True Martial World Chapter 1461

Chapter 1461: Planet Destruction Plant
Chapter 1461: Planet Destruction Plant

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"Luoyue, how did you come to be here?" Yi Yun asked curiously after Nanxuan Luoyue had somewhat recovered.

With her strength, it was unlikely she could travel so deep into a perilous land like Yi Yun's group had done. It would be practically seeking death.

"Brother Yi Yun, where is 'here?'" Unknowingly, Nanxuan Luoyue had changed the way she addressed Yi Yun.

"This is the core region of the Fey God Tomb. We aren't far from the abyss," said Yi Yun.


The other man and woman that have been rescued revealed astounded looks immediately. Their already pale faces turned paler.

They had actually managed to enter the Fey God Tomb; furthermore, it was somewhere so close to the abyss.

Nanxuan Luoyue carefully tried to recall but felt a splitting headache. Ultimately, she shook her head and said, "I do not know how I ended up here. It seems like I can't remember any longer."

"What about the two of you?" Yi Yun looked at the man and woman.

The two looked lost for a moment before shaking their heads as well.

"You don't remember?" Yi Yun was startled and felt that there was something odd about the matter.

"Alright, Brother Yi, since your friends are fine, let's continue proceeding forward. Although I would like for them to rest longer" Nameless Sword frowned as he looked at their surroundings before adding, "We can't say for sure if that Fey plant and that unknown creature from before will appear again. It's best we do not stay here for long."

"Alright," said Yi Yun with a nod.

Nanxuan Luoyue walked to Yi Yun's side as the man and woman duo followed closely behind.

The remaining warriors silently clung close to Yi Yun, apart from those that walked closer to Nameless Sword.

In this land filled with danger, only being by their side was safe.

Upon seeing Yi Yun become so popular in a blink of an eye, Lie Jiaojiao felt depressed. She naturally did not cling close to Yi Yun; instead, she continued to steadfastly stay by Nameless Sword.

The group continued proceeding as Yi Yun constantly monitored their surroundings.

On the way, he discovered quite a number of corpses that were just skin and bones. They were probably 'dregs' that the Fey planet had spat out after draining them dry.

These corpses laid silently in the sand, so silent that it made people feel a creepy eeriness.

"Indeed, other than Nanxuan Luoyue and the two warriors, there are others that ended up here too. No one would bother looking for people that vanished in the Fey God Tomb. Even if it's known that someone has disappeared, they would never imagine that the disappeared would eventually die in a place like this," thought Yi Yun.

At that moment, he felt a sanguine aura surge into the sky. It even left the bloods of the rest boiling, their skin suffering from prickling pain as a result.

"That is the abyss." Yue Wangjian looked ahead as his gaze flashed with a strange glint.

Everyone traced his gaze. The sanguine aura rose from a deep ravine and they were standing by its entrance.

The ravine emanated a blood-colored mist. There were gray shadows lurking within it. They were bloodlust auras that could easily rob the lives of anyone that touched them.

It was unknown how many years ago it had been since the last person stepped into the abyss. They could even be the first batch of people that entered the abyss in ten thousand years. Of course, no one knew what was inside the abyss.

However, after experiencing the two dangers from before, everyone was feeling alarmed and did not dare act recklessly.

A warrior turned to look and saw that the path they had taken was now blanketed by a thick black fog. It was quite possible that going through it would now lead to a different path than the one they had used.

And there was a pair of purple eyes that suddenly flashed in the black fog.

The warrior felt a cold shudder run down his back. He knew that retracing their steps was not an option.

They carefully stepped into the abyss and, once in it, they felt they had entered a sealed-off world. The sky above could not be seen, there was only a thick sanguine aura that pressed down like a cloud.

"Look, there's a Demon Hand Vine!" exclaimed a Supremacy suddenly.

Everyone looked in the direction he was pointing to. Indeed, they saw a vine that resembled a hand on a wall in the abyss. It was indeed the Demon Hand Vine, an extremely rare plant in the outside world.

"Am I seeing things? That looks like an Azure Bird Fey Pistil?" said another warrior in a disbelieving tone.

Even Yi Yun's expression changed at that. Azure Bird Fey Pistil was a supreme-grade herb that could be used to treat the soul. Refined Azure Bird Fey Pistil pills could even mend shattered soul seals. It was truly a divine pill, and had the unimaginable price of one.

The warrior was quite knowledgeable to be able to recognize the Azure Bird Fey Pistil.

When the others heard the two warriors discover the divine herb, they immediately looked around.

"There's an Immortal Skin Ovum, Skywisp Jade"

"I also found something! There are ten-thousand-year-old Blood Lingzhis! Furthermore, it's an entire patch, with so many of them in one place!"

"This is practically a land of divine treasures!"

The four-thousand-year-old Blood Lingzhis in the Fey God Tomb's periphery were enough to make a group of warriors risk their lives, even making losing a few lives in the process worth it. But in this place, ten-thousand-year-old Blood Lingzhis appeared in clusters.

These warriors had entered the abyss to seek out opportunities but they never expected to encounter so much danger before they found any opportunities. Now that the opportunities had appeared, these warriors immediately turned excited.

"Be careful. There might be some sinister beast protecting the treasures," warned Nameless Sword.

Thankfully, these warriors remain collected. Although they appeared excited, none of them recklessly approached the herbs.

Suddenly, the warrior that discovered the first herb suddenly phased away. Immediately, a puppet appeared in his spot. The puppet looked rather crude and did not even have any aura.

"Let me give it a try."

As the warrior spoke, the puppet in front of him suddenly jumped up and flew ahead like lightning, heading straight for the Demon Hand Vine.

He was already prepared to immediately make his puppet self-destruct if anything dangerous happened.

However, no accident happened even as the puppet plucked the Demon Hand Vine.

Seeing the puppet right in front of him with the Demon Hand Vine, the warrior looked pleasantly surprised. He quickly took out a box to store away the vine.

Upon seeing the warrior pluck the herb unhindered, the remaining warriors were enticed.

It was an extremely rare opportunity.

As the warriors carefully headed for the herbs they eyed, another warrior soon plucked his herb. Upon seeing this, the man and woman from before also walked over. But Nanxuan Luoyue hesitated for a moment. She did feel tempted. No matter how valuable the herbs her family collected, they were incomparable to a hundredth of the herbs here. If she did not even make an attempt, it would be equivalent to walking past a treasure mountain without entering.

"Brother Yi Yun, should we pluck the herbs too?" Nanxuan Luoyue looked at Yi Yun. Although it did not appear dangerous, she still wished to know what he made of it.

At that moment, Yi Yun was looking ruminatively at the first warrior that had plucked the herb as well as the spot where the Demon Hand Vine was plucked from.

Everything appeared to happen smoothly but Yi Yun had a nagging feeling that things would not be that simple. He had a hunch that something was dangerous about the area. He looked at the land, using his perception to carefully observe it bit by bit.

Meanwhile, everyone was picking herbs. Even Fairy Yourou had plucked a few red lotuses. The lotus seeds in the red lotuses were about the size of pigeon eggs. They were supreme treasures that was exceedingly rare to chance upon in the outside world. Even Fairy Yourou was tempted by them.

"Oh? Planet Destruction Plant?" Fairy Yourou was taken aback. She noticed a palm-sized flower growing on an inconspicuous mound. It only had a few leaves and it looked shriveled.

Fairy Yourou was astonished seeing the plant. Wasn't that the legendary Planet Destruction Plant? Ancient canon mentioned that it was an already-extinct demonic plant. If it successfully matured, it could produce flowers like dandelions. When the wind blew, its seeds would scatter, tearing straight through the void and into the spatial turbulence. It would then flutter around space till it landed in a world where it would take root. However, it could possibly drain the world of its vitality, turning it into a land of death. That was how it earned its name.

The seedling that clearly resembled a Planet Destruction Plant on the tiny mound was practically a divine herb that legends spoke of.

Yes, if the universe had any place that allowed for the growth of Planet Destruction Plant, it would probably be the ancient battlefield. Only such a land could withstand its growth!

Apart from Fairy Yourou, there were several other people that noticed the Planet Destruction Plant seedling. They also wished to pluck it.

But at that moment, Yi Yun suddenly said, "Don't go near it!"

Fairy Yourou's heart skipped a beat as she immediately stopped in her tracks.

The others also heard his warning. Some of them looked hesitant. Yi Yun had mentioned that he had sharp senses. Could he have sensed some danger?


At that moment, the warrior closest to the mound let out a tragic scream. He convulsed violently and at that moment, an extremely appalling thing happened.

His body began melting from his feet up, followed by his thighs and waist. He struggled crazily, but as his body was melting from the bottom first, he turned shorter and shorter. Finally his half-body stump reached the ground as he flailed his arms madly. His eyes protruded out as though they were about to explode.

In the end, all that was left of him was a head that was slowly melting. The process looked like a body made of sugar being melted on a hot stove.

Upon seeing this happen, everyone drew a gasp.

"The ground! Was he consumed by the ground beneath him?" said Fairy Yourou alarmed.

"He should have become fertilizer."

Yi Yun frowned. He had seen the records of the Planet Destruction Plant in the divine alchemist's notes. Something made him feel that the whole thing was off. Was that really a Planet Destruction Plant?

As Yi Yun pondered over the matter, the scene in front of him suddenly warped. All the herbs on the ground suddenly came alive. They wavered gently despite there being no wind. The scene was extremely peculiar.


Suddenly, another person let out a tragic scream. She was none other than the woman Yi Yun had previously rescued. A herbal flower that looked sacred in front of her suddenly melted into a red sticky blob of blood before enveloping her hand.

The woman let out a heart-wrenching scream but the blob of blood expanded rapidly, devouring her entire body. In a blink of an eye, she had vanished from where she stood.