True Martial World Chapter 1466

Chapter 1466: Illusion Array
Chapter 1466: Illusion Array

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"When you first brought us into the Fey God Tomb, we had to pass through a kind of spatial array formation that you set up. That same array formation was set up in different spots in the periphery of the Fey God Tomb, am I right? That way, people could enter by mistake, and would be devoured by the different kinds of biological creatures that live here."

Nameless Sword gave Yi Yun a penetrating look but his eyes gradually turned calm once again. "What you said is exactly what happened. You are indeed not the first batch of people I have brought in here. Every time the ancient battlefield opens, I choose some people to be brought in here. I've already forgotten what number batch you are but I can be certain of one thing. You will be the final batch."

Nameless Sword's mouth twisted into a hideous smile when he said that. "But I'm quite astonished. You managed to determine all of that based on a mere Nanxuan Luoyue?"

"Naturally not." Yi Yun's voice remained collected. "It's because I discovered that the secret passageway you led us through was not a true path, but an illusion array in and of itself!"

An illusion array!?

Everyone was extremely alarmed hearing Yi Yun's claim. Was everything they encountered part of some illusion array, something fake?

"Hahahaha!" Nameless Sword suddenly laughed out maniacally. "You actually managed to see through that as well. That's right. From the moment you entered, the blood ritual had begun! And all of you are the sacrificial items!"

Everyone was taken aback hearing Nameless Sword's words. Since the blood ritual had begun from the very beginning, why did Nameless Sword work so hard in rescuing them?

"Was it the array flags Martial Uncle, you put us in danger and then rescued us to win our trust, all so that we would willingly refine your array flags?" Fairy Yourou came to a realization. She could still probe her dantian, and saw that there was no longer an array flag in it. Now it was clearly a blood-colored hex seal!

The hex seal shone from her dantian, projecting itself onto her chest.

This was the thing she had just refined?

"This is"

"Once the Blood Fey's hex seal is planted, it's impossible to remove. However, the conditions of planting them are very stringent. It needs to be done voluntarily. With this Blood Fey hex seal, all your blood essence, soul, and Yuan Qi will be turned into the most perfect offering! As for the trash that died in the beginning, they were only appetizers that did not catch my fancy. They were dealt with ahead of time by the illusion array. They were fertilizer, which is only slightly better than nothing."

Nameless Sword said such extremely cold and heartless words, leaving Fairy Yourou reeling in disbelief. How could the martial uncle that, according to her memories, patiently taught her be the same person as the devil in front of her?

"This shadow is a manifestation of the Blood Fey Bone, am I right?" asked Yi Yun suddenly.

"That's right." Nameless Sword nodded.

Upon seeing Nameless Sword admit it so readily, Yi Yun drew a gasp. The Blood Fey Bone was a dead item and at most could suffuse cadaveric auras to influence its surroundings, maybe causing hallucinations.

Yet, the Blood Fey Bone in front of him had already manifested into a spiritual creature-like shadow. On top of that, the shadow felt like it was gradually manifesting itself as corporeal embodiment. Its sinister air left one shuddering to the bone.

"Are you cooperating with it? Taking favors from a tiger? Aren't you afraid it will betray you?" asked Yi Yun coldly.

"I am, but how am I to gain anything if I do not take risks? It yearns to leave this area and I yearn for greater strength. I learned how weak I was after leaving my name on the Recognition Monument. I had done my best but only left my name at the bottom of the Recognition Monument. As for the top geniuses, they easily stood at the top. If I do not do anything now, won't I forever be lining the bottom? I made the pinnacle of martial arts my goal at a very young age. How can I settle for being a person that accomplishes nothing and does not pursue that path that leads me to the extreme end? It's worth it no matter the price I pay," said Nameless Sword.

However, he was only casually explaining his point of view. The shadow had already completely extricated itself from the desiccated corpse while he spoke, slowly floating towards the others.

Lie Jiaojiao suddenly realized that she was the shadow's next target!

The desiccated corpse was still standing upright in its place, making it look extremely horrifying. How could Lie Jiaojiao accept such a tragic and cruel death?

She opened her mouth to scream but realized that she could not produce a single sound.

She never expected that whatever Yi Yun had done was to stop Nameless Sword. And most laughable of all was that she had stepped forward to malign him.

Now, she watched helplessly as the shadow flew closer to her.

"Yi Yun, I'm very satisfied with your talent. If I'm not wrong, your lifeblood must be quite considerable, right? Good, very good. You will be the final big supplement before the Blood Fey Bone absorbs Yourou. With you as an ingredient, everything will become even more perfect," said Nameless Sword.

He believed that Yi Yun had no way to escape the array formation's suppression. No matter how strong Yi Yun was, his efforts were just mere intention. For this very moment, Nameless Sword had made too many preparations, so how could everything fail as a result of one warrior?

Everyone here would definitely become the final batch of blood nourishment for the Blood Fey Bone and once it was completely ready, the bone would become a part of Nameless Sword's body.

After obtaining the Blood Fey Bone, Nameless Sword was confident that he would become a true expert when he left the ancient battlefield. He could even come close to the pinnacle of martial arts. To achieve that, what were a few sacrifices?

As for Fairy Yourou, due to her unique bloodline, Nameless Sword had specially waited for her to arrive. Although she was his martial niece and the Young Goddess of the Nethersky Divine World's new generation, Nameless Sword did not hesitate to sacrifice her for his own future.

"It appears all of you wish to speak. In that case, I'll give all of you a chance to say your last words. Sigh." Nameless Sword sighed as he injected a rune into the disk array.

Everyone immediately felt that they could finally speak.

"Let me go, Senior Nameless. I implore you not to kill me!" Lie Jiaojiao shouted immediately.

But at that moment, the loudest person was Yue Wangjian.

His forehead was covered in a layer of cold sweat. He had an earnest look on his face as he said loudly, "Senior Nameless, hear my piece! Many of these people have factions backing them. Some have family clans and their sects. Furthermore, there were thousands of people that saw us leave and know of the matter. If we die for no good reason, wouldn't the factions backing us investigate? Senior Nameless, I wish you would consider the matter more thoroughly."

Lie Jiaojiao's eyes lit up as she looked at him with anticipation. "That's right, Senior Nameless. Senior Brother Yue Wangjian is right!"

However, Yi Yun sneered in response. Yue Wangjian was insinuating that Nameless Sword only target those without a faction backing them and the only person present that fit that description was him. Be it Yue Wangjian or Lie Jiaojiao, they were only employing desperate measures in desperate times. Nameless Sword had this in the works for ages, so how could he be afraid of a few factions?