True Martial World Chapter 145

Chapter 145: Start the array
Chapter 145: Start the array

As Yi Yun was deep in thought, he saw a young man wearing red, stand within the heptagon array.

This young man was about fourteen years old and he was luxuriously dressed, apparently not of ordinary birth.

“Start the array, I’ll try my moves!” The youth was extremely confident. “Frost Metal Blood Balls array, begin it at ten levels of difficulty!”

As the youth said those words, a few other youths beside him laughed, “Hahaha, Young master Jichang has great bravery, to begin right away with ten levels of difficulty!”

“This Frost Metal Blood Balls array is dangerous, if you are not careful, you can break your bones!”

As they said, they lit up the array.

Beside the heptagon ground was a stone platform. Within the stone platform, there were rows of red crystals. The crystal’s red color deepened along the row and the highest crystal was blood red.

There were three rows of crystals, with ten crystals forming a row, resulting in a total of thirty crystals.

The group of people lit up ten red crystals, which was also known as difficulty level ten.

This tenth level of difficulty tested a warrior’s reaction to the attacks by ten of these Frost Metal Blood Balls. This Young master Jichang was just fourteen years of age, as expected of the saying, heroes come from youngsters!

Once the arrayed was turned on, the Frost Metal Blood Balls immediately began flying at extreme speeds!

Each blood pearl left behind a faint reddish blur. They moved so fast, forming random lines and they were dazzling to behold!

The youth took a deep breath and rushed in!

The youth tossed and turned within the array like an agile leopard. The ten blood pearls did not even manage to touch his sleeves.

After the array was lit up for fifteen minutes, it slowly weakened.

The red-shirt youth walked out unharmed from the array.

His face was slightly red and clearly, he still had a lot of remaining strength.

“Young master Jichang is so strong, as expected of the Jing state’s Sunan examination’s third place!”

“Of course! The southern examination was filled with powerhouses. For Young master Jichang to rank third would make him different. If I must say, Young master Jichang should be made a Kingdom Knight!”

The few Jing state young masters echoed one another and praised each other. They were the young masters of from the state of Jing, so complimenting each other was a matter of course.

These young masters were 13-15 years of age. Few children of large family clans would join the Jin Long Wei above the age of fifteen.

It could be said they were in the prime of their youth, bright and valiant. It was the period they thought they were the center of the world.

“I say, the few of you, do you want to try?”

The few young masters looked towards some youths nearby.

These youths had rough skin. They wore clothes made out of animal fur and were stout. From the beginning to end, they had never opened their mouths, and had been silent in the corner. They had a weak presence.

They were much older. Even the youngest was seventeen years old. Several of them were over twenty years of age.

Clearly, they were warriors from the vast wilderness.

The warriors of the vast wilderness lacked resources. Hence, their cultivation speed could not compete with the speed of the young masters from the Jing state’s large family clans. Furthermore, since the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom almost never held the Kingdom’s selection in the vast wilderness, many of these sons of the vast wilderness could only join the Jin Long Wei above the age of sixteen.

For example, Hu Ya entered the Jin Long Wei at eighteen years of age.

For a warrior, being younger was an advantage.

With everyone being at the same level and equal strength, a fourteen-year-old could naturally despise an eighteen-year-old.

The warriors of the vast wilderness had already arrived in the Jin Long Wei camp a few days ago.

In these few days, they had been ostracized by the Jing state young masters.

These highborn young masters naturally formed a faction also known as the Jing State Young Masters Faction. They were large in numbers and powerful. Naturally, the Jin Long Wei members that came from the vast wilderness were in an inferior position.

When choosing the barracks, the Jing State Young Masters Faction occupied the best spots in the barracks, and the sons of the vast wilderness had to occupy the corners.

When the bone relics were distributed, the Jing State Young Masters Faction received the majority, while they received the least.

Including during the meals at the canteen, the Jing State Young Masters Faction would pick all the expensive beast meat with greater energy, leaving the low quality meat to them.

During their visit to General Yan, the Jing State Young Masters Faction immediately surrounded the Thunder Sky Drum and the Frost Metal Blood Balls and entered the array to train and spar, while the sons of the wilderness were ostracized to the side.

Actually, seeing the Jing State Young Masters Faction’s strength, these sons of the vast wilderness had to acknowledge their strength, but it didn’t mean they were afraid of them.

The sons of the vast wilderness had a wildness within them!

They grew up in the harsh environment of the vast wilderness, so they did not easily admit defeat. Seeing that they had been provocated, how could they bear it any further? A tanned youth stood forward.

He was about seventeen-years-old and was lean. His glances were like bolts of lightning.

He gave of the feeling of a wolf that came from the vast wilderness. “My name is Heisha from the Black rock tribal clan. If you want to challenge me, I’ll take you on!”

“Hehe! Challenge?” The few young masters smiled upon hearing those words. “We aren’t challenging you. You don’t have the qualification to make us challenge you. It’s all a game!”

The Jing State Young Masters Faction’s arrogant words made Heisha pop a vein on his forehead!


“Alright, I’ll play with you!”

It was not a spur of the moment decision for Heisha to go on-stage. Within the Black rock tribal clan, he may not be the strongest, but he was the fastest!

In the Black rock tribal clan, he had the nickname of black lightning.

If it was to beat the Thunder Sky Drum, he might not be able to, but he was full of confidence with the Frost Metal Blood Balls array!

“Come on up!” Young master Jichang said as he saw loathing in Heisha’s eyes. “Let’s do it together, so that it will be most fair!”

Saying that, Young master Jichang glanced at Yi Yun from the corner of his eyes.

This glance was not obvious, but Yi Yun was sharp so he sensed it. Yi Yun suddenly understood that this Young master Jichang was unconvinced of his status as a Kingdom Knight from the vast wilderness, hence he imposed on those sons of the vast wilderness.

The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom gave great importance to stature. Although he was from the vast wilderness, Yi Yun, as a Kingdom Knight had much higher stature than the Young master Jichang from a large family clan!

Whether it was Young master Jichang or the other Jing state young masters, none of them could provoke Yi Yun publicly. If they came into conflict and came to blows, an inquiry would prove they were insubordinate, giving them trouble.

Hence, they did not dare to flaunt in front of Yi Yun, but they were indignant. Hence, they attacked the vast wilderness warriors, trying to gain an upper hand against vast wilderness warriors. These were their thoughts.

How could the Jing state young masters faction, celebrities that came from large family clans be oppressed by a bunch of savages from the vast wilderness? After experiencing fierce battles, they still did not obtain the title of Kingdom Knight. What made Yi Yun special?

“If I were to say, ten levels of difficulty is too boring, what do you think?” Just as Heisha and Young master Jichang stood in the center of the array, Young master Jichang suddenly said.

Heisha raised his eyebrows. He suddenly realized that Young master Jichang did not go his all previously. He still had more to spare!

By first appearing weak to prevent the opponent from shying away, then luring him into battle before raising the difficulty was a way to defeat the opponent in one swoop!

Heisha immediately understood Jichang’s thoughts. Indeed, the moment he stood in that array, there was no way to back down. Even if Jichang had made the difficulty even higher, he had to accept it!

A simple trick to appear weak before forcing him into a dead end!

Although this trick was simple, don’t forget that Jichang was a fourteen year old child, yet he was so scheming!

These young masters from large family clans were not simple folk!

Heisha took a deep breath of air as his wizened face flashed a battle spirit.

Jichang still had more to spare but he was still pretty confident of his movement ability.

Alright, we shall battle it out in this array!

“Eleven levels of difficulty, begin!” Young master Jichang casually waved.

One of the Jing state young masters faction’s members was by the control panel of the array. He laughed, “Young master Jichang, tell me if it’s not difficult enough, I’ll add more for you.”

Saying that, he pressed the eleventh crystal!

“Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!”

Eleven Frost Metal Blood Balls began whistling through the sky. The eleventh difficulty had one additional Frost Metal Blood Balls than the tenth difficulty, and they were even faster now.

The extreme speeds made the Frost Metal Blood Balls emitted a sharp whistling sound.

Jichang and Heisha began moving at the same time!

Both of them were extremely fast, leaving behind shadows. It was hard for people to distinguish shadow from person!

Yi Yun watched Jichang and Heisha by the side. Their every move could be seen clearly by Yi Yun. It was as if they were moving slowly in his eyes.

“To be able to make it to the Jin Long Wei elite, they sure aren’t simple.” Beside Yi Yun was Hu Ya who spoke. On this journey, he had said very few words.

Yi Yun nodded, “Yes, this Heisha’s speed is very fast, and is actually a little faster than Jichang. This should be his talent.”

“Unfortunately, Heisha makes a lot of unnecessary moves. Hence, his evasive actions has perhaps less than 40% efficiency. As for Jichang’s evasive efficiency, it’s as high as 60-70%. This great difference cannot be made up for with a slight improvement in speed.”

As Yi Yun said that, Jichang suddenly shouted, “Add more, twelve level of difficulty!”

Under the high speed evasion, Young master Jichang could still distract himself and speak. He laughed arrogantly.

“Alright!” The man by the array’s control panel made a nefarious smile before pressing the twelfth crystal!

Twelve levels of difficulty!

The Frost Metal Blood Balls’ whistling sound became higher in frequency. Together with one additional Frost Metal Blood Ball, Jichang and Heisha were under great pressure.

Sweat began to appear on Heisha’s forehead!

At this time, a stout middle-aged man appeared by the square’s entrance. With a smile on his face, he noted with interest of the scene within the Frost Metal Blood Balls array…