True Martial World Chapter 1452

Chapter 1452: Irrevocably Committed
Chapter 1452: Irrevocably Committed

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Only those adept in the laws of Chaos, and even then only after reaching a certain level of proficiency, could immerse themselves in the nebulous Primordial Chaos. In fact, this was a feat many three-Sealed Divine Lords were incapable of. It was a Great Dao of Supremacy of the Universe.

It was hard to imagine that Yi Yun could be that well-versed in the laws of Chaos at such a young age. One could only wonder how he managed to cultivate it.

At that moment, Xing Yu Divine Lord suddenly glared at Li Fire Divine Lord, and said grimly, "Li Fire, why didn't you take action?"

Li Fire snorted and said, "He was able to defend against your attack so easily, so it wouldn't have mattered if I did anything."

Xing Yu had a look of displeasure after hearing that. It was Li Fire that made the initial offer to join forces. Yet, Li Fire had shrank back in the end. He coldly looked at the nebulous Primordial Chaos around the black spear. Yi Yun's figure could be faintly seen in the nebulous Primordial Chaos from time to time.

This immediately delighted Xing Yu. "That little bastard can't handle it after all. He's about to come out!"

But just as his voiced faded, the smile on his face turned stiff. He looked with an extremely grotesque expression as Yi Yun sat cross-legged amid the nebulous Primordial Chaos. Then, he closed his eyes and actually began cultivating inside in a rather stately manner!

The others could only stand to cultivate more than five kilometers away from the black spear but Yi Yun was able to cultivate right within the nebulous Primordial Chaos beside the black spear. The difference was truly like night and day.

Gradually, Yi Yun's figure was once again concealed by the nebulous Primordial Chaos. All that could be seen was a blurry silhouette.

Xing Yu was so peeved that he nearly crushed his teeth from clenching them. Yi Yun was already very difficult to deal with as he was. If he was allowed to continue cultivating in such a place, the consequences would be disastrous.

Upon thinking of this, Xing Yu did not hesitate any further. He immediately mustered all his Yuan Qi and tried his best to walk towards the black spear.

But he didn't get far before the tidal wave-like suppression inundated his body and overwhelmed it. It caused all his bones to creak.

Xing Yu's eyes flashed as a Divine Lord Royal Seal immediately flew above his head to fend off a portion of the suppression. It eased the pressure on Xing Yu, allowing him to continue proceeding forward. But after he took another hundred steps, the immense pressure from the laws of Chaos began to completely overwhelm him. It nearly bent his back.

Although the Divine Lord Royal Seal was powerful, there was no way it could withstand the pure powers of Heaven and Earth.

"Li Fire, join forces with me!" Xing Yu said through gritted teeth.

However, Li Fire completely ignored him. He walked to the side, set up a restrictive region, and sat down cross-legged. His body immediately lit up in flames.

"Li Fire!" Xing Yu cursed.

It was unknown what kind of mark Yi Yun had planted on Li Fire's body for him to be in such a hurry to expel it.

Xing Yu Divine Lord regarded the matter as nothing worthy of serious consideration. Although Yi Yun was powerful, he had been jointly repressed by two Divine Lords. What could he do in such a situation? At best, removing any mark he planted should've been a trivial problem.

"In that case, any rewards I get from Yi Yun will be mine alone. Array arise!" Xing Yu threw out dozens of array flags from his interspatial ring. They embedded themselves in mid-air around him. Each array flag suffused an extraordinary aura. Clearly, they were of a high grade, and just the materials they were made of were natural treasures.

"Indeed, every Divine Lord is extraordinary, especially Royal Sealed Divine Lords from such large factions," muttered Bluejade wistfully.

Her senior brother looked in astonishment at the array flags and said with a hint of smugness, "That Yi Yun is doomed." He did not have any grudge with Yi Yun, but to see a genius like Yi Yun succeed made him feel extremely envious.

After the array flags were in place, Xing Yu conjured the Skyfiend Bell once again. Then, he spat a mouthful of blood on it. Immediately, the Skyfiend Bell's tunes were amplified. All the array flags also sounded in unison, immediately forming a powerful array formation.

Under the effects of the array formation, the pressure exerted on Xing Yu became like flowing water that met a rock. It simply flowed off of him once it hit him.

Xing Yu immediately felt the pressure on him subside. He sped up and walked towards Yi Yun.

But at that moment, a heavy grunt came from Li Fire's direction.

The surrounding people immediately turned to look over.

Li Fire appeared to have suffered a backlash as blood seeped from the corner of his mouth. Then, he quickly took out a jade bottle, poured out some pills, and stuffed them into his mouth.

The moment he ate the pills, Li Fire continued circulating his Yuan Qi to purge the nomological mark of the River of the Netherworld. He still put out a powerful aura to prevent anyone from realizing that something was amiss.

However, the aura he exuded would get chaotic from time to time. Even those without overly high cultivation levels could faintly sense that his situation was turning for the worse.

Wasn't it said that Yi Yun had only planted a tiny mark on him? Why did it appear to be such a problem for a Divine Lord?

Li Fire was repressing his anger, and he felt a tinge of horror too. He originally believed that he could purge the nomological mark in about two hours but when he truly set his mind to it, he realized that the mark was like a maggot that was nudged deep into his Divine Lord Royal Seal. It appeared to have fused with the Divine Lord Royal Seal!

Li Fire never expected that he would feel a sense of fear towards a junior. The nomological mark had far exceeded his estimates. He might not even be able to purge it given a month, much less two hours!

Suddenly, one of Li Fire Divine Lord's disciples screamed.

"Master, your your hair" The disciple looked at Li Fire in disbelief.

Li Fire's heart sank as he looked down at his beard to realize that his hair had turned white. Simultaneously, his Yuan Qi was now being devoured at a much faster speed!

With his hair turning white, he could no longer hide the terror of his situation from others. Everyone looked at the scene in alarm. What Yi Yun had done was in no way trivial. A Divine Lord's vitality was actually being drained!

Li Fire sat cross-legged there, his Yuan Qi constantly weakening as his hair turned whiter. More wrinkles appeared on his face. His brows were knitted tightly, making it extremely clear that he was barely holding up.

As long as he purged the mark, there was still a chance of him recovering.

When Xing Yu saw Li Fire's situation, he was immediately alarmed. It was completely different from what he imagined!

He never expected Yi Yun to deliver such a lethal strike to Li Fire. Xing Yu turned apprehensive. Thankfully, Yi Yun had chosen to attack Li Fire. If he had been the target

Xing Yu secretly cursed Li Fire. He had clearly succumbed to Yi Yun's blow but he had claimed that it was a trivial problem. If he knew Yi Yun was that heaven-defying, he might have reconsidered his attitude towards him.

Although Xing Yu envied the opportunities Yi Yun had, he needed to weigh the cost of obtaining them. But by this point, Xing Yu was irrevocably committed to his current path. He did not know if he should continue proceeding forward or turn and retreat.