True Martial World Chapter 1455

Chapter 1455: Fey God Tomb
Chapter 1455: Fey God Tomb

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Yi Yun had determined that the nebulous Primordial Chaos was the remnant aura left behind by the piece of armor. Perhaps the ancient expert that wore it had also cultivated in the laws of Primordial Chaos.

Although the armor was extraordinary, it had been damaged after all. Yi Yun did not feel the pinch seeing it dissipate. However, the black spear remained completely intact.

He coveted the black spear more than anything else in that place.

Walking to the black spear's side, he took a deep breath before extending his hand to grab it.


The black spear seemed to sense Yi Yun's action as it vibrated suddenly.

Yi Yun felt extreme danger inundate him. He barely managed to summon the Primordial Destruction domain in time, encasing himself in it like it was armor. The next moment, he felt like he was being swallowed by a black rift.

Yi Yun became dizzy as his body appeared to be tearing apart. The Divine Perish Hall's spatial forces were far greater than the outside world's. If he were in the Sinkhole, Yi Yun's physique would allow him to sleep in the spatial storms without any problems. But now, he felt like his body was being tempered, causing his lifeblood to go into turmoil!

As Yi Yun was being sucked into a spatial rift, there was a group of people dressed in fine golden clothes outside the Divine Perish Hall. They joined forces with a batch of White Lunar Divine Empire warriors to set up a massive array in an attempt to break open the Divine Perish Hall's door.

The people in the golden clothes came from the Great Cosmic State.

Just ten days ago, the life slips connected to Li Fire Divine Lord and Xing Yu Divine Lord's lives had shattered in the Great Cosmic State and White Lunar Divine Empire respectively!

Both Royal Sealed Divine Lord had perished almost simultaneously in the ancient battlefield!

Even in mighty factions like the Great Cosmic State and White Lunar Divine Empire, Royal Sealed Divine Lords enjoyed extraordinary statues. They were the forces that could prop up an empire.

Once the ancient battlefield opened, it would last for decades. Under ordinary circumstances, there was little danger. Those that perished were usually juniors from the younger generation. Royal Sealed Divine Lords seldom encountered lethal difficulties, but now two Divine Lords had died.

The Great Cosmic State and White Lunar Divine Empire commissioned people who had left their names on the World Monolith in the outside world to specially create teleportation jade slips, allowing them to send people into the ancient battlefield to assess the situation. They soon learned that Li Fire Divine Lord and Xing Yu Divine Lord had entered the Divine Perish Hall.

However, the Divine Perish Hall was in complete lockdown. People outside could not enter, while people inside could not exit. It was unknown what had happened inside the hall for it to be like that.

As the people from the Great Cosmic State and White Lunar Divine Empire were setting up the array, they attempted to force their way into the Divine Perish Hall. Yet, to their surprise, the Divine Perish Hall suddenly released grayish beams of divine light.


The massive Divine Perish Hall began to tremble violently. Above it, mystical runic marks formed in the sky. Upon seeing this happen, everyone felt a jolt through their hearts. The Divine Perish Hall had undergone another anomalous change!?

"The Heavenly Dao has been stirred. These nomological runes are no trifling matter. They seemed to be resonating with something"

An elder stared at the void that changed unpredictably as he spoke. And at that moment, a black beam of light flew into the mark like an arrow hitting its target before vanishing.

The elder was taken aback. He had failed to identify the black beam of light, and at that moment


Everyone was alarmed when they heard a cracking sound.

What happened!?

"The Recognition Monument!" shouted someone in alarm.

Everyone immediately looked towards the sound and saw the Recognition Monument that stood in front of the Divine Perish Hall suddenly develop a crack. It rapidly spread out like a spider's web the moment it appeared. The two names on the Recognition Monument also vanished with the appearance of the crack.

In moments, the Recognition Monument completely shattered, dissipating into scattered nomological fragments.

"The Recognition Monument has vanished!?"

Everyone watched with mouths agape. What was happening? Why did the Divine Perish Hall Recognition Monument that had stood there erected for eons suddenly vanish?

What exactly was happening inside the Divine Perish Hall?

About millions of kilometers from the Divine Perish Hall, dense killing intent permeated a desolate plain that stretched out endlessly. Nearly a thousand warriors were gathered there. They formed teams of more than ten people, forcibly resisting the corrosive powers of the killing intent while forging ahead arduously.

In the distant horizon, in the deepest depths of the desolate plain, was a massive abyss. As if a god had swung his divine sword, the land had been ripped apart, leaving behind a massive fissure.

And in the abyss, dark red decimation auras surged into the sky. They resembled blazing flames that reached for the firmaments, blasting away the layer of clouds that perennially hung above the ancient battlefield.

The deep abyss was one of the more horrifying areas in the ancient battlefield! It was a perilous land of death!

It was unlike the Divine Perish Hall. The Divine Perish Hall had experienced an anomalous change this time round, making it become more dangerous. As for the abyss, it had existed since the ancient battlefield first opened. It was as dangerous as could be. Even Divine Lords would not dare enter recklessly for there was a strong chance that they would never return.

It was unknown where the rumor came from, but it was said that the abyss was the tomb of one of the twelve Fey Gods from ancient times. Although the rumor had no basis, the abyss gained its name due to it. People called it the Fey God Tomb!

As a place that supposedly held a buried Fey God, it was obvious how dangerous it was for human warriors to enter.

However, due to the rich fiendish aura in the Fey God Tomb, its periphery gave birth to excellent herbs and natural treasures.

For example, Blood Lingzhi mushrooms aged thousands of years were rare elsewhere, making them very expensive. But here, there were many to be found.

However, these Blood Lingzhi in the periphery had long been plucked away with each opening of the ancient battlefield. To chance upon the remaining older ones, one had to get closer to the Fey God Tomb.

One of the teams with dozens of people was approaching the Fey God Tomb carefully thanks to a defensive treasure they had.

"Blood Lingzhi, and it looks at least three thousand years old!" At that moment, a warrior with relatively good eyesight let out a joyous cry.

Everyone immediately looked over and saw the faint outline of a lingzhi in a thick sanguine aura a few hundred meters away.

"Judging from the density of the sanguine aura, this lingzhi is probably nearly four thousand years old!" The man holding the defensive treasure in hand revealed a look of pleasant surprise.

"Blood Lingzhi cannot be plucked directly with one's hand. Spirit Jade must be used. If not, we will get contaminated by the sanguine aura," said the man.

"I'll get it!" The warrior who first discovered the Blood Lingzhi could not conceal his excitement as he volunteered.

He took out a Spirit Jade jade box and flew towards the Blood Lingzhi. But as he flew under the watchful gazes of everyone, the warrior suddenly laughed out boisterously in flight. Then, he suddenly turned his head and looked at the group of his fellow warriors.

People looked at him perplexed as the warrior hung a smile on his face and took on an eerie yearning look. It was as though he had seen a beauty he could not resist. Following that, he raised his hand and, suddenly, stabbed his five fingers deep into his head. Immediately, blood gushed out as the warrior's corpse collapsed heavily to the ground.

This strange scene left the scalps of people tingling. They stared intently at the warrior but failed to discover how he came under the influence of the mysterious power.

Everyone knew that the Fey God Tomb was strange but this was the first time they had heard of such a situation.

"Release your psyche perception. There might be something invisible to the eye just like those entities in the Psyche Vanquishing Desert." The man holding the defensive treasure shouted.

"Junior Brother Huang, follow me huh? Junior Brother Yang, what are you doing!?" Before the man could finish his sentence, he saw Yang suddenly draw his sword, turn around, and stab the person beside him right in the heart.

The person had been stabbed without any warning. He looked in horror at Yang. And immediately following that, Yang withdrew his sword and sliced it across his neck.

When Yang's corpse collapsed to the ground, people discovered in horror that there was a strange smile on his face. It looked identical to the smile of the warrior who had attempted to pluck the Blood Lingzhi.

This sent everyone into a panic. It would have been alright if they could see their enemy but under the present circumstances, they did not even know how death had crept up to them.

The people already had thoughts of retreating. No matter how good the Blood Lingzhi was, it was in no way more important than their lives.

The man with the defensive treasure looked at the corpses in anguish. Three people had died for reasons unknown before they even touched the Blood Lingzhi. He felt too indignant to give up just like that.

Suddenly, a light yellow barrier flashed across the man's body. Immediately following that, the man felt his glabella hurt. It felt like something had tried to drill into his head but ended up failing.

He was astounded. He knew he would have been dead if the defensive treasure had not activated when it did.

He did not have time to check his own body. Huang, who he had just shouted out too, also had that strange smile as he drew his weapon.

"Junior Brother Huang, wake up!" The man shouted amid anger and anguish. Huang was his best friend there. He was unsure what to do as he saw Huang fall into the queer madness. But at that moment in time, a figure twinkling with a faint glow flew over from afar.

The figure appeared to fly slowly but it appeared in front of them in a blink of an eye.

Simultaneously, a gentle light beam shot out from the figure's hand and headed towards Huang.

"Don't hurt him" The man wanted to do something but he was subtly pushed away by the gentle beam of light. Although it felt gentle, the man knew that the beam of light contained potent strength that he was no match for.


A tragic cry sounded from Huang's body but it did not come from his mouth.

After being enveloped by the beam of light, everyone watched in horror as a face without any facial features appeared behind Huang's head. Following that, the face began melting away amid tragic cries. In a blink of an eye, it had vanished inside the beam of light.

As for Huang, he came round. The color in his face was drained and he looked like he had lost a lot of lifeblood.

Everyone, including the man holding the treasure, immediately looked at the figure that had taken action.

The figure was materializing. She was a young girl with a divine halo around her. Her feet remained off the ground and, although she veiled her face, one could tell there was peerless beauty beneath the veil.

"Thank you for saving us, Fairy Yourou!" The man looked at the peerless girl from the Nethersky Divine World with pleasant surprise. He immediately bowed.

Upon hearing the man's words, people who did not know of the girl's identity immediately came to a realization. The girl was Fairy Yourou, also known as the Nethersky Divine World's Young Goddess.

Fairy Yourou said, "That was an evil spirit born out of the sanguine aura in the Fey God Tomb. They grow by devouring the lifeblood and souls of warriors. It's very rare for one to encounter them in the Fey God Tomb's periphery."

Her voice sounded ethereal and pleasant. After she finished speaking, she reached out her slender fair hands and beckoned. Immediately, the Blood Lingzhi flew towards the man, breaking away from the confines of the sanguine aura.

"Take this Blood Lingzhi," said Young Goddess.

The man felt flattered. "How can I accept it? We did not have what it takes to pluck this Blood Lingzhi at all"

"The way you wanted to protect your junior brother shows your kind heart. That's a very rare thing in the martial world. I'll leave the Blood Lingzhi for you," said Fairy Yourou.

The man did not wish to accept it and so insisted on declining it.

"Since Fairy Yourou wishes to give it to you, take it. What might seem like treasure to you is nothing to her. She really has an overly kind heart." At that moment, another woman's voice sounded.

She was none other than Lie Jiaojiao from the Scarlet Yang continent. And beside her was still Lie Rikong as well as another man. He was Yue Wangjian from the First Beginnings Immortal Gate.

The Lie siblings had separated from their team in a land of peril. They chanced upon Young Goddess and Yue Wangjian. Lie Jiaojiao lost her heart to Yue Wangjian at first sight and suggested forming a team with them.

Young Goddess was pure and gentle by nature so she agreed to the proposal.

She had flown over when she sensed the smell of death. The remaining three followed behind. Lie Jiaojiao was the weakest so she was panting by the time she arrived. Once there, she realized that only a bunch of inconsequential people had been saved.

She was rendered rather speechless when she discovered this. However, she spoke nicely and had a smile on her lips.

"Then thank you very much, Young Goddess! We will be leaving now. We will go to the safer part of the periphery." The man stored the Blood Lingzhi inside a Spirit Jade jade box as he spoke excitedly.

Even when Young Goddess and company turned to leave, the warrior and his group still had a look of fascination. They almost could not believe that the godly girl had really been in front of them.

They had originally heard that Young Goddess had peerless beauty and talent but now, they had seen her kindness. It made them revere and admire her. The girl was truly perfect.

"Perhaps only White Lunar Divine Empire's Fairy Lin Xintong can compare to Young Goddess."

"Young Goddess Fairy Yourou is indeed matchless. However, Fairy Lin is even more unfathomable. She left her name on the ancient battlefield six decades ago. Her looks are also impeccable."

"Alright. The two fairies are not people the likes of us can talk about for long. Retrieve our junior brothers' corpses. We need to leave this place as soon as possible," said the man.

"Junior Sister Yourou, you can't plunge headfirst into danger whenever others encounter danger. These people have naturally accepted the corresponding risk to be here. If not, how can you call this an experiential training? Besides, we came to the Fey God Tomb for more important matters." Yue Wangjian walked to Young Goddess's side and said with a smile.

"I only did it in passing," said Young Goddess softly.

"That's right, Senior Brother Yue. Young Goddess's character is just too good. However, Senior Brother Yue, what you said makes sense. I have really benefited from being by your side." Lie Jiaojiao said with a lovely smile as she closed the gap between her and Yue Wangjian.

Yue Wangjian smiled lightly and did not say a word.

As for Lie Rikong, he remained silent to the side.

Suddenly, they heard a loud rumbling sound far away. Simultaneously, blasts of spatial quakes spread towards them.

"Oh? What happened?" Yue Wangjian immediately turned to look in the direction of the sound. He saw that space had been torn apart. What appeared to be a tiny black beam had shot out, but when he focused his eyes, he did not seem to see anything.


Gray light flashed as the laws of the world were stirred, forming countless nomological marks. But in a blink of an eye, they dissipated. Calm was restored as if nothing happened.

Upon seeing this situation, Yue Wangjian felt pleasantly surprised. Something impressive had likely appeared!