True Martial World Chapter 1462

Chapter 1462: Tragic
Chapter 1462: Tragic

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After the warrior was sucked dry, the pool of sticky blood clearly expanded in size. Immediately following that, it surged towards the people beside it.

And the closest warrior happened to be the man that Yi Yun had previously rescued, as well as Lie Jiaojiao.

The man's cultivation level was not very high and he was already heavily injured. He only had time to reveal a look of shock before his head had been wrapped within the blob of blood.

Lie Jiaojiao's expression changed drastically as she frantically threw out a jade talisman.

However, the barrier it triggered only succeeded in being devoured rapidly at a discernible pace.

"Save me, quickly!" Lie Jiaojiao's entire body was trembling.

Lie Rikong's expression changed as he charged forward with weapon in hand.

Unfortunately, more than a hundred white bugs of different sizes suddenly bored out of the ground before he even reached Lie Jiaojiao. They had a carapace that resembled white bone. On their backs were more than ten pairs of eyes, and from the moment they appeared they swarmed towards Lie Rikong's feet.

He failed to dodge in time. His left foot was bitten by more than ten bugs, being reduced to bone instantly.

"Ah!" Lie Rikong immediately let out a tragic cry.

He heaved as he slashed his saber at the bugs, sending them retreating.

However, it was only temporary. Only slight marks appeared on the bugs' bodies after being struck. They soon returned with a vengeance, this time in numbers of more than a hundred.

Lie Rikong's face immediately turned into one of despair.

"These are Bloodsoul Bugs. They can devour anything. Everyone, do not get too close to them!" Nameless Sword's gaze turned turbid as he shouted.

He also flew forward, drawing the sword behind his back while in mid-air.


Sword flashes descended like a snowstorm, instantly enveloping the region beneath.

"Wa! Wa! Wa!"

The Bloodsoul Bugs let out baby-like cries as they were enveloped by the sword flashes. They retreated like a receding tide.

Nameless Sword landed on the ground and grabbed Lie Rikong, throwing him back to the crowd. "Catch him!"

With that, Nameless Sword looked at Lie Jiaojiao. She immediately sported a look of pleasant surprise. "Senior Nameless"

But right at that moment, the Bloodsoul Bugs let out their infantile cries once again as they moved to surround Nameless Sword. They spread their wings and lifted off the ground, dozens of pairs of red eyes emitting an otherworldly glimmer.

Nameless Sword frowned slightly for he was instantly being surrounded by the Bloodsoul Bugs.

Lie Jiaojiao's look of pleasant surprise quickly turned into one of horror.

The blood was still maniacally corroding the barrier of light in front of her. As for the jade talisman, a loud crack was heard as it showed signs of damage.

"Fairy Yourou, Senior Brother Yue Wangjian, save me quickly!" shouted Lie Jiaojiao.

However, massive numbers of Bloodsoul Bugs had bored out of the ground at that moment.

The moment they appeared, they rapidly crawled towards Fairy Yourou and company.

Everyone immediately began engaging in battle with the Bloodsoul Bugs.

A warrior was forced close to the Planet Destruction Plant unknowingly. By the time he realized his mistake, his expression changed immediately. He did not hesitate to burn his blood essence to escape but he failed to avoid the nightmare. He began to melt.

Another warrior had the thought of escaping but just that momentary distraction gave a Bloodsoul Bug that bore out near his feet a window to bite him. His momentary pause after being bitten allowed massive numbers of Bloodsoul Bugs to swarm him. In a blink of an eye, he was sucked dry, not even bone was left.

After Yi Yun slashed at the Bloodsoul Bugs, his eyes flashed a queer look. "Use soul attacks! These bugs seem to be afraid of soul attacks!"

It was not that physical attacks were ineffective on Bloodsoul Bugs but the effects were just too mediocre. When Yi Yun struck the Bloodsoul Bug, he suddenly realized that although their carapaces were hard, their soul seas were very weak.

"Ah!" A middle-aged warrior could hardly withstand the swarm of bugs and without much thought, he smote a Bloodsoul Bug with a soul attack.

"Wa! Wa!" The Bloodsoul Bug immediately let out a cry as it retreated.

Fairy Yourou's eyes flashed as light radiated from her body. Colorful beams of light scattered in every direction.

The Bloodsoul Bugs that made contact with the light beams immediately retreated, making it apparent that she had used a soul attack.

Yue Wangjian similarly used a soul attack to strike a few Bloodsoul Bugs.

And at that moment, Yi Yun took action.


Mirage Snow suddenly slashed out with a gorgeous sword flash. It looked like an illusion that seemed to place people in a icy plane. Their eyes even appeared to see an endless ice plane.

Yi Yun had fused his soul attacks into his Sword Dao, and with his soul being extremely powerful, the flash beam was enough to overcome the sanguine aura that flooded the region.

Even the herbs were affected by the strike as they turned stiff and did not sway any further.

The silent sword flash landed, unleashing a bout of shrill screams.

"Wa! Wa!"

The Bloodsoul Bugs that were swept up in Yi Yun's sword flash exploded one after another as they reduced to pools of blood.

The earth immediately absorbed the blood. Yi Yun was unsure if he was mistaken but the frail Planet Destruction Plant seemed to become more spirited.

"This" Everyone were shocked by Yi Yun's strike. Even Fairy Yourou could not help but steal another glance at Yi Yun.

Yi Yun was too strong. Everyone had to use all their strength just to withstand the Bloodsoul Bugs but he managed to slay them all with one strike.

At that moment, Yi Yun suddenly slashed at Fairy Yourou.

Fairy Yourou was alarmed but she did not move.

"Wa!" A Bloodsoul Bug the size of a face basin was split apart behind Fairy Yourou.

Fairy Yourou turned around and her expression changed slightly.

It was a queen bug, clearly much more powerful than ordinary Bloodsoul Bugs. She did not even realize when it had secretly appeared by her feet. If not for Yi Yun, she might have been injured, if not killed.

And at that moment, Lie Jiaojiao's screams turned sharper. "Quick, save me!"

The barrier in front of her was so thin that it had turned nearly transparent. As she was shouting, her jade talisman reduced to dust. The barrier shattered instantly as the blob of blood inundated Lie Jiaojiao.

Lie Jiaojiao was scared out of her wits as she turned to rush towards Yi Yun and company.

"Yi Yun, save me, quick!" She had already forgotten the way she had treated him. All she could see was Yi Yun's mighty strength at that moment.

Yi Yun knitted his brows when he saw Lie Jiaojiao charge towards him.

He was not some goody two shoes who would take the initiative to save her.

At that moment, a gaping mouth suddenly opened beneath Lie Jiaojiao's feet, instantly devouring her.


It was a Fey plant that had swallowed Lie Jiaojiao! It extended its vines and began wrapping her in layers!

This Fey plant was the one they had met in the periphery of the abyss. It had previously disguised itself as a boulder and imprisoned Nanxuan Luoyue. Yet, it had been seen through by Yi Yun who slashed off its corolla.

Yet here it was again. It was unknown how the Fey plant had recuperated as it followed them deeper into the abyss.

"Ah, ah, ah!"

Lie Jiaojiao continued struggling as she let out tragic cries. The Fey plant was infuriated as it secreted mucus, hoping to digest Lie Jiaojiao.

Fairy Yourou hurriedly slashed out a beam of light that cut into the Fey plant.

However, the strike that could split apart divine metal only left a foot-deep wound on the plant's stalk. On a stalk that thick, it was nothing.

She could not slash it apart!

Fairy Yourou frowned slightly. Although she could slice apart the stalk if she attacked it repeatedly, Lie Jiaojiao would probably be dead by then.

At that moment, Nameless Sword was fighting the entire bug horde alone, unable to extricate himself from them. That left Yi Yun as the only one strong enough. From his past performance, it would not be difficult for him to split apart the stalk with one strike.

However, Yi Yun looked like he didn't even see Lie Jiaojiao. He was still dealing with a few Bloodsoul bugs. He was moving at a casual pace, doing so with ease.

"Save Save me Y Young Master Yi!" Lie Jiaojiao struggled frantically as her cries for help turned shrill.

"Yi Yun, are you really turning a blind eye to a woman in distress?"

Lie Rikong looked angrily at Yi Yun who smiled in return. "Why aren't you rescuing your own sister?"


Lie Rikong felt so stifled that he vomited blood. However, he did not have enough courage to attack the Fey plant. He was not its match at all.

But at that moment, a blinding beam shot over suddenly. It originated from Nameless Sword!

While engaging in an intense battle with the bug horde, he managed to divert his attention long enough to slash out a sword beam. It was resplendent like the stars of the highest heavens, forming a gigantic beam that swept towards the Fey plant.


The Fey plant seemed to cry out as it jolted from the extremely sacred beam's strike. It spat out Lie Jiaojiao and escaped underground using its roots.

Bam! Lie Jiaojiao's head smacked into the ground.

Her body convulsed a few times before she slowly raised her head.

She was still alive.

"My face! My face!" Lie Jiaojiao touched her face and let out a hysteric cry.

Fairy Yourou had a melancholic look when she saw her face. The others felt their scalps tingle.

It was not an exaggeration to describe it as the face of a haunting specter. Her skin and flesh had been corroded till it was all pocky. Together with the Fey plant's juices seeping into her flesh and blood, it would be difficult for her to recover her original looks even with treasures.

"Ahh!" Lie Jiaojiao cried out in despair, completely unable to accept such a reality.

However, no one had time to bother with her. They did not have the luxury of time or sympathy. While she screamed, a blinding sword flash seemed to vanquish everything amid the Bloodsoul Bugs' engulfment, carving out a path from within.

Immediately following that, a figure charged out, filled with killing intent.

Beneath Nameless Sword's feet were several Bloodsoul Bug corpses. These corpses quickly reduced to blood and were absorbed by the earth.

He had nearly sent the bug swarm scurrying with his strength alone.

What terrifying strength!

The warriors that remained alive were greatly shocked. The gap between them and Nameless Sword was just too great. In the intense battle from before, he was still able to divert his attention to rescue Lie Jiaojiao.

If not for Nameless Sword, they would probably have all died there. Even Yi Yun might not have changed that outcome.