True Martial World Chapter 1469

Chapter 1469: Battling Nameless Sword
Chapter 1469: Battling Nameless Sword

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Unfortunately for her, it was impossible for anyone to rescue Lie Jiaojiao. Yi Yun, the only one capable of stopping Nameless Sword, had a cold expression. He was staring intently at the shadow. Why would he open up himself to attack by taking action to rescue her at this critical juncture?

"Ah Ah Ah Ah!"

Lie Jiaojiao let out a heart-wrenching scream. Amid her cries, her body and looks were rapidly shriveling. Her voice also turned hoarse instantly, until her throat became so dry it stopped her from making any sound at all.

A few seconds later, Lie Jiaojiao sensed the shadow's hand pull back. It had instantly vanished.

"Kill Kill me" Lie Jiaojiao stared with widened eyes. She saw that her hands and arms had turned wrinkled like a tangerine skin. To a woman in her prime, the sudden transformation into an old woman that appeared like a candle guttering in the wind was no doubt the worst punishment. At that moment, she wished for nothing but death to come and finish the job.

Simultaneously, Fairy Yourou suddenly exclaimed, "Yi Yun, be careful!"

The shadow was like a ghost. The instant it vanished from in front of Lie Jiaojiao, it had silently appeared behind Yi Yun. It extended its arms, grabbing avariciously at Yi Yun.

Everyone had seen the outcome of being touched by the shadow. Even Yi Yun would not be able to withstand it. After the shadow appeared, a large number of human faces surfaced inside its body, each face bearing a screaming expression. A noxious sanguine aura arose from its twisted form and separated into countless blood-red threads. They flew at Yi Yun like a spider's web.

The trapped people sensed a terrifying heretic force from the blood-colored spider's web. They felt like they were moths that had haplessly flown into a real spider's web. The shadow was the massive spider that was gradually approaching its prey.

Their bodies' lifeblood was drawn to the spider's web, constantly being absorbed. Regardless if it was their protective Yuan Qi or the powers released from the circulation of their cultivation technique, everything inside of them was being absorbed.

If they tried to face the spider web head on, they could only watch helplessly as they were sucked dried. They were unable to put up any resistance!

In fact, Yi Yun had already sensed the shadow through his Primordial Destruction domain the moment it appeared, even without Fairy Yourou's warning.

When the blood-colored web enveloped Yi Yun, it immediately collided with Yi Yun's Primordial Destruction domain.

Yi Yun's body quivered. He sensed a corrosive force coming from the blood-colored web. It tightly wound around his Primordial Destruction domain, corroding it while compressing it.

At that moment, Nameless Sword attacked as well.

He powered the disk array, immediately turning the entire array formation into a huge spinning grinder. Heavy cadaveric auras smashed down at Yi Yun.

As if all of that wasn't enough, the cadaveric auras produced potent suction forces as though they were trying to forcibly suck out all of Yi Yun's blood.

These forces combined were an attempt to finish off Yi Yun in one fell swoop!

Nameless Sword was in a hurry to complete his plan. For the Blood Fey Bone to escape the Fey God Tomb's seals, it not only needed a blood sacrifice, it also had a time limit. Every time the ancient battlefield was opened, its seal only became weaker for a short period of time.

And the big problem that was Yi Yun needed to be resolved quickly.

However, what left Nameless Sword with a big frown was that Yi Yun's Primordial Destruction domain could still continuously hold its own despite the two forces pressing down on it.

What appeared to be a weak gray space that trembled from being attacked by multiple forces did not crack.

The blood-colored spider web could absorb everything, but it could not absorb the nebulous Primordial Chaos or Major Destruction laws.

As for the array formation forces that Nameless Sword conjured, they were unable to shatter Yi Yun's domain.

The Primordial Destruction domain was truly, extremely powerful.

Nameless Sword's face revealed a sliver of annoyance as he continued powering the disk array.

Ka! Ka!

The ancient disk array in Nameless Sword's hands could not even withstand a battle of such intensity. It began to emit strange sounds.


He spat out three mouthfuls of blood essence onto the disk array.

It immediately produced humming sounds as it vibrated vigorously in response.

The strength of the array formation greatly increased, causing Yi Yun's Primordial Destruction domain to instantly reduce in size from the pressure.

Everyone could tell that Yi Yun was being forced into a passive state.

If Yi Yun did not take the initiative to attack, he would soon be at the disadvantage.

However, how was he to go on the offensive under the current circumstances?

Any attack would probably have its Yuan Qi absorbed by the blood-colored web.

Even so, taking action was precisely what Yi Yun did.

A runic pattern lit up at his chest, as a gray stream with terrifying might immediately coursed down Yi Yun's fingers before shooting out.

However, his target was neither the Blood Fey Bone nor Nameless Sword.

"It's the array formation's weak point!" Fairy Yourou had a look of astonishment.


The gray stream struck a spot in the array formation, immediately resulting in a loud boom that resembled an earthquake. The entire ground even began to quake intensely.

At the same time, there was a cracking sound as the ancient disk array completely fell apart.

"Darn it!" Nameless Sword held the pieces of the shattered disk array, no longer able to maintain his composure. He could ignore the fact that Yi Yun had found the array formation's core previously. But now, moments after he powered the array formation, Yi Yun had already found its weakness.

Clearly, Yi Yun's attainments in array formations had far surpassed his.

The array formation completely fell apart as Fairy Yourou and company finally regained the ability to move.

However, they were all very weak after having most of their Yuan Qi absorbed.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sounds of the crumbling array formation were thunderous. When he set up the array formation, Nameless Sword had used the bone cemetery as its foundation. Now that the array formation was crumbling, the scattered Fey bones and human bones were immediately reduced to dust as though they were being weathered by the elements.

The Blood Fey Bone let out a sharp scream, and that was the moment Yi Yun's sword moved.

The blinding sword beam slashed out of the Primordial Destruction domain, cleaving fiercely towards the Blood Fey Bone. Yi Yun had used all his strength, evidenced by how the entire sky and land was dyed blue by the sword flash. The entire region seemed to freeze over into a land of ice.

The Blood Fey Bone immediately felt the threat. It wanted to escape but the land of ice seemed to imprison it.

"You are courting death!" Nameless Sword roared angrily as he drew the sword on his back.


Nameless Sword's combat strength was definitely not something Yi Yun could compare with. The moment he attacked, the sword flashed immediately inundated the region, blanketing the area where Yi Yun stood.

"Yi Yun, be careful! That's Nameless Sword's Nethersky Sword Domain. This sword domain contains endless sword art permutations. If you cannot tear out of the sword domain, you will be subject to endless attacks that grow in strength!" Fairy Yourou immediately warned.

"Yourou, to think you are detailing our Nethersky Divine World's Dharmic formulations to an outsider." Nameless Sword's voice sounded from the sword domain.

A cold glint flashed in Fairy Yourou's beautiful eyes. "The real outsider is you. You no longer deserve to be called my martial uncle."

"Hahahaha! Yourou, I still think of you as my dear martial niece even if you say such things. Wait a moment. Once I finish Yi Yun, we shall have a good chat. I still need your help," said Nameless Sword.

He was not distracted in any way while he spoke with Fairy Yourou. Instead, he hid completely in his sword domain. Countless sword beams surged downwards as they unleashed a barrage of attacks that battered Yi Yun's Primordial Destruction domain.

"Let's take action as well. Attack Nameless Sword first!" said Fairy Yourou coldly.

At that moment, no one hesitated. Yi Yun's death spelled their doom.

All sorts of attacks were launched at the sword domain.


The blood-colored spider web expanded, blanketing them with a sinister force. Immediately, everyone but Yi Yun felt their bodies go stiff.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The attacks that had lost their strength landed on the sword domain, unable to cause so much as a stir. And their remaining energy was being absorbed by the blood-colored spider web.

A sword beam shot out from the sword domain, instantly penetrating the limbs of two people.


Nanxuan Luoyue had the weakest cultivation level of everyone there. She suffered a backlash as blood seeped from the corners of her mouth.

As for Fairy Yourou, her face was pale. She emitted a divine light from her body in a bid to resist the heretical forces of the blood-colored web.

However, the web was able to absorb even her divine powers. She could hardly put up a fight as she was gradually weakened.

"Yi Yun, he" Fairy Yourou could not help but feel despair creep up on her. Would Yi Yun be able to withstand the attacks now that they were unable to help him?

Under the relentless attacks, Yi Yun found his Primordial Destruction domain constantly quaking. A few spots had even started to crack.

"The nebulous Primordial Chaos possesses the powers of creation while the Major Destruction laws possess the powers of destruction. Two powerful laws from the birth of the Universe are actually being repressed by a mere sword domain?"

As Yi Yun spoke, all his lifeblood began to boil over.

The Primordial Destruction domain was constantly being shredded but it also continued to mend itself.

Yi Yun's understanding of his Primordial Destruction domain also became deeper during this process.

Yi Yun had only used the nebulous Primordial Chaos for cultivation, but now its use was truly putting him through the mill.

In the sword domain, the countless sword beams were like a massive hammer that was striking a metal sword. It could turn the sword to junk but it was also possible for it to temper the blade into a truly peerless weapon.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Nameless Sword's expression suddenly changed as he felt loud booms coming from his sword domain. It was as though a storm was brewing inside!