True Martial World Chapter 1453

Chapter 1453: Domain Evolution
Chapter 1453: Domain Evolution

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A light cracking sound came out of nowhere, as one of the array flags used by Xing Yu Divine Lord to establish the array formation suddenly shattered. It was instantly ground to dust by the terrifying pressure.

Xing Yu instantly had a change in expression as he suddenly realized that, for some unknown reason, the space around him had undergone drastic changes. More nebulous Primordial Chaos had appeared and his array formation could hardly withstand it much longer under the increasing pressure.

The flustered Xing Yu was just about to retreat in a hurry when he realized that the space he was in turned into a quagmire of sorts, making it almost impossible for him to move. Be it escape techniques or talismans, they would be of no help.

"It's a domain!" Xing Yu's heart sank.

At that moment, clear but slow footsteps could be heard. Yi Yun's figure strode out of the nebulous Primordial Chaos, each step as heavy as a mountain. He left deep imprints in the land that had been compressed by the nebulous Primordial Chaos till it was as dense as gold.

With Mirage Snow in hand, Yi Yun wore a cold gaze as murdering intent boiled within him.

Major Destruction laws and the Primordial Chaos aura spread out, and it was none other than Yi Yun's Chaos Destruction domain.

He had added the nebulous Primordial Chaos to his Destruction domain, strengthening it greatly. And this was a place thick with nebulous Primordial Chaos to begin with. Yi Yun's casting of the Chaos Destruction domain was like putting a fish in water.

"But...your injuries!?" Xing Yu looked at Yi Yun in astonishment. At that moment, Yi Yun was burning with killing intent, looking uninjured in any sense of the word.

Yet, he never imagined that the nebulous Primordial Chaos could be used as a power of creation. Since Yi Yun was able to infuse the Chaos aura into the Destruction domain, he could naturally use the nebulous Primordial Chaos to repress his injuries.

"Xing Yu, don't bother trying to leave after coming all the way here. Aren't you here to kill me? Here I am." The corners of Yi Yun's mouth curled into a mocking smile. As for Xing Yu Divine Lord's question, he could not be bothered to answer it.

Xing Yu revealed a wrathful look, that hint of panic long forgotten. He could not escape from the domain. If he did try, he would only make himself vulnerable. Furthermore, he was fighting a junior. If he did not have the courage to fight such a battle, what was the point of being a Divine Lord?

"Yi Yun, you are just too arrogant. I'll demonstrate the difference between a Royal Sealed Divine Lord and you. A dead genius is no longer a genius!"

Xing Yu Divine Lord bellowed angrily as the Divine Lord Royal Seal above him immediately let out a sharp shrill and it began enveloping Yi Yun. Simultaneously, Xing Yu held the Skyfiend Bell in one hand and spat a mouthful of blood on it, but this time, he put his blood essence into it.

After he spat the blood essence, his face suffused an unnatural color. But quickly, his figure was enveloped by a wailing demonic shadow. Gigantic blood-colored demonic shadows fell over one another as they surged out from the Skyfiend Bell and launched themselves at Yi Yun.

"Ah!" Before some of the weaker warriors were able to react, they were caught up in the demonic tune. They rolled around in pain, grasping their heads tightly. Their Yuan Qi was in complete chaos. Just like a Qi deviation, if nothing was done it would quickly lead to them exploding.

However, the warriors here had come in teams. They had companions with them. But even with the aid of their companions, they still suffered from substantial injuries. They ended up looking at Xing Yu Divine Lord in horror.

Clearly, Xing Yu had produced all his strength in a bid to kill Yi Yun once and for all!

Yi Yun also finally moved against the demonic shadows that filled the sky.

He originally began with slow and steady footsteps but immediately following that, he began running. His heavy footsteps sounded like thunder across the land.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The footsteps turned louder and finally formed a continuous, formless sound that immediately distorted the demonic tune produced by the Skyfiend Bell, causing it to sound like a scream. Instantly, it was dissipated!

Although the Skyfiend Bell's ringing was terrifying, how could it compare to the power of Chaos that accompanied the birth of the Universe? Here, Yi Yun did not need to use any treasures, all he needed to use were the terrain and situation!

Yi Yun had charged to meet the gigantic demonic shadow. It raised its huge foot to trample on Yi Yun. It suffused a rich blood aura and this alone could corrode a warrior's body to bones.

But Yi Yun did not decrease his speed, instead brandishing Mirage Snow as it suddenly released a resplendent blue light.

The blue light was extremely beautiful, so beautiful to the point of it being intoxicating. But when the sword flash was released, it brought with it a sharpness that meant death!

Wherever the blue light passed through, the gigantic demonic shadow would disintegrate. And Yi Yun himself appeared like a sword shadow, snow that did not get stained by blood, amid the countless fragments. He charged straight in front of Xing Yu Divine Lord!

Xing Yu's pupils suddenly constricted. Fast, it was just too fast! His attacks had been instantly nullified by Yi Yun.

Xing Yu felt a strong sense of impending danger when he saw Yi Yun appear in front of him in a blink of an eye. He roared and immediately tapped at the array flags, causing the power auras released by the Divine Lord Royal Seal and the Skyfiend Bells to create a blockade in front of him.

Yi Yun's sword flash shot out!

Xing Yu's vision was immediately filled by a swath of icy-blue color. The blue was pure and even felt ice-cold. It made Xing Yu feel like he had suddenly arrived in an infinite plane of ice. Even he could not help but look wistfully at the beautiful purity.

But Xing Yu managed to jolt himself awake almost immediately. It was not beautiful purity but killing intent and sword Qi in their purest form!

At that moment, the sword flash cleaved into Xing Yu's demonic aura that enveloped him.


With a light cracking sound, like an eggshell being gently struck, the aura blasted apart completely!

Xing Yu's demonic aura had been completely cleaved through, causing him to be sent flying backward by the sword Qi. He left blood splattering through the air!

An easy devastation! Yi Yun's strike made the surrounding people feel like he was some indomitable figure!

Before Xing Yu landed, Yi Yun had instantly appeared in front of him.


His eyes were extremely cold but the killing intent that he exuded felt more like a Shura than Xing Yu's demonic aura!

Skyfiend Bell, blown up!

Divine Lord Royal Seal, slashed apart!

Xing Yu spat out blood repeatedly as a look of despair flashed in his eyes. He did not even have the chance to take out his other treasures before seeing Yi Yun's sword flash cleave down at him.

In those last moments, Xing Yu had a look of utter disbelief on his face.

"I'm a Divine Lord of the White Lunar Divine Empire. If you dare"


The ice-blue sword flash streaked across the sky!

Everyone watched the scene in shock as they saw the mighty Xing Yu Divine Lord being struck by the sword flash. He plummeted while covered in blood before crashing heavily to the ground.

The next moment, terrifying nebulous Primordial Chaos pressed down on his body, meeting no resistance. Even if a Divine Lord's body was as hard as a treasure, it remained extremely weak in the presence of the nebulous Primordial Chaos.

Amid the shuddering cracking sounds, people turned back to see the youth standing above the ground, with nebulous Primordial Chaos lingering around his body, rather Xing Yu Divine Lord, whose life was nearing its end.

Yi Yun had slain a Royal Sealed Divine Lord!

People looked at him in astonishment!

And at that moment, Yi Yun was already walking towards the crowd.

"Where do you plan on going?" sneered Yi Yun.

Only then did people realize that Li Fire was trying to secretly escape.

However, Li Fire's present state alarmed people.

He had given up purging the nomological mark of the River of the Netherworld and immediately sensed an even stronger backlash. His entire being turned stiff like an extremely old person.

"Yi Yun, I"

Before Li Fire could even make a sentence, he was already slain by Yi Yun!

He had already been heavily injured and had appeared defenseless in front of him.

Li Fire's eyes widened, as though he never imagined such a thing could happen.

Having witnessed this, Li Fire's disciples immediately revealed a sorrowful look. But be it people from elsewhere or from the Great Cosmic State, they did not dare try to stop it.

Just like no one would care what Yi Yun did before killing him. Here, strength was everything!

Having killed two Divine Lords, it could be said that he could change destiny itself.

Di Rong looked at Yi Yun with mixed emotions. He knew that after leaving the Divine Perish Hall, Yi Yun's name would spread throughout the ancient battlefield, making it impossible for him to remain some unknown.

Yi Yun and many others went to the ancient battlefield together. Yet, Di Rong's eyes were set on the famous geniuses. Recalling that, and given current events, his ability to discern strength was quite weak.

Di Rong sat down quietly having taken in everything. Yi Yun's appearance made him realize that his martial path was still very long. He did not plan on wasting even one bit of time.

And those that had conflicts with Yi Yun prior to this, such as the geniuses from the Magnificent Heaven, did not dare stay near Yi Yun at the moment. They quickly left.

Bluejade's senior brother also gave a clumsy excuse to sneak away. He felt extremely afraid facing Yi Yun given what he saw.

Bluejade did not expose his thoughts. While she despised him, she knew it was because Yi Yun was just too powerful. Even if her senior brother knew that Yi Yun did not care about him either way, of course he would still feel afraid.

Yi Yun returned to the area under the black spear and began cultivating in the nebulous Primordial Chaos.

As the nebulous Primordial Chaos enveloped Yi Yun's body once again, the people from the Great Cosmic State quickly put away Li Fire's corpse. As for the people from the White Lunar Divine Empire, they had planned on collecting Xing Yu Divine Lord's corpse but there were only bones left of him. In addition, they had no way to approach the spot where he had perished. All they could do was watch helplessly as Xing Yu Divine Lord's bones were crushed to dust.

Xing Yu had failed to skin Yi Yun alive and extract his soul. Instead, he left without a proper burial and was completely reduced to dust.

As for Yi Yun who had just returned to the nebulous Primordial Chaos, his face was pale. His aura had also turned chaotic.

He had killed Xing Yu Divine Lord in an indomitable fashion but it was naturally not as easy as it looked on the surface. The injuries that he had repressed previously were relapsing, causing the corners of his mouth to seep a strand of blood.

But even so, Yi Yun's eyes were still filled with excitement.

He had attempted to infuse the nebulous Primordial Chaos into his Destruction domain and managed to succeed in one try. But now, his domain was quite unstable.