True Martial World Chapter 147

Chapter 147: Youths have to be unrestrained
Chapter 147: Youths have to be unrestrained

In front of Yi Yun, Young master Jichang had greater fighting spirit. Jichang thought so as well. “Start the array! What does the lord Kingdom Knight think about twelve levels of difficulty?”

Although his speech was respectful, the way Young master Jichang looked at Yi Yun was full of provocation. The natives of the vast wilderness were poor in technique, so even though this adonis, Yi Yun might have great physical attributes resulting in his conferment as Kingdom Knight, so what?

“Alright, twelve levels of difficulty.” Yi Yun did not care. This difficulty was nothing to him.

A young master of the Jing State Young Masters Faction grinned before pressing the twelfth crystal.

Immediately the sons of the vast wilderness held their breaths as they looked at Yi Yun with worry and anticipation.


Twelve Frost Metal Blood Balls roared and assailed Yi Yun and Jichang like meteors!

Jichang’s eyes burned with fighting spirit. He began moving, leaving a series of shadows as he tossed haphazardly around in the air with extreme agility!

None of the twelve flying crystals touched Jichang’s shirt.

Jichang’s movements were dazzling and one could hardly see his body. In contrast, Yi Yun made very little movements. From the beginning to the end, he had hardly moved and stood in place!

Bead after bead of the Frost Metal Blood Balls flew over but Yi Yun either raised his arms, twisted or moved his legs. His body was a blur, forming a series of shadows surrounding his body.

It was hard to tell if Yi Yun moved or not within those shadows. The Frost Metal Blood Balls would stick close to Yi Yun’s body, but would never actually hit him.

Even the force wind from the rotation of the Frost Metal Blood Balls was calculated appropriately by Yi Yun. Even though the force wind was fast, it could still not tear Yi Yun’s flying fish robe!

Underneath the flying fish robe, he still wore the Flowing Mercury Gown, which was heavy and limited his actions.

No matter how fit Yi Yun was, it was impossible for him to not be affected by the Flowing Mercury Gown.

If it was a comparison of speed, he was no match for Jichang. All he could do was to push his dodging efficiency to its extreme within the limits of his speed!

If Jichang’s dodging efficiency was at 60-70%, Yi Yun’s would be above 95%!

Yi Yun just stood there, giving the people the impression that the Frost Metal Blood Balls were deliberately avoiding Yi Yun!

What happened!?

The sons of the vast wilderness stared dumbfounded and confused.

But the Jing State Young Masters Faction knew what it meant. Their faces immediately turned ugly!

“Oh!? Minute Subtlety?” Not far away, Yan Menglong’s eyes lit up.

Yi Yun’s Minute Subtlety technique had been well-honed by him. As Yan Menglong saw it, Yi Yun had reached the introductory stage of Minute Subtlety and was in the transitory area before the small-success stage. For a twelve-year-old to reach this stage was extremely rare.

“Is it only the introductory stage….” Zhang Tan stroked his chin as he looked strangely at Yi Yun. He had seen Yi Yun’s battle with Tao Yunxiao. Tao Yunxiao had used the ancestral artifact’s energy and yet he could not touch Yi Yun’s sleeves. At that time, Yi Yun’s Minute Subtlety technique was much superior.

But today, it seemed like he was holding back.


The Frost Metal Blood Balls flew faster and faster as Jichang avoided again and again. Although Jichang could handle it, he saw Yi Yun avoiding the attacks without much movement.

Jichang’s face turned ugly and nearly got hit in the head by a Frost Metal Blood Ball due to the distraction.

He had previously said the vast wilderness warriors were lacking in technique, but Yi Yun’s appearance had smacked him in the face.

Minute Subtlety technique! How could this be possible?

Minute Subtlety was the highest achievement of a movement skill. To reach this stage, one had to have excellent perceptivity. It was not something that could be trained.

“Add one more difficulty!” Jichang shouted. He refused to admit defeat. The Jing state young master manning the array controls pressed the thirteenth crystal with mixed feelings.

Another Frost Metal Blood Ball flew up and joined the array.

With thirteen Frost Metal Blood Balls, the speed was even faster. The ear-piercing sounds through the air were like scratches on glass.

As the beams flew by, it became countless numbers of lines forming a cage that surrounded Yi Yun and Jichang!

Yi Yun knitted his eyebrows. He was feeling great pressure under difficulty level thirteen!

The Flowing Mercury Gown had a great affect on his speed!

Even so Yi Yun did not reduce the binding on the Flowing Mercury Gown. The pressure gave him a driving force, so he wanted to push himself to the limit.

He had remembered the words Lin Xintong had said when she gave him the Flowing Mercury Gown.

“You have reached the small success stage of Minute Subtlety and still have a long way to go. You have to learn the large success stage of Minute Subtlety by yourself. If someone were to teach you, it will not be yours. This Flowing Mercury Gown can aid in increasing your strength and help you reach the large success stage of the Minute Subtlety movement technique.”

By pushing himself to the limit, Yi Yun realized that if he could reach the small success stage of Minute Subtlety while wearing the Flowing Mercury Gown, then when he took off the Flowing Mercury Gown, he would probably be at the threshold of the large success stage of Minute Subtlety.

Hence, Yi Yun continued to push himself to the limit!

As he could no longer increase his speed any further, Yi Yun had to rely on his dodging effectiveness. He was pushing the efficiency to almost 100%!

“Oh? His speed isn’t good!” Jichang suddenly realized that Yi Yun’s speed was not fast. And due to his speed limitations, it was hard for him to move under difficulty level thirteen.

Even if Yi Yun had great technique, without the support of being fast, he would not be able to pull off a great technique

“I see, this kid isn’t invincible. His technique may be good, but his speed is slow. How could there be such a freak from the vast wilderness? Hmph! Since you are slow, then my limit is probably not worse than you!”

Upon realizing this, Jichang renewed his fighting spirit.

Difficulty level thirteen was already Jichang’s limit.

It would be dangerous if he added more. Difficulty level fourteen was not to be taken in jest. It was a serious injury upon being hit by the Frost Metal Blood Ball!

“My body’s speed is fast. At difficulty level fourteen, I should be able to hold on briefly. I won’t lose to him!”

Jichang clenched his fist. He could not lose. He had said so much previously, so how could he lose? The young masters of the Jing state had their pride. Besides, General Yan had promised rewards!

“Add one more level!” While constantly dodging, Jichang said with difficulty.

Upon hearing that, the young master in charge of manning the array’s controls missed a heartbeat. After some hesitation, he pressed the fourteenth crystal.


Yet another blood pearl flew up. The immense speed had caused a whirlwind within the square.

Under the shroud of the forceful wind, Yi Yun knitted his eyebrows as his palms began to sweat.


He felt pressure once again!

He felt he was on the verge of his limits, and it seemed like he would be hit by the Frost Metal Blood Balls anytime.

In the midst of the beams, Yi Yun closed his eyes.

With his eyes closed, what happened in his surroundings became clearer.

Yi Yun used his body to feel the Frost Metal Blood Balls’ trajectories, letting his body to make the instinctive reactions. This increased his dodging efficiency.

“Oh? Closing the eyes to feel the Frost Metal Blood Balls’ ‘force’ to dodge. This kid can actually do that? This is already the small success stage of Minute Subtlety!”

Upon seeing Yi Yun dare to close his eyes, Yan Menglong grew intrigued. He knew a little about Yi Yun. “Zhang Tan you said this kid induced Purple Air Comes From The East, and I thought it was just by chance. But it looks like his perceptivity is much higher than others. This title of the Kingdom Knight was well conferred!”

Yan Menglong was not stingy with his praise. Zhang Tan smiled and was indescribably happy.

He felt proud from Yan Menglong’s praise of a soldier he selected.

Yan Menglong looked at the youth in the flying fish robe and asked, “Zijun, what do you think of Yi Yun?”

This youth was named Zijun and was born with bright eyes and white teeth. He said, “For him to reach this stage from the vast wilderness, it’s indeed not bad. As for…Minute Subtlety, I know it too! And my speed is much faster than his!”

Being Kingdom Knight as well, he was young and aspirant, hence Zijun would not easily accept anyone.

Yan Menglong laughed heartily. He liked Zijun’s character.

Youths have to be unrestrained!

Youths would naturally not accept anyone!

Only then would Yan Menglong feel the vibrancy. What Yan Menglong needed was an army filled with vibrancy and self-improvement.

At this time, Jichang had reached his limits in the array.

He really wanted to give up. A Frost Metal Blood Ball had previously chafed at his sleeve.

Seeing Yi Yun’s forehead sweating, it seemed like in the next second he would be hit by the Frost Metal Blood Balls. He did not want to fall short of success at the last stage, hence he gritted his teeth and persisted on.

“Just a little while and I’ll win! I want to be a king, how can I give up halfway?”

“I do not need to complete difficulty level fourteen. All I need is to last longer…than him! His speed is slow and he is using a technique to avoid. He won’t be able to do it perfectly every time. Eventually, he will make a mistake!” Jichang kept convincing himself to boost his confidence.

But every time Yi Yun seemed to be trapped in an unavoidable outcome, he would come out unharmed. It was like a hair holding up a rock; although it seemed like the hair was about to break, it wouldn’t break!

Jichang was going crazy!


As Jichang grew more upset and near his limits, a Frost Metal Blood Ball grazed Jichang’s thigh!


Blood splattered as a piece of flesh on Jichang’s thigh was ripped off!

Jichang snorted and with his body unsteady, another Frost Metal Blood Ball was heading straight for his sternum!

And Jichang could no longer avoid this attack!

His pupils contracted as he crossed his arms to block it.


Jichang’s body flew out. His right arm, which blocked the Frost Metal Blood Ball, had been broken!

At this moment, another Frost Metal Blood Ball shot towards Jichang’s stomach. Even though Jichang tightened his abs, it still pierced through his skin into his gut.

With continued hits, Jichang vomited out blood as he fell heavily to the ground!