True Martial World Chapter 1448

Chapter 1448: Inner Sanctum
Chapter 1448: Inner Sanctum

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The sky remained a gray haze, as though the sun was nowhere to be seen in the ancient battlefield. The land had a deep, dark red color to it and while walking, one could feel one's lifeblood boil in reaction to the land.

This was the inner sanctum of the Divine Perish Hall and it had a suppressive force that blanketed the area constantly. Yi Yun felt all his Yuan Qi being suppressed, to the point that it felt a little difficult to breathe.

When he looked into the distance, he saw a tiny gray light flickering near the horizon. And for some reason, the light left Yi Yun confused.

"What's that?"

Yi Yun was puzzled as he hesitated for a moment. Then he flew towards the light.

The inner sanctums of the Divine Perish Hall were filled with vortices formed by decimation auras. And due to the existence of the suppressive force, warriors had their strength repressed on top of the repression of the ancient battlefield. The vortices posed even greater threats to them as a result.

Of course, Yi Yun thought nothing of that. He proceeded towards the gray light at a fixed speed.

As Yi Yun advanced, the gray light became larger. Four hours later, Yi Yun finally got close enough to identify the gray light as an artifact. To be precise, it was a spear!

A black spear was embedded into the land, its other end shooting up into the hazy dark clouds.

The suppressive force that permeated the Divine Perish Hall's inner sanctum came from the spear.

Yi Yun felt that the spear was like a black dragon, one that could charge out of this world and soar into the sky at any moment.

What sort of spear was this? Just the item alone had such a terrifying might!

Yi Yun recalled the long-haired man he once saw in the Chaos. That man's weapon of choice was a spear!

He had once transformed a spear into a gigantic world.

Yi Yun was uncertain if the black spear in front of him was the long-haired man's weapon but even it was not the case, it likely had something to do with the long-haired man.

Yi Yun felt more alarmed the closer he was to it.

He could clearly see grayish wisps of aura lingering around the black spear.

The aura looked like the kind of wispy smoke produced by burning incense. It was very thin and light as it billowed upwards.

Yi Yun felt shaken when he saw the gray aura.

It was the nebulous Primordial Chaos!

It may have looked light but it was unimaginably heavy. One strand was as heavy as a mountain, a blob as heavy as a planet!

Back when Yi Yun manifested his Dao, he condensed four nine-leaf Dao fruits. The Dao of Major Destruction fruit was by far the hardest to condense.

For that reason, Yi Yun made a trip to the waning Azure Wood Great World. There, he came into contact with a wisp of nebulous Primordial Chaos, gaining some nomological insight into Chaos.

Chaos represented creation at the beginning of the Universe. It corresponded to the Dao of Major Destruction that marked the end of the Universe. Yi Yun fused the Chaos laws into the Dao of Major Destruction to eventually condense the nine-leaf Dao fruit.

How could Yi Yun not feel shocked now that he was staring at so much nebulous Primordial Chaos in the Divine Perish Hall's inner sanctum? The sheer amount of it was staggering and much richer than it was in the Azure Wood Great World.

If he could refine all of it for himself, merging it with his Major Destruction laws, his strength would experience another qualitative leap.

"Oh? Someone's there!"

About fifty kilometers away from the black spear, Yi Yun saw about eight warriors beneath him. By their attire, he identified them as young elites from Magnificent Heaven. They sat cross-legged on the dark red land, cultivating arduously while trying to overcome the massive suppression the black spear was impressing on them.

To these young elites, it was impossible to gain any insights into the Chaos laws from the black spear's nebulous Primordial Chaos at a distance of fifty kilometers away. However, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was a hundred times richer than the outside world's. Furthermore, the potent suppressive force could stimulate their vital potential. Being able to cultivate in such an environment was a huge opportunity.

The young elites were focusing on their cultivation and did not notice Yi Yun pass by.

Along the way, Yi Yun encountered a few cultivators from time to time. Due to the increasing strength of the suppressive force the nearer one was to the black spear, the cultivators would get the furthest they could go according to their own bodies' limits to cultivate.

"From the looks of it, all the people in the Divine Perish Hall's inner sanctum are gathered here."

Yi Yun was not surprised by this. The black spear was just too eye-catching. Anyone that was not blind would find there way to it.

About a few kilometers away from the black spear, even Yi Yun felt the powerful obstruction of the spear's suppressive force. And there were only a handful of warriors cultivating in this area.

"Oh? It's them"

Yi Yun noticed Nun Annihilation instantly, and not far from her was the young girl in the pale-yellow dress.

According to the girl's cultivation level, she should not have been able to withstand the suppressive force at such a close distance. However, a closer look revealed that she was using three special talisman charms that coruscated around her body, greatly reducing the suppressive force. This allowed the girl to remain in the vicinity at that distance.

After seeing Nun Annihilation, Yi Yun also found Li Fire Divine Lord, Xing Yu Divine Lord, and Di Rong, to no surprise.

All three parties were in a ring equidistant from the black spear. A few Divine Lord personal disciples were using all sorts of means to reduce the effects of the suppressive force. Being able to employ whatever means necessary to be beside their master was evidence of a large faction's deep heritage.

"Oh? Li Fire is actually attempting to pull in the nebulous Primordial Chaos!"

Yi Yun saw Li Fire Divine Lord's Yuan Qi burn like a blazing sun as he sat with his eyes closed. His hands were constantly producing hand seals in the direction of the black spear, and the nearest wisp of nebulous Primordial Chaos was being tugged over as though it was being pulled off the black spear.

"This old bastard actually has some skill."

Yi Yun stroked his chin. Li Fire Divine Lord apparently understood a little about Chaos. As a Great Dao of Supremacy of the Universe, very few people could understand it. Therefore, even the minute amount of insight that Li Fire Divine Lord apparently had was enough to surprise Yi Yun.

These Divine Lords that had been in existence for so many years were indeed not to be underestimated.

Just as the hair-like strand of nebulous Primordial Chaos was about to be extracted by Li Fire Divine Lord, he suddenly opened his eyes.

Although he was focused on his cultivation, he had branched out a bit of his psyche perception to probe his surroundings in case any possible dangers reared their heads.

He sensed Yi Yun when he approached.

The moment he saw Yi Yun, Li Fire Divine Lord's eyes widened. Anger gripped his heart and he nearly suffered a Qi Deviation.

"Little bastard! You actually dare appear in front of me again!? You are courting death!"

Li Fire Divine Lord's bellow jolted awake all the people cultivating in the region. They all looked at Yi Yun in alarm. They originally thought that Yi Yun would go into hiding after obtaining the Netherworld tree's fruit, but they never expected him to so boldly appear here!