True Martial World Chapter 1451

Chapter 1451: Sword Of The River Of The Netherworld
Chapter 1451: Sword of the River of the Netherworld

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Yi Yun stared intently at the two Royal Seals as he circulated his Yuan Qi fervently to maintain his Destruction domain.

At that moment, Yi Yun could not help but entertain a wild thought. If he could take the two Divine Lord Royal Seals, he would become a Royal Sealed Divine Lord, achieving greater heights on his martial path.

However, he rejected the thought as quickly as it came. They were only two ordinary Divine Lord Royal Seals. Refining them would only make him an ordinary Royal Sealed Divine Lord. His ambition was far greater than that.

Yi Yun looked up and was appalled to discover that the two Divine Lord Royal Seals had broken through his Destruction domain and arrived above him.

Yi Yun made a mental note of how alarmingly dangerous these seals were. This was the first time Divine Lord Royal Seals were being used against him. He never expected them to be so overwhelming. He had nearly been killed without realizing it.

And at that moment, the Divine Lord Royal Seals were crashing down at Yi Yun. Gripping Mirage Snow tightly with both hands, he created a cold beam of light instantly, sending it straight towards the Divine Lord Royal Seals.

Yi Yun's strike fused his laws with those of the River of the Netherworld. When it streaked through the air, a blurry ancient bridge seemed to appear in front of everyone's eyes. On one end of the bridge stood numerous living beings. Crossing the bridge was equivalent to going through their entire lives. They were babies on one end of the bridge and wizened elders at the other end.

The warriors with lacking cultivation levels felt their hearts and minds drawn in by the sword flash and, moments after, felt as though they had experienced the entirety of their lives. The girl in the pale-yellow dress was also influenced by the sword flash before she suddenly jolted awake. She immediately touched her face.

She looked at the sword-wielding Yi Yun in astonishment. Although she had extricated herself from the influence of the strike, she still felt like she aged all at once. How were the laws so powerful?


The sword flash had already struck the two Divine Lord Royal Seals. Yi Yun's body quaked the instant they clashed. He spat out a mouthful of blood as he was sent retreating a great distance away.

As for Xing Yu Divine Lord and Li Fire Divine Lord, they had nasty expressions too. Their Divine Lord Royal Seals seemed to fall into a quagmire amid the sword flash. Their strengths were constantly being shaved away.

This was the power of time. Amid the turbulent river of time, any force would be worn down.

Unfortunately, the combined forces of the two Divine Lords managed to shatter Yi Yun's sword flash.

Upon seeing this, Li Fire Divine Lord's disciples and company heaved a sigh of relief. For a junior like Yi Yun to manage to parry the attacks of two Divine Lords was already a heaven-defying feat. If he had actually managed to fully defend against Divine Lord Royal Seals, what was the point of them even practicing martial arts in light of his achievements? They might as well return to their hometowns to farm and lead a peaceful life.

"The River of the Netherworld's laws! The little bastard has already eaten the Netherworld fruit! However, that doesn't matter. I will brew you, all of you, including your skin and bones, to refine a pill!" Xing Yu Divine Lord cried inwardly.

But at the same time, he was astounded by Yi Yun's talent. Although Yi Yun had just recently consumed the Netherworld fruit, he had already managed to gain insights into such powerful River of the Netherworld laws. It was simply too heaven-defying. If he knew that Yi Yun had not even digested the Netherworld fruit, he might have vomited a mouthful of blood.

"He's injured. Li Fire, what are you waiting for? Kill him now!" Xing Yu Divine Lord said coldly. So what if he was talented? He was able to fend off the Divine Lord Royal Seals once, but it was unlikely he could do so a second time.

However, Li Fire Divine Lord did not immediately launch another assault. When Xing Yu Divine Lord turned his head, he discovered that Li Fire Divine Lord had a somewhat odd expression.

"Li Fire, what's wrong with you?" asked Xing Yu Divine Lord.

Li Fire Divine Lord gave him a glance and said, "That little bastard appears to have done something to me. It's not a big deal. I'll immediately force out the mark he planted on me."

Xing Yu Divine Lord looked at him skeptically. As for Li Fire Divine Lord, the flames around him stirred as his aura surged, as though he was really trying to force something out. However, Xing Yu Divine Lord could not see through the concealment of the flames. It was impossible for him to probe with his psyche perception either.

"It's only a mark. There's no need for you to force it out now. Quick power your Royal Seal and kill Yi Yun together with me!" said Xing Yu Divine Lord with a frown.

Li Fire Divine Lord was truly compelled to suffer in silence. He did hate Yi Yun to the bone, but he had already determined that Yi Yun would have only been sent retreating if he had defended against their Divine Lord Royal Seals with all his strength. Instead, he ended up injured.

The reason for his injury was that Yi Yun had hidden a nomological mark of the River of the Netherworld laws in his sword flash. It then struck straight into his Divine Lord Royal Seal!

A Divine Lord Royal Seal was nearly one with the Divine Lord himself. The River of the Netherworld's laws immediately began affecting his body. He had witnessed the terror of the River of the Netherworld laws back when he first found the Netherworld tree. Cyclops Heretic Lord had sent his Divine Gold Puppet to pluck the Netherworld fruit only to suffer a severe backlash. Instantly, he was reduced to a dying old bag of bones.

And his present situation was not far from Cyclops Heretic Lord's! The River of the Netherworld's nomological mark was impressed onto his Divine Lord Royal Seal. And as the person that had fused with the Royal Seal, his strength was being constantly corroded.

When his strength was fully corroded, all that was left was his vitality.

Therefore, he did not dare conjure his Royal Seal. Wouldn't that only expedite his own death?

The only solution he had now was to protect himself while quickly erasing the River of the Netherworld's nomological mark from his Royal Seal. This should not have been a difficult task. If he was given a quiet and safe environment, he could finish it in about two hours.

But he was now embroiled in battle. Furthermore, Xing Yu Divine Lord was constantly pressing him to attack. Li Fire Divine Lord naturally could not explain his predicament. He could not let Xing Yu Divine Lord know of his situation or he would not gain any benefits even if Yi Yun was successfully killed.

Noticing that Xing Yu Divine Lord had started looking at him suspiciously, Li Fire Divine Lord had no choice but to temporarily use potent Yuan Qi to isolate the connection he had with his Divine Lord Royal Seal. Together with Xing Yu Divine Lord, he pursued Yi Yun.

And at that moment, Xing Yu Divine Lord suddenly noticed something. Yi Yun had been sent retreating while spewing out blood from the impact. But wasn't the distance he had retreated a little too far?

The direction of his retreat was straight for the black spear!

"No good! He's planning on using the black spear's powers to escape!" Xing Yu Divine Lord immediately caught on to Yi Yun's ploy. After all, Yi Yun had used such a trick back when he snatched the Netherworld tree's fruit!

The others might have thought that Yi Yun had no means of approaching the black spear but Xing Yu Divine Lord and Li Fire Divine Lord did not share that opinion. Back then, they believed that it was impossible for anyone to approach the Netherworld tree, but didn't Yi Yun manage to do it all the same!?

The laws of common sense did not apply to this junior!

"Little bastard, don't you dare think of it!" Spatial dimension laws appeared around Yi Yun, sealing the space he was in. Xing Yu Divine Lord's aura expanded vehemently, as he fervently powered his Skyfiend Bell. As the bell's shrill tunes assaulted Yi Yun, he powered his Divine Lord Royal Seal as well, smashing it straight at Yi Yun's head.

"Destruction domain!" Yi Yun remained stoic as blood continued flowing down the corner of his mouth. The 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence instantly appeared behind him. The power of Major Destruction constantly stirred as it tore through the spatial lock.

Simultaneously, he slashed out dozens of times. Each strike struck one of the bell's sound waves. The final strike collided with the Divine Lord Royal Seal once again.


It resulted in a tempestuous energy blast. Yi Yun felt his lifeblood go into turmoil, but he took advantage of the blast from the impact to approach the black spear without hindrance. Xing Yu Divine Lord's face turned as black as a wok when Yi Yun's figure slipped into the nebulous Primordial Chaos.

Although Yi Yun had already suffered quite some damage, he still managed to withstand his final attack!

Furthermore, he had already guessed that Yi Yun had a special method to approach the black spear. But even so, he never expected Yi Yun to immerse himself within the nebulous Primordial Chaos.

The blob of nebulous Primordial Chaos was as dense as the stars. An ordinary person would be pressed to a pulp in there but Yi Yun had managed to situate himself in it safely!

This scene was naturally seen by all. Bluejade covered her mouth in surprise. "Yi Yun actually knows the laws of Chaos?"