow Palace so that they could avenge them.

Upon hearing the girl's scream, the men's expression twisted into grimaces. "Bitch, shut your slutty mouth!"

As one of the men spoke, a leather whip suddenly appeared in his hand. He brandished it and lashed it at the girl. If it hit her in her weakened state, she would definitely have been reduced to mush!

However, the man never expected that his whip would disintegrate without warning after it lashed out midway. The remains scattered as though it had been corroded by the passage of time, returning to the land.


The man could not believe his eyes as the scene was just too strange.

What happened!?

The man looked at Yi Yun in shock. The whip couldn't have corroded for no reason. And Yi Yun was the only one standing there besides them. However, he had no idea how Yi Yun had done it, not having even sensed any nomological fluctuations from him.

He gulped a mouthful of saliva and suddenly felt a chill down his back.

The decaying of the whip made him recall something. Just after he entered the Divine Perish Hall, he had heard others describe the scene of the Netherworld tree's fruit being plucked. The nearby River of the Netherworld had caused everything to decay. Even the very laws surrounding them were no exception.

The way his whip corroded was identical to the description of that scene.

Could it be that the person who plucked the Netherworld tree's fruit was the youth in front of him!? Had he already refined the Netherworld tree's laws for himself and become able to use them freely!?

The men knew that the three strongest Divine Lords were helpless against the River of the Netherworld. And it was rumored that Yi Yun could enter the river's vicinity without being harmed by the laws. The men would not be surprised if Yi Yun had really refined the River of the Netherworld's laws for himself.

Upon thinking of this, the duo broke out into cold sweats. They were itinerant cultivators after all, and their strength was below average compared to most Supremacies their level.

"Brother, that slut is slandering us! All I did was teach her a lesson. But if she catches your eye, please take her with you and enjoy her. Her skin is delicate and her figure is pretty good. She looks like she's a sixteen or seventeen-year-old mortal. She would be quite a delight," stuttered one of the man as he threw away the half whip in his hand.

"Oh? Do you plan to give me that woman as a favor?" said Yi Yun with a faint smile.

"No, definitely not. We had a little conflict with them a while ago and just restrained them"

Before the man finished his sentence, the girl cut him off. "Senior, don't listen to his nonsense! They ambushed us and plotted against my Martial Uncle. Then they snatched all our treasures and even talked about doing things to us"

The girl's voice trembled. To her, being raped was a horror worse than death.

She did not know if Yi Yun had good or bad thoughts but she had no other options. Even if Yi Yun was evil, it was better than falling into the hands of the brothers.

Yi Yun ignored the girl and only stomped his right foot on the ground.


With a loud explosion, the array formation that the two men had set up exploded directly. Their faces turned pale as they grunted while taking several steps back. The array formation they had set up had been violently cracked by Yi Yun, causing them to suffer an intense backlash. They looked at Yi Yun with eyes full of fear. He had been able to crack the array formation that they had meticulously set up with one foot. They did not dare resist him, considering the huge gap in power between them.

"I have no vendetta with the two of you, so there's no reason to kill you. From the looks of it, you have been robbing many people over the past few months. There should be quite a lot of things in your interspatial rings, I imagine"

The men's faces stiffened when they heard that. This was a robbery of robbers! They had killed many people and plundered many cultivators with their late-stage Supremacy cultivation levels. Now, it was their turn to suffer.

However, after considering the difference in strength, one of the men gritted his teeth and said, "Wait! I'll give you my ring!"

Yi Yun never expected the brothers to be that spineless. They were willing to hand over their interspatial rings, something considered as a warrior's second life, in order to live.

Yi Yun took the two interspatial rings, did a cursory sweep of their contents, and was pleasantly surprised.

Ignoring the items, just the number of Godly Monarch Immortal Annuli numbered more than twenty. This was accumulated over several years and recent months of robbery by the Nether Specter Twins. Yi Yun had spent most of the wealth he had obtained from Myriad God Patriarch to gather all sorts of natural treasures over the recert years. Now he became almost instantly wealthy once again.

"Friend, we have given you our rings. Can you spare us?" said the Nether Specter Twins extremely solemnly.

Yi Yun played with the two rings and said with a smile, "The both of you must hate me deeply after being forced to hand over your rings. This is an irreconcilable grudge. As a rule, I do not like to let my enemies who hold a grudge against me live or they might seek revenge on me. Perhaps there might be a day when I'm in trouble, and you would kick me while I'm down?"

"You" The two men's eyes turned blood red. As bandits, they would spare the lives of some weaklings occasionally. They could rob them again once their victims gathered more wealth. Yet, the person in front of them was even more cruel.

They knew Yi Yun would definitely not spare them.

"Brother, let's fight it out with him!" roared the elder brother. He circulated his Yuan Qi which blasted apart his clothes, revealing a toned body filled with scars and ancient hexes. At the same time, a black trident appeared in his hand.

His ghastly build made him look like an Ashura from hell. He signaled his brother with his eyes to fight together with all their strength.

Tragically, the brother smacked a glowing talisman on his body. His body then transformed into a golden beam of light as he turned to escape.

He had already planned on letting his brother hold back Yi Yun while he took the opportunity to escape.

But he never expected that his younger brother would share the same thoughts and was even more shameless about them. He had burned his blood essence in exchange for extreme speed and the direction he escaped in was completely opposite from his brother's.

Yi Yun sneered. With a thought, time that stemmed from Destruction laws gathered over from every angle. Like a vortex in the River of the Netherworld, they fell victim to its power. They screamed as their bodies decayed in the vortex and reduced to dust in moments.

Yi Yun had killed two Supremacies in a blink of an eye without even taking a step.

Although Yi Yun had yet to break through to the late-stage Supremacy realm after three months of seclusion, his strength had improved drastically. He was eager to test out this new strength.

The girl behind Yi Yun who had spoken gulped mouthfuls of saliva. She had heard that Yi Yun was only a mid-stage Supremacy when he plucked the Netherworld tree's fruit. Was he really only at the mid-stage Supremacy realm?


Yi Yun turned to look at the few youths from the Pale Snow Palace.

The girl's heart tightened, unsure what Yi Yun's intentions were or what he would do to them. All she could say was, "Senior, thank you for killing the Nether Specter Twins. My senior brothers and junior sister have been bound. They are unable to speak."

"Which way is the entrance to the inner sanctum?" asked Yi Yun.


The girl pointed in a particular direction.

Yi Yun nodded. He casually produced a hand seal and removed the seals on their bodies. Then, his body flashed as he flew towards the inner sanctum. In a blink of an eye, Yi Yun had vanished.

He left behind the few Pale Snow Palace disciples, who simply looked at each other. They had been saved so casually

A group's life and death was determined by the whim of an expert. This was the world of warriors. Those with strength could rule over the fates of themselves and of millions of other lives.

Nothing in the Divine Perish Hall's outer sanctum posed a threat to Yi Yun. He traversed thousands of kilometers without any obstruction.

Then, he finally saw the entrance to the inner sanctum that the brothers mentioned. It was a gigantic door of light that floated ten thousand feet in the sky.

The door covered most of the sky as it spun slowly, seemingly sending countless bits of starlight down like thousands of threads. The majestic and beautiful sight was the entrance to an unknown world.

Yi Yun looked up at the door and felt like he was facing an entire world. Just the massive energy repression was enough to keep many warriors out. Although everyone knew that there were greater opportunities in the inner sanctum, they would only be fodder if they lacked the strength to survive it. People only had one life. There was no redoing things once they were dead.


Yi Yun flew up and through the door. His figure transformed into a tiny black dot in the sky and he did not even cause a stir, like a grain of sand dropping into a huge lake.