True Martial World Chapter 1468

Chapter 1468: Death
Chapter 1468: Death

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An explosive noise drew everyone's watchful gazes. They looked on as the screen cracked, reducing to countless fragmentary points of light. Yi Yun walked out amid those fragments.

The array had been cracked!

Everyone also felt the pressure of the array weaken and disappear.

"Hold him back!" Nameless Sword roared at Yue Wangjian. He kept injecting runes into the disk array he wielded. He absolutely could not let the plans he had been working on for so long fail at the most critical moment because of Yi Yun.

Yue Wangjian was taken aback as he stared at Yi Yun.

Yi Yun was filled with killing intent as he held up Mirage Snow.

Hold back Yi Yun? Was that a joke!?

He was simply fodder against Yi Yun's strength.

But he didn't dare disobey Nameless Sword. Besides, he was in the same boat as Nameless Sword. If Nameless Sword failed, the outcome awaiting him wouldn't be much better.

Yue Wangjian lamented inwardly as he clenched his teeth, pushing his Yuan Qi to its limits as he slashed at Yi Yun.

The sword condensed every insight Yue Wangjian had about the Sword Dao, filling it with a resplendent radiance. The very space itself tore as it passed, forming a black spatial rift in its wake. Gravel arose beneath it as a huge ravine appeared in its wake.

And at that moment, Yue Wangjian growled, "Explode!"


A terrifying explosive boom sounded as nomological fragments jettisoned off, instantly enveloping Yi Yun within.

Surprisingly, Yue Wangjian had decisively chosen to initiate the self-destruction of his weapon.

Yue Wangjian felt his heart bleed as he watched the explosion's nucleus. He cultivated in the way of the sword, and although he did not reach the point of using his life to refine the sword, that sword had accompanied him for a very long period of time. It was connected to him in spirit and in mind, and was something he fostered with care.

Not only that, the sword had been tempered with all sorts of treasures. Its net worth was extraordinary. A First Beginnings Immortal Gate Elder had even embedded a specialized array formation in it, giving it almost priceless value.

But now, Yue Wangjian had chosen to destroy the sword in order to stop Yi Yun.

Despite slashing out with all his strength, Yue Wangjian did not have much confidence in it. He was a decisive person, which explained why he could destroy his own weapon without any hesitation.

As long as he held Yi Yun back for even a moment, Nameless Sword would have time to recover, allowing the both of them to combine forces. Yi Yun was then doomed.

The spot where Yi Yun had been standing was now inundated by a terrifying storm. Even his figure was obscured by the wild energy.

Everyone watched the storm nervously. Yi Yun's success was closely tied to their fates. If they had to choose, they would rather die at Yi Yun's hand then become fertilizer for the Blood Fey Bone.

But the storm was truly terrifying, and Yue Wangjian had surprised everyone with that decisive attack. Yi Yun was now fully embroiled in it and, even if he did not die, he would probably be gravely injured.

Meanwhile, Nameless Sword had already taken out a unique talisman. He looked at it, seemingly reluctant to use it, before he twisted it with a finger. It ignited.

The burned talisman transformed into a black beam of light that shot into the disk array. Immediately, the disk array emitted a rich cadaveric air. It infused into the array formation, rapidly stabilizing it.

Upon seeing this scene, everyone's hearts sank once again. Yue Wangjian was delighted.

He had given Nameless Sword enough time. Yi Yun would naturally be dealt with by Nameless Sword in what followed. He had not sacrificed his sword for nothing.

Yet just as he thought that, an ice-blue sword beam thrust out from the explosion. The chaotic nomological fragments that arose from the explosion melted the moment they encountered the sword beam, like snow meeting the radiant sun.

Yi Yun's figure followed closely behind his sword beam.

His body was emanating a gray fog. His clothes were not even torn or dirty in any way, much less his body being injured.

Yue Wangjian had a look of disbelief. Had he destroyed his sword for nothing?

He knew Yi Yun was strong but the Yi Yun before him had far exceeded his expectations.

This was not merely being powerful, it was practically heaven-defying!

Little did he know that Yi Yun was never worried about his paltry explosion because he had been cultivating in the core of the nebulous Primordial Chaos.

Yue Wangjian's sneak attack was not even considered one despite him believing so. Yi Yun had seen through him instantaneously and knew he would stop at nothing. He was long prepared for such a deceitful move.

Yue Wangjian was not Yi Yun's main enemy. Nameless Sword and the Blood Fey Bone were the true threat. If the mere Yue Wangjia injured him, Yi Yun could forget about dealing with Nameless Sword.

"You sure went all out just to be a good lackey. Now, it's your turn to take a strike of mine."

Yi Yun's voice was right by Yue Wangjian's ear. He immediately felt an extremely potent killing intent overwhelm him as though it was about to drown him.

An intense sense of panic arose in his heart as he produced a new sword from his interspatial ring quickly. He spat a mouthful of blood essence on it before swinging it forward.


A sharp and indomitable sword Qi cleaved towards Yue Wangjian's head. Yue Wangjian felt helpless against the horrifying sword Qi.


The sword in his hand shattered abruptly as the sword Qi continued straight for his head in an indomitable fashion.

"No! Senior Nameless, save me!" Yue Wangjian was scared out of his wits as he turned to run while yelling.

A genius disciple of the First Beginnings Immortal Gate turning tail and fleeing for his life was something no one present would believe were they not seeing it with their own eyes.

However, the sword Qi's speed allowed it to quickly chase up to Yue Wangjian. It tore into his back and went right through him.


Yue Wangjian cried out tragically as he collapsed straight to the ground, body covered in blood. He was not dead yet but the sword had penetrated his dantian. He was now a cripple.

Reducing him to a cripple in such a perilous land was equivalent to passing the death sentence on him. It was a more tragic death than just flat-out stabbing him.

Yue Wangjian constantly let out tragic wails. He could not accept this reality. He had gone through great efforts to obtain mercy from Nameless Sword but, in a blink of an eye, he had been crippled by Yi Yun

After Yi Yun crippled Yue Wangjian, he could not even be bothered to take another look at the trash.

When he looked at Nameless Sword, Nameless Sword no longer looked injured despite having vomited blood earlier due to the array formation's destruction.

The disk array in his hand emanated a rich cadaveric air, tainting his entire body with a strange grayish-black color.

"Yi Yun, you are indeed very powerful. Blood Fey Bone, you have seen his performance too. He is definitely a great supplement. Once you eat him, your strength will rise greatly, allowing you to escape the Fey God Tomb's seal!"

Nameless Sword stared at Yi Yun as he spoke slowly.

And at that moment, the shadow turned towards Yi Yun as well.

Upon seeing this scene, Lie Jiaojiao could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

She knew that if Yi Yun died, none of them would survive.

But for the moment, she was free from the danger before her. There was a bit of joy in that.

Alas, the shadow suddenly extended its arm, penetrating deep into Lie Jiaojiao's body.

She immediately widened her eyes as her body began convulsing violently.

She felt like her flesh and blood were constantly being drained. The feeling of being eaten alive was truly terrifying!

The shadow was about to fight Yi Yun. Consuming her was only a way to replenish some of its stamina. It was only something it did in passing, but to Lie Jiaojiao, it was terrifying death, a calamity that would end her life in the worst way.

"Save me!" Lie Jiaojiao let out a shrill cry.