True Martial World Chapter 1460

Chapter 1460: A Narrow Escape
Chapter 1460: A Narrow Escape

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The sudden provocation of the Fey plant stirred Nanxuan Luoyue, who was bound tightly by the flower pistil. She slowly opened her eyes, vaguely noticing the group of people a distance away from her. She naturally recognized Yi Yun, Lie Rikong, and Lie Jiaojiao.

"It's you" Nanxuan Luoyue was still in her weak state of reverie as she said breathlessly, "All of you don't come over It can absorb energy"

Nanxuan Luoyue gave a warning despite being weakened.

The corner of Lie Jiaojiao's mouth curled up.

There was no need for you to tell me that , she thought.

"Sister Luoyue, don't worry. We will not go over" was what she actually said.

Just as Lie Jiaojiao said that, she realized that Yi Yun was making big strides towards the Fey plant with sword in hand.

"Oh? What are you doing?"

Lie Jiaojiao's heart skipped a beat. She yearned for Yi Yun to send himself to his death but she was afraid that provoking the Fey plant would lead to an intense battle. If that happened, it would be difficult not to emanate battle aura which would only attract even more danger.

"Senior Nameless, Yi Yun is endangering us with his reckless actions!" Lie Jiaojiao hurriedly said to Nameless Sword.

But at that moment, Yi Yun had already sped up. He charged at the Fey plant like a fiery beam of light, cleaving down mightily with Mirage Snow.

"Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!"

Dozens of vines shot at Yi Yun like arrows, but at that moment Yi Yun had already activated the Nine Stances of the Ascending Dragon's Golden Carp. His speed raised sharply and, like a golden carp coursing against the river flow, he shuttled between the vines swiftly!

The vines that seemed devoid of any dead spots were dodged by Yi Yun one after the other. In a blink of an eye, he had appeared in front of Nanxuan Luoyue. He raised his arm, slashing his sword down, cleaving straight at the Fey plant's flower pistil!


When Mirage Snow struck the pistil, Yi Yun found it extremely ductile. It bent upon being struck, instantly absorbing about eighty to ninety percent of the force.

Simultaneously, dozens of vines hurtled towards Yi Yun in a bid to wrap him up and trap him inside!

Yi Yun knitted his brows as he suddenly spun Mirage Snow, causing the power of time to emanate from it.


With a crisp sound, Mirage Snow's blade flickered and sent out a gray beam. Although the pistil was ductile, everything must bow to the power of time. The spot that came into contact with Mirage Snow began to wither.

In a blink of an eye, Yi Yun sliced off a corolla.


At that moment, the Fey plant let out a ear-piercing scream!

It was extremely strange for a plant to produce such a sound.

Terrifying sound blasts surged in every direction. Even people more than a hundred meters away felt their eardrums hurting, their scalps tingling.

Yi Yun surrounded by the Fey plant's vines, felt inundated by the sound waves, with nowhere to run to.

But at that moment, Yi Yun produced his Destruction domain. All the sound waves vanished the moment they entered the Destruction domain.


Mirage Snow cleaved once again, tearing apart pistil after pistil. They leaked a startling crimson liquid that resembled blood.

At that point, the Fey plant no longer had the intention to continue battling. It retracted its roots and began its bid to escape.

However, Yi Yun had no intention of letting it escape. He stepped through the void and, like a maggot that clung closely, Mirage Snow sliced down with the powers of time, cleaving off half a pistil!


The gigantic corolla slammed heavily to the ground, the Fey plant shouting tragically in the process. It retreated quickly, slinking into the darkness.

Yi Yun wanted to continue chasing, but at that moment a gigantic pair of eyes appeared in the dark environment.

The eyes were a nether purple in color, like entrances that led to hell. They left one shuddering in fear.

The aura from the intense battle had attracted an unknown biological creature!

Yi Yun focused his eyes, grabbed the Fey plant's corolla, and retreated as quickly as possible.

The gigantic pair of eyes continued staring intently at Yi Yun. Their owner remained hidden in the darkness, unwilling to truly show itself.

Yi Yun did not know what it was but the purple eyes left him apprehensive.

"Luoyue, are you alright?"

Yi Yun cleaved apart the pistil, freeing Nanxuan Luoyue from it. The other man and woman were also saved but their situation was terrible. They had lost a great deal of lifeblood. Even their flames of vitality had weakened.

Yi Yun checked Nanxuan Luoyue's pulse and circulated his Yuan Qi through her body once. What he discovered left him somewhat surprised.

He was certain that Nanxuan Luoyue's future progress would be affected after having large amounts of her essential energy drained by the Fey plant.

But he never expected that, when he infused her body with Yuan Qi, he would find her severely damaged vitality to be rejuvenated, like a land of drought being nourished by rain.

Her lifeblood and essential energies were recovering on their own. Her already dried meridians had Yuan Qi flowing through them once again.

"The power of her bloodline"

Yi Yun recalled that Nanxuan Luoyue had a unique bloodline. Back when he first saw her, she was unable to fully condense her Dao Palace, causing her to think she needed to constantly buy medicine from a medicinal clinic. The reason was likely that Nanxuan Luoyue's mother was an Ancient Fey herself.

And it was due to this that Yi Yun got acquainted with her. It also allowed him to get the teleportation jade token from the Nanxuan family clan and enter the ancient battlefield.

Back when Yi Yun gave Nanxuan Luoyue a drop of blood, it had brought her immense benefits. Now that his Yuan Qi was being infused into her body, Nanxuan Luoyue's potential was awakening like a drought welcoming rain.

"Eat these pills." Yi Yun took out a bottle of pills meant to replenish lifeblood and handed it to her.

"Yi Yun, thank you" said Nanxuan Luoyue gratefully. She consumed it, and as the medicinal effects came into play, her pale face finally suffused a hint of ruddiness. However, to fully fix her damaged meridians, she would need to meditate and rest.

"So it's Young Master Yi. Thank you, Young Master Yi, for saving us. We were already resigned to wait for our deaths in despair after ending up in this land of peril. I never expected you of all people to see through the Fey plant's disguise and come to our rescue." The woman struggled to get up before bowing at Yi Yun.

Both she and the other man had rubbed off some of Nanxuan Luoyue's luck.

At that moment, Fairy Yourou and company walked over.

They looked at Yi Yun with a tinge of amazement. They did not expect for him to not only discover the Fey plant, but also slay it by himself.

"Brother Yi, how did you detect the Fey plant?" asked Nameless Sword.

"I just have keener senses," replied Yi Yun.

Everyone looked enlightened by his explanation. His keen senses were made evident from how he traversed the Psyche Vanquishing Desert alone.

But now, it appeared that not only were his senses keen, he was also very strong.

The area they were in was very strange. It already made the warriors that had followed become flustered with panic. Having someone with sharp senses and outstanding strength on the team could only benefit them.