True Martial World Chapter 1449

Chapter 1449: Li Fire Domain
Chapter 1449: Li Fire Domain

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Of everyone present, the person who hated Yi Yun the most was naturally Li Fire Divine Lord.

But even the rest, including those that did not hold a grudge against Yi Yun, had some aspirations of taking the Netherworld tree fruit that he had plucked.

"Yi Yun, you must be quite bold to appear here. It is already known to all that you have the outer sanctum's numinous treasure. You will likely never leave this place," said Xing Yu Divine Lord after he stopped his cultivation and stood up.

"Oh? Are you also hoping to kill me for my treasure?" Yi Yun smiled faintly at Xing Yu Divine Lord.

Xing Yu Divine Lord knitted his brows when he heard Yi Yun's sarcastic comment. He could not help but say, "You and I both come from the White Lunar Divine Empire, after all, so I'm just giving some advice. Yet, you show no appreciation towards me. Do you not realize that it's impossible for you to leave safely with what you have on you, much less cross this perilous chasm ahead of you? If you were to hand over the Netherworld tree's fruit to me now, I can guarantee that you will be heavily rewarded by the White Lunar Divine Empire. Be it cultivation techniques, pills, cultivation lands, or even a Divine Lord Royal Seal, I can get you whatever you need to cultivate quickly and become a Divine Lord!"

Yi Yun smiled in response. "How endearing you sound with your 'you and I both come from the White Lunar Divine Empire.' Back when I first entered the ancient battlefield, before crossing the Psyche Vanquishing Desert, not a single person was willing to form a team with me, including the people from the White Lunar Divine Empire. I was forced to traverse it alone, but now that I have a numinous treasure, you remember that we're on the same team? That face of yours sure is thick. Perhaps a splash of the River of the Netherworld's waters might not take some of it away. I say, you should have just used the thick skin on your face back then to pluck the Netherworld fruit. Why didn't you try that?"

The girl in a pale-yellow dress beside Nun Annihilation could not stifle her laughter when she heard Yi Yun said that. His words were just too biting.

But at that moment, Xing Yu Divine Lord's expression was as cold as ice. "Good! Very good! You truly do not know the meaning of death. I want to see how you end up after losing the White Lunar Divine Empire's protection. It would be a blessing if you manage to avoid being skinned alive and having your soul extracted!"

"Hahaha!" At that moment, Li Fire Divine Lord laughed out loudly. "Xing Yu! Do you still plan on using the White Lunar Divine Empire to monopolize the Netherworld fruit with all that's happened? Stop saying things you do not even believe in. I, Li Fire, definitely deserve a share of that fruit!"

Li Fire Divine Lord showed no mercy in exposing Xing Yu's machinations. They were competing, after all.

As he spoke, Li Fire Divine Lord rose into the sky. He was covered in a faint, grayish flame that looked like incense smoke that lacked any heat. However, everyone knew that it was simply a manifestation of energy that was highly concentrated.

The gray flame was extremely terrifying!

Li Fire Divine Lord's title as Li Fire naturally meant that he had reached peak expertise in the fire-elemental laws. The flames his hands released warped the surrounding space simply by burning.

This was the inner sanctum of the Divine Perish Hall, a space a hundred times more stable than the Sinkhole. Just being able to warp the space a little was an astounding feat!

"Little bastard, I'll burn you to ashes, right down to your soul!" Li Fire Divine Lord roared.

Raging flames started spreading out from within his body. It was his Li Fire domain!

Although he was a full realm away from Yi Yun, he did not take his opponent lightly. He used the full power of his domain, surrounding Yi Yun inside his Li Fire domain. Yi Yun resembled a withering leaf in the middle of a sea of fire, doomed to be engulfed by the flames at any moment.

"What a terrifying fire. That Netherworld fruit will not end up destroyed by the fire, right?"

Upon seeing Li Fire Divine Lord deliver such a horrifying strike, all the juniors present were secretly aghast. If they were placed inside the Li Fire domain, they would not even last a second.

A person beside the commenter was Li Fire Divine Lord's personal disciple. He said with contempt, "That Netherworld tree is a divine item from the heavens. How could its fruit be so easily destroyed? My master knows this well and so attacks without any qualms. Perhaps Yi Yun has already eaten the fruit but it's impossible for him to refine the fruit for himself in such a short period of time. Yi Yun will definitely be reduced to ash, while the fruit will naturally"

Before the personal disciple finished his sentence, a shrill cry came from the sea of fire!


With a sound that was like an Ancient Fey screaming, torrential black flames surged upwards from the middle of the sea of fire with the force of a hurricane sweeping in every direction!

The black flames seemed to burn through everything. They even burned a hole through the Li Fire domain!

"Oh? What is that!?"

The personal disciple was secretly alarmed. He had followed his master for many years. Every time his master cast the Li Fire domain, he would be astounded by its might. However, the black flames that were bursting out from the Li Fire domain were even more terrifying. It felt that a single glance at them would cause his soul to be pulled in and burned.

Was this a flame that Yi Yun controlled!?

Hu! Hu! Hu!

The black fire raged on as a potent hurricane of black flames stirred within the sea of fire. A huge hole tore apart in the Li Fire domain!

And Yi Yun was bathed in the billowing black fire looking like he was a god of war cloaked in flames.

The flame was of course Yi Yun's Heretical God Fire Seed.

The Heretical God Fire Seed that Yi Yun had inherited from the divine alchemist was able to easily devour the Empyrean Cleansing Flame, ranked third in the Universe. How could an ordinary fire seed compare to it?


The entire Li Fire domain exploded out and as the one powering the domain, Li Fire Divine Lord felt a severe backlash. He grunted heavily before taking several steps back.

Li Fire Divine Lord's domain had been cracked open!

People reeled in disbelief. Li Fire Divine Lord was completely bested by Yi Yun in the fire-elemental laws aspect that he was known for.

"You actually have such a fire!?"

Li Fire Divine Lord's expression was ashen. He took a deep breath and suppressed the tumultuous lifeblood in his body.

"It's the king of all fires according to the ancient canon. I thought it was long lost or that it was merely a legend. I never expected you to have it!"

Li Fire Divine Lord's eyes revealed a maniacal look. As a cultivator of fire-elemental laws, the allure of the Heretical God Fire Seed affected him most of all.

"Xing Yu! Don't you want that Netherworld fruit? Join forces with me against this little bastard. When the time comes, you can take the whole Netherworld fruit as long as I get that flame."

People were astounded when they heard Li Fire Divine Lord say those words. Two powerful Divine Lords were joining forces to deal with a Supremacy? It would be a mockery for them if this was spread but when it came to such rare treasures, reputation was worth nothing.

"This Yi Yun is just too powerful. What Li Fire Divine Lord is doing is equivalent to admitting that he is no match for Yi Yun."

Many geniuses looked at Yi Yun with conflicted emotions. Back when they saw Yi Yun escape after obtaining the Netherworld fruit, they only believed that he used good perceptivity and a strong psyche to chance upon a way to resolve the River of the Netherworld's laws, allowing him to pluck the fruit.

Only now were they realizing that not only was Yi Yun's perceptivity high, his strength was equally terrifying!