True Martial World Chapter 1459

Chapter 1459: Fey Plant
Chapter 1459: Fey Plant

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"Daoist Nameless, what do you aim to do inside the Fey God Tomb?" After the terrifying encounter, a Supremacy well advanced in years suddenly felt apprehensive and asked this question. Although it was eye-opening to enter the Fey God Tomb, if the opportunities that lay ahead were not clear, it was not wise to forcibly enter and risk their lives. He had made it to this age by not being reckless.

The moment he posed the question, many people looked towards Nameless Sword.

Nameless Sword paused for a moment before saying, "I came to the ancient battlefield a thousand years ago. Back then, I had already entered the Fey God Tomb once. Although I returned with nothing, I chanced upon the discovery of a mystic land. From then on, I would probe the Fey God Tomb every sixty years, whenever the ancient battlefield opened. Over time I slowly charted out a safe path and constantly approached that mystic land."

"Killing intent permeates that mystic land, and in the middle of it all is a buried blood bone."

Everyone drew a gasp when they heard his words. The abyss was named Fey God Tomb. So it was rather easy to connect the idea of a blood bone to the remains of an Ancient Fey. But it also sounded like an impossibility.

Regardless, even the mere chance of a blood bone was no trifling matter. For just a moment, everyone present found themselves with a yearning anticipation for the blood bone.

"I, Nameless Sword, swear that if I can obtain this opportunity, I will share enough of the benefits that everyone will find it satisfying."

Although remuneration was mentioned in detail during the early negotiations, Nameless Sword was now offering to split the benefits. Of course if he didn't, just vague remuneration alone might not be able to motivate them to go into such a dangerous place.

Nameless Sword raised one hand and swore on his Dao heart. People from the Nethersky Divine World were known for cultivating both their bodies and morals. Furthermore, Nameless Sword's reputation in the world was that of a true gentleman. Now that he was swearing on his Dao heart, everyone naturally felt relieved.

Riches were where danger laid. The Fey God Tomb was worth going into!

"Have a rest. We will be entering the Fey God Tomb soon. I believe all of you must have exhausted a good amount of Yuan Qi from plucking herbs in the Fey God Tomb's periphery. Once we enter the Fey God Tomb, the permeating killing intent will rapidly drain your Yuan Qi. You have to ensure that you are in your most optimal state," exhorted Nameless Sword.

Everyone nodded and began sitting down to meditate.

But at that moment, someone decided not to listen to Nameless Sword. He was focused on a nearby boulder, as though he was using his gaze to penetrate it.

"Yi Yun, Senior Nameless has advised everyone to meditate, didn't you hear him?" Lie Jiaojiao said in a nauseating tone.

The irritating fellow always chose to act differently from others.

"Friend, what are you looking at?" Nameless Sword was rather amiable. He traced Yi Yun's gaze and looked over. "Is there something wrong with that boulder?"

"There seems to be people there," said Yi Yun, a little uncertain.

"People?" Nameless Sword pricked up his brows. "Are you sure they are 'people?'"

Yi Yun nodded. His words caused everyone to be filled with doubt. They turned to look at the boulder, it looked like an ordinary, lofty, and jagged rock. Upon closer look, its surface had patterns that seemed to be made up of inauspicious drawings, and it made them feel uncomfortable.

"Heh heh! Look at him claiming that there are 'people!' Do you know where we are? This is a secret path that Senior Nameless found. We were only able to make it this far because of him. How could there be others? Even if there was something, they must be evil spirits that manifest as human forms. And even if there are any evil spirits, Senior Nameless should be the first person to discover them. Stop acting like a know-it-all," scoffed Lie Jiaojiao. From her point of view, Yi Yun was only playing to the gallery by saying such words at this point in time. He was just trying way too hard to get noticed.

Since there was danger everywhere on the path, no one would dare probe a boulder so far away even if there were people there as Yi Yun claimed.

But Lie Jiaojiao never expected that Yi Yun would move just after she finished her sentence. His figure shot towards the boulder like a ghost.


Everyone was alarmed.

Was the guy mad?

Ignoring the question of there even being people there, so what if there was? What d oes this have to do with you? Why did you charge forward? Could people that appear in this place be so easily dealt with ?

The dangers remained fresh on people's mind. In this strange path, they did not even dare raise their voices, much less think of releasing their Yuan Qi. Yi Yun was practically announcing his death wish.

"This Yi fellow has gone mad. Senior Nameless, he wishes to drag us all with him in suicidal death!"

Lie Jiaojiao quickly leaned towards Nameless Sword. Yi Yun's rash actions would no doubt invite great danger. Staying close to Nameless Sword was the safest thing to do.

But at that moment, everyone heard a earth-shattering roar. The ground began to quake tumultuously.

The gigantic boulder suddenly exploded as earth-yellow vines shot out from the boulder and attempted to coil around Yi Yun like venomous snakes.

Yi Yun abruptly dodged, drawing Mirage Snow at the same time. His Sword Qi resembled frost as it spliced through the vines!


Yi Yun landed tens of meters away. Looking at the direction in which Yi Yun had charged in, there was now no longer a boulder, but a strange plant!

It had more than a hundred flailing vines. Each leaf was as sharp as a blade! The vines were tucked together so compactly that it made everyone see it as a boulder. As for the strange patterns on the boulder, they were actually the vines themselves!

Such a disguise was fully capable of passing the fake for genuine. Even the many experts present had failed to see through it.

"There's really people there?"

Huang Xuanyan looked at the strange plant's core in alarm. In it was was a blossoming flower that looked like it was about to seep out blood. It was about ten feet wide and there were flower pistils extending out from its core. The flower pistils had four people trapped in them!

Out of the four, one of the men had already lost his life. The other man and two women were barely holding on. However, they had already lost a great amount of lifeblood and were on the verge of death.

Yi Yun drew a deep breath when he saw these people. He had already made a guess, but now he confirmed his speculation. One of the two girls was dressed in a white dress. Her face was as white as a sheet, looking like a frail flower caught up in a violent storm.

Nanxuan Luoyue!

Yi Yun found it unbelievable. His impression of Nanxuan Luoyue was that her strength was adequate, but she was far inferior compared to a Supremacy. She should not have appeared in such a concealed place regardless of the reason. In fact, she should not have been able to reach an area so close to the Fey God Tomb.

Could they be illusions formed by evil spirits to lure him over?

Yi Yun rejected the thought as quickly as it came. He was well-versed in the Destruction laws. His eyes were like the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence. Average illusionary techniques would be destroyed before they even entered his eyes. What he saw was no doubt the truth.

Lie Jiaojiao and Lie Rikong clearly saw Nanxuan Luoyue as well. And they too found it baffling.

"Why is she here?" asked Lie Rikong puzzledly.

"How would I know? It's quite amazing to come all the way here to seek death." Lie Jiaojiao did not have a good relationship with Nanxuan Luoyue to begin with. She even felt like gloating over Nanxuan Luoyue's misfortune.